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  1. Hi all, I hope this is the right forum. I'm developing a library for smartphones in C++ that captures an still image from the camera. I found an example in the Windows Mobile SDK that does that. It can be found here: C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK R2\Samples\PocketPC\CPP\Win32\Cameracapture My only problem is the image is captured into a file, and I need to have it in memory for further processing. However since I'm not familiar with DirectShow, I was wondering if you guys can help me in what I need to do to put it into memory. Here is the code that creates a file with the image: CGraphManager::CaptureStillImageInternal() { HRESULT hr = S_OK; CComPtr<IFileSinkFilter> pFileSink; CComPtr<IUnknown> pUnkCaptureFilter; CComPtr<IPin> pStillPin; CComPtr<IAMVideoControl> pVideoControl; if(( m_pCaptureGraphBuilder == NULL ) || ( m_fGraphBuilt == FALSE )) { ERR( E_FAIL ); } CHK( m_pImageSinkFilter.QueryInterface( &pFileSink )); CHK( pFileSink->SetFileName( L"\\test.jpg", NULL )); CHK( m_pVideoCaptureFilter.QueryInterface( &pUnkCaptureFilter )); CHK( m_pCaptureGraphBuilder->FindPin( pUnkCaptureFilter, PINDIR_OUTPUT, &PIN_CATEGORY_STILL, &MEDIATYPE_Video, FALSE, 0, &pStillPin )); CHK( m_pVideoCaptureFilter.QueryInterface( &pVideoControl )); CHK( pVideoControl->SetMode( pStillPin, VideoControlFlag_Trigger )); Cleanup: if( FAILED( hr )) { NotifyMessage( MESSAGE_ERROR, L"Capturing a still image failed" ); } return hr; } There has to be a place somewhere there where the image is stored into memory but I cannot find it. Hopefully with that piece of code should be enough for you guys to figure out how to get it. If you need more source code please let me know. Thanks a lot
  2. Staryon

    DLL part of executable?

    Thanks a lot for the information guys!
  3. Hi, I'm using a third party sdk for my game (gapidraw). In order to use this sdk I need to include the header files and the lib file in my program. However now that I have everything ready I'm confused about something. In my debug and release folder I don't have the dll file from the sdk. However my game works fine. I checked in my hard drive and I don't have any dlls for this sdk. Where is the dll that the program is using? Is it because the DLL is somehow part of my executable? On the other hand, I have also tried to add some sound using the Hekkus sound library. However, for this case I DO need to have the file hss.dll in my debug/release folders. Why? I'm doing the same thing that I was doing with the other sdk. Thanks a lot for any help
  4. Do you guys know if there are any plans of adding support for SDL? Thanks [Edited by - Staryon on November 4, 2006 10:09:30 AM]
  5. Thanks a lot for all your replies! I'm going to take a look at PocketFrog first.
  6. Quote:Original post by Dranith I would look into GapiDraw. It is a pretty good API for graphics on Pocket PCs, and I believe it is cross-platform, although it has been a while since I played around with it. Dranith, I was about to edit my post to include that library. It looks good, but it seems it's not free. ($595)
  7. Hi, I just finished writing the first level of a PC game (HERE if you want to take a look ) and now I would like to do something for PDAs. I would like to write a fast 2D shooting game. The problem is I don't know where to start. I heard about a library called PocketFrog, but it seems it hasn't been updated in 2 years. I also heard it could be possible to use the SDL libraries, but there are not 100% compatible. If I use Microsoft Compact Framework, what libraries should I use for the graphics? As far as I know there is not DirectX for Windows Mobile. The best would be to have a game that could be compatible for PC/Palm/PocketPC , but I don't know if that's possible. I would appreciate if you guys can give me any ideas. Thanks
  8. Staryon

    The Old Ways. New free 2D platform game.

    Quote:Original post by GameCreator That was a little harder than I thought it would be. After being sent back to the start screen a few times I gave up. come on! it's not so bad! You haven't played 8 bits games, have you? Give it another try. Once you get used to the controls, it's not so difficult. Regards
  9. Staryon

    The Old Ways. New free 2D platform game.

    shadowcomplex, thanks a lot for taking the time in analyzing the game. I really really appreciate all your comments. Quote:Original post by shadowcomplex I have a couple of issues/suggestions also. First, it would be nice to aim the gun above and below--this should be pretty easy to implement. As soon as I did read this I was going to start doing it, but after a while I thought that it's going to be a little bit more complicated, because I will have to define different sprites for vertical shoots and change some logic inside the game. But it's doable, and you're right, I think it will make everything more fun. Actually my idea was to have the same physics and kind of shooting that you have in the arcade game Ghouls and Ghosts. I think I still have to improve that. ;) Quote: Second, it would be a lot smoother if the level played out continuously, instead of screen by screen. There are some memory issues with this but it can be managed. I thought about this when I was about to start the program and at the end I decided to use multiple screens to gain some speed. At this moment I think it's going to be complicated to change that. Quote: Third, although the small character makes the environment seem huge, which is nice, its almost a little too small. This is just a matter of preference though. You are completely right. 64x64 would have been better than 32x32 Quote: EDIT: One more thing, it would be nice if the background changed, or scrolled seperately, from area to area. Yes, it will. Also in the second level the style will change and you won't see all those rocks. I wanted to have a similar style for each one of the levels. Thanks again for all your comments!
  10. Staryon

    The Old Ways. New free 2D platform game.

    Quote:Original post by Virtual X Staryon, it's takes approximately 20 seconds ;) oh...no way. It should take about 4 seconds. The game is running much slower on your computer. :( I don´t think I can improve that.
  11. Staryon

    The Old Ways. New free 2D platform game.

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster Really nice game, the gameplay is excellent. This game can be really difficult at times ;). Thanks a lot! Yes, I think it's difficult. I even thought in adding more lives for the character instead of having just one.
  12. Staryon

    The Old Ways. New free 2D platform game.

    Thanks for your comments, Virtual X! Quote: 450mhz, P3, 256 SDRAM, 64MB Geforce2 MX400 I can´t believe the game ran well on a computer like yours! That makes me very happy! Thanks for posting your specs. By the way, if you have a chance, could you let me know how many seconds takes the character in going from one side of the screen to the other? I would like to test if I´m doing the timing correctly in the game. Quote: how long did it take you to code? I started exactly one year ago, but I haven´t done anything for months sometimes and I usually only work on this on the weekends. It´s my first 'full' game for the PC, but I used to write games for the ZX Spectrum and Amiga. Regards
  13. Hi All, I have finally finished the first level of this game that I'm writing. You can download it from HERE Check the instructions for installing the game. You need to have the Microsoft .NET Framework (you can download it from the previous link) Some people have told me that the game is running very slow on their computers. This is a bug. If you get that error, let me know and give me your computer specs. Thanks! This game lets the users to upload their stats and scores, so you can compare your records with other users. You can see the Hall of fame from HERE In the future I would like to write a tutorial for the editor. The editor is complete, but I need to add some documentation. I hope you guys like the game Regards [Edited by - Staryon on August 16, 2006 2:29:45 PM]
  14. Thanks for the information guys. I think I understand double-buffering much better now. Regards
  15. hey, thanks for that. I found the solution there. However, let me ask you something. If I am using a hw surface, do I really need to add SDL_DOUBLEBUF to the video mode?. If I don´t use it, everything runs much much faster but it flickers. On the other hand, I don´t need SDL_DOUBLEBUF for sw surfaces.
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