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    Project RiL Script Editor

    RiL isnt entirely in C#, parts are in C++ where the speed benefit is higher than the cost of interop. The scripts themselves can be any .NET language, it's just that since the most well known .NET language is C#, we've chosen to make the script editor do C#.
  2. CadeF

    O_O A month already?

    Hrmph :P
  3. CadeF

    T3h projects

    Heil, Blasted nagel! Nice journal. =) I'm uh... way past that "progress report"! If you'd get on MSN sometime... =P
  4. CadeF


    *grabs and runs*
  5. CadeF


    Looks really cool, as usual... :)
  6. I would guess... bottom right, since it seems to use the most complex shader. Is the lighting model Ward?
  7. CadeF


    How do you define which parts of your map are water? Are you portalling them, or just making a cube around the area?
  8. CadeF

    Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink...

    In one of the jobs, it does say that the person must know HLSL. Perhaps shader-based physics?
  9. CadeF

    Little People.......

    Translation of cyrillic letters above the ToDo list: Dasvidanya...
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