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  1. Thanks for pointing me to that thread. The new Raspberry Pie 4 with a 64-bit OS might be a good development platform to get this working. Just have to load on a 64-bit OS. I took this opportunity to tinker with the generic calling convention and the wrapper macros you've provided. I'm assuming the native calling convention is much faster then the generic. Switching over to the generic calling convention (via the wrappers) seems pretty painless. Is there any drawback to do so?
  2. Perhaps I can try adding 64-bit Arm native calling convention support and providing the changes when I'm done? Could you point me in the right direction as to where to start? Perhaps there's a current similar implementation you can suggest I look at, to get a sense of how this would be done?
  3. Just wondering. I know I can setup a generic calling convention wrapper.
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