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  1. Leo_E_49

    Why do you like programming

    Unlike physical construction, like with mechanical engineering or robotics, computer graphics have virtually no constraints. I like this a great deal. :)
  2. Leo_E_49

    THE best tools for

    Quote:Original post by Promit P.S. I hear ScummVM based games are actually very reliably write once run anywhere. Far more portable than probably any other environment in existence. Interesting... What do you think makes ScummVM based games so portable compared to other engines which claim to be cross platform?
  3. Leo_E_49

    OpenGL vs. DirectX?

    I learned mostly from the OpenGL Superbible. It's a good resource to have handy too. I think that when it comes to learning about games, writing from scratch may be educational but I agree that starting with an existing game engine will be easier and faster for making games.
  4. Leo_E_49

    My Demo Reel

    Sounds good. Thanks for the advice. I don't really know anyone else who is applying for this kind of job in my degree program so I don't really have the chance here to talk to other people about the sort of thing to put in a demo reel. Most of my classmates are PhD students who're looking to go into research or MS students looking to go into simulations rather than graphics or games.
  5. Leo_E_49

    My Demo Reel

    Thanks for the advice. I'll swap the space shooter to the front of the video for the ones I submit when I'm applying for jobs. :) I did the 2D art for these projects myself. I only really included the 2D game because it's a networked game and might create a conversation point in an interview. I don't like being thought of as a one-trick pony, especially when I've got a wide variety of skills. :p That said, I'll probably remove that 2D section for my final reel. I was a bit worried about the way it looked from the start... P.S. Maybe I should have explained but the particle things at the end are fluid dynamics simulations in 2D and 3D respectively.
  6. Leo_E_49

    My Demo Reel

    Hi Folks, I've just made a demo reel of a few of my projects in my undergrad and graduate degrees so I thought I might share it with you all. So, here you go: I attended the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology degree at the University of Abertay Dundee for my undergrad and I'm currently an MS Computer Science student at Stanford University. Laurence Emms
  7. Leo_E_49

    MMO topic: Is MMO still appropriate?

    Quote:Original post by Merluche Why hasn't any game that I know of offered yet an experience about having to interfere into someone else's online avatar? Why isn't there a quest to go and HELP someone? or Block someone from doing something? I mean someone REAL, who actually plays the same game too? Why aren't there negociation quests? Why aren't there any other way to interact with people than either kill or ask something from them? Specifically when either one or the other are meaningless in terms of interactions, given that PvPing is usually useless and gratuitous, and that buying something from a crafter won't help either the buyer or the producer, save in terms of property or combat efficiency? Sad fact is, most of what you mention is not actually fun in practice. People get annoyed when someone blocks them from doing something or helps them to do something (reducing the experience they gain from whatever quest they were doing). You should look into metagaming, there are plenty of people who go around role playing in MMORPGs but they do so of their own will, rather than being forced to by the designers of the game.
  8. I wonder how C++0x is going to affect all of these standards and best practices. I'm looking forward to all the new features to be added but it'll take a while to change my coding style accordingly...
  9. Leo_E_49

    3d point-in-triangle algorithm

    Oh right, I thought he already knew that the point was on the plane of the triangle. In that case, it's probably best to try both out if necessary and profile to see which is faster.
  10. Leo_E_49

    My Video game addiction

    4 hours isn't that long, I used to go 6-8 without stopping back in the day. :p What I used to do back in uni was only play on the weekends and only after I got some work done that day. I use games to relax and unwind so it's not a big deal if I don't play around the time when I've got work to do.
  11. Leo_E_49

    3d point-in-triangle algorithm

    Fastest way I know of is using the barycentric technique described in the link in the first response. You can find a pretty fast version of it in the book "Real Time Rendering" by Moller and Haines.
  12. Quote:Original post by ashmantle I recently started learning C++ through books and 3DBuzz's excellent C++ VTM's, but it just stomps me sometimes when they cover something that seems to break the C++ syntax. I'm pretty sure it won't be breaking the syntax, otherwise you'd get a compile error. Quote:A good example is double pointers.. I feel like I grasp the concept of pointers, but suddenly they throw in another asterisk and just assume that I understand that as well. Did the char **pName just become a new pointer to a pointer of type char? or is it a preprocessor directive? or is it an operator of all base types? Stuff like this confuses me. That is called a pointer to a pointer. Basically it works like a pointer to another pointer to an object. You can dereference it like this: int data = 0; int *pointerToData = &data; int **pointerToPointerToData = &pointerToData; **pointerToPointerToData = 10; // This sets data to 10 Remember that pointers and arrays are somewhat interchangable. So often when you see a **, it refers to a pointer to an array. Quote:Then there's []. I understand arrays, but is the double brackets here a keyword for 'Array' or a preprocessor keyword? To clarify, I understand the *p usage, but not the 'delete [] m_buffer' usage. The [] specifies that an operation is to be carried out on an array and is context sensitive. delete[] is necessary for deleting arrays, because array allocation on the free store (heap) is not the same as allocating one single object. It has nothing to do with the preprocessor, as far as I understand it. Quote:Don't get me started on <>'s. I can't find any information about them in the C++ language references I've read, but they're all over the source code I've seen. You have them in include statements, but sometimes I've seen "" been used instead? You have them in the middle of operator overloading functions, for example when 3DBuzz tried to explain how to overload the << stream operator, they threw all the syntax I had learned and understand out the window and riddled the statements with all kinds of brackets. <> is used in a number of contexts. Firstly in the context of #include <iostream>, it means that you are including a header file which is contained in one of the compiler's directories (you can also usually specify other directories for use with the <> notation in your IDE). It also relates to templates for example: template < class T > class sampleClass { public: T myT; }; Templates are used for generic programming in C++. Quote:a good example is the std::list class(?). std::list <var *> varList this looks like an ordinary variable declaration, but now there's <>'s instead of the normal ()'s.. A perfect example of template metaprogramming. Quote:Could anyone help me shed some light on this, my hair is turning gray :) Sorry, can't help you with that one... :(
  13. Leo_E_49

    Need help!

    Perlin Noise Description
  14. Leo_E_49

    3D engine help

    By "3D engine" do you mean an actual game engine or just a graphics engine? If you're just looking for a graphics engine, you might want to try Ogre3D or Irrlicht. For an actual game engine, it's pretty tough to say how to make one, because every game must have its own type of game engine. For example, RTS games use RTS engines, etc. Some engines out there can be used for generic games, but they are few and far between and tend not to be as useful as specialised engines. In terms of actually writing game engines, the book you were referring to is probably the best resource I can think of. I'm sure that if you know design patterns well enough, you'll be able to design your own game engine based on abstract factories, factories, mediators, etc. There's no "right" way to write a game engine, so just do whatever works and optimise later.
  15. Leo_E_49

    Calc how many Verts on screen

    Only way I know would be to construct a frustum from your camera data and then do a frustum intersection test on each vertex in the scene, which would be very slow indeed.
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