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  1. TyroWorks

    dragons :)

    Quote:Original post by Scint Obligatory Trogdor link. The Burninator! Oh yeah! Check out all his majesty \ | / And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIGHHT!!!!!
  2. TyroWorks

    Setting up directx

    Here is a short article I found about setting up DirectX with Dev C++: LINKAGE I haven't really used Dev C++ recently, but I think the main reason people are suggesting that you download Visual Studio Express 2005 is that it is easier to get up and running with DirectX. Plus, it's free, and pretty damn sweet. Also, I highly recommend reading through the forum FAQ for the DirectX forums. There is a ton of info that will make learning DirectX go much smoother.
  3. TyroWorks

    std string problem

    It should overwrite whatever is in the memory address of the string being passed to the function. For example: void test(std::string& str) { str = "aa"; } std:string name = "bb"; test(name); The name string would contain the value "aa" due to the fact that it's memory address (passed by reference - &) was used for the str string variable. By modifying the contents of str, the contents of whatever string is passed to the function will be modified at the same time.
  4. TyroWorks

    std string problem

    Unless I'm missing something, str, and whatever string is being passed, would become "aa" because the string is being passed by reference (std::string& str).
  5. TyroWorks

    Putting data into arrays?

    How about this to create the array of objects: player_imgs = new SDL_Surface *[7]; See this thread: LINK
  6. TyroWorks

    Putting data into arrays?

    I think that you have to use the "new" keyword to create the objects. I'm not familiar with SDL, but it may be something like: player_imgs[0] = new SDL_LoadBMP("Graphics/Ships/Player/anim/pl_left01.bmp");
  7. TyroWorks

    Some help for a beginner

    Beginning C++ Game Programming is an excellent book. It will not teach you how to program graphics, but it will give you a great introduction to C++. What I really like about it was the way that everything was game related, unlike most boring C++ intros. After that book, I recommend Beginning Game Programming by Michael Morrison. It teaches some Win32, and by the end of the book, you will have made 6-7 small games using a framework that you will build throughout the book. Very cool!
  8. TyroWorks

    What are you ? NVidia or ATI person?

    Nvidia and AMD are my favored companies. I've tried a few ATI cards (9500 pro, 9600 pro), and while they were great, I still prefer nvidia. I actually owned a little stock in each for while, but I sold it because I know nothing about the stock market. Silly me, what was I thinking buying stocks. :)
  9. TyroWorks

    What does your nick name mean?

    tyro - a beginner in learning something Therefore, my name means "the products of a beginner." Maybe I should change it in a couple of years... if I ever get out of beginner status.
  10. TyroWorks

    Good linux dist?

    Another vote for Ubuntu! I really haven't done much more than surf the net and play some of the little games, but it works well. Linux for Human Beings, and me too!
  11. TyroWorks


    Quote: Stealing IP addresses is illegal and I will not be explaining how to do it here! HAHAHAHAHA! I love her site! I saw it awhile back, from a link on a MINI forum, but I must have missed the post about it here... You've made my day! [Sorry about getting off topic] If you would really like to see how other people are writing their games, download some of the source codes that are available. There are lots of games that have been released, such as Doom, Quake 1 & 2, etc. Honestly, they confuse the crap outta me though.
  12. TyroWorks

    First Languages?

    BASIC on an AppleIIe then, 10 years later, c++.
  13. TyroWorks

    making 2d games

    Yes, you can make a complete 2d game using the windows API. That is all I have worked with so far, but I will be trying to learn DirectX once I finish the breakout clone I am working on right now. I agree with gav86 about learning about pointers and references, they are a necessity. Inheritance is also a pretty important part of c++, and very useful. Patrick
  14. TyroWorks


    I have all three of those! A book that I strongly suggest is Beginning Game Programming by Michael Morrison. That is the book that has helped me the most so far. Read the Beginning C++ Programming book first for sure though. Patrick [Edited by - TyroWorks on August 20, 2005 11:06:16 AM]
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