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  1. ok my only issue is to switch to a specified frame on a specified scene. I was lead to belive that if i typed: gotoAndPlay("scene 2",2); or gotoAndPlay("scene 2","frame 2"); that i would be taken to the second frame of scene 2, seems logical right? when i compile and run i test to see if i will be taken to frame "2" in the second scene, but nope im taken to frame "1". ignoring the ,2 that i put in, no output errors or anything. im sure its just simple syntax... but at this point im oblivious, please help :)
  2. Hello ive provided a picture to try to better explain a complication i've been having, i currently have the following code listed all on this blueCircle. My aim is to have this blueCircle move closer to the redBox and stop when it is lets say 50 frames away on either side. And while stoped, it would load a frame within the movie clip, such as a walking or fighting animation that will face the correct side. the code i am using does not work :( the blueCircle does stop in front of the redBox while it is moving towards it, but will not load the animation, and when the reBox moves to the right, the blueCircle moves with it... i dont know why code: onClipEvent (enterFrame) { this.gotoAndPlay(22); if (citizenWhitefightingLeft = true) {citizenWhite.gotoAndPlay(91)} if (citizenWhitefightingLeft = false) {citizenWhite.gotoAndPlay(113)} if (citizenWhitefacingLeft = true) {citizenWhite.gotoAndPlay(22)} if (citizenWhitefacingLeft = false) {citizenWhite.gotoAndPlay(2)} } onClipEvent (enterFrame) { if (this._x > (_root.player._x + 50)) { speed = 2; //for when he is walking b4 he is in range to attack citizenWhite.fightingLeft = true; this._x = (this._x - speed); } else if (this._x = (_root.Player._x + 50)) { speed = 0; //for when hes close enough to attack citizenWhite.fightingleft = true; this._x = (this._x - speed); trace(this._x); } else if (this._x < (_root.Player._x - 50)) { speed = 2; //for when he is walking b4 he is in range to attack on the other side citizenWhite.facingLeft = false; this._x = (this._x + speed); } else if (this._x = (_root.Player._x - 50)) { speed = 0; //for when hes close enough to attack on the other side citizenWhite.fightingLeft = false; this._x = (this._x + speed); } } [Edited by - Kid4Today on August 18, 2005 3:31:45 PM]
  3. Kid4Today

    Flash Actionscript: Game Damage Transfer

    thank you so much :)
  4. Hello ive provided a picture to try to better explain a complication i've been having: What i would liek to do is so when SPCAEBAR is pressed, if these two smaller boxes are overlapping, the ememy will loose 10 damage im sure there are many ways to do this, but im not trying to get into anything too complicated, i just want the yellow guy to take 10 damage everytime teh space is pressed, given the conditions please help im desperate :)
  5. say ive got a Red Box on the bottom left of teh screen and a Blue Circle on teh top right what do i have to do to get that Blue Circle to move slowly to the Red Box and stop about an inch away? and further more, say that Red Box was to move up for some reason, how would i have it so that Blue Cirlce will follow it up? any help would be greatly appriecated
  6. Kid4Today

    Makeing a flash game, need help

    too late, i nee this thing done by friday, and thats why im desperate, i dont think i have to deal with anything "too" complicating, i need to find a way to just make "bad_guy" walk to "good_guy" thats it
  7. Kid4Today

    Makeing a flash game, need help

    ok here is a picture, my goal is to make that guy on teh right, automaticaly move closer to the hero on teh left as a steady pace. and stop when hes not so far away. and later figure out how to exchange damage
  8. Hello, i am a student learning multimedia design and i am currently working on a flash game for a project. my aim is to succesfully make a beat-em-up similar to Ninja turtles, double dragon, etc. most of it is done, all my sprites and backgrounds are finished i have managed to succesfully program in the walking limitations and scrolling background, although the most trouble i am having it coding the enemies to not only move left and right, but up and down as well, i am stressing this very much. if anybody can point me to a site that explains how to do so, or a tutorial, or source file, or conteact me. i am desperate. any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you :)
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