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  1. CodeBlue

    a little keyboard question

    same reason they have braile on drive-up ATM's.
  2. CodeBlue

    Microsoft aims for hack-proof 360

    The question is, why would thy want to? I wouldn't have purchased my Xbox at all if I wouldn't have been able to mod it.
  3. CodeBlue

    Need Ideas

    Boy that sucks they're making you do it in English, I hate it when my teachers do that.
  4. CodeBlue

    so where do i go from here...

    Quote:Original post by bikola_p 2.Forge cheques lol so easy
  5. CodeBlue

    so where do i go from here...

    Quote:Original post by NQ No matter how your situation is; joining would at least give your life instant stability. And if that's the only real reason you're joining (as was my case), pick the easiest branch possible. Don't do what I did and join the Marines "just to show off".
  6. CodeBlue

    so where do i go from here...

    If you're going to move out of state, move to Bend, OR. It is a really nice town, everyone there is really friendly, and rent is extremely cheap (200-300 for a studio). It's very sporty and recreational, lots of people there ride bikes to work.
  7. CodeBlue

    Post your favorite funny video clips!

    Quote:Original post by Zeraan Ok, it doesn't have to be in German or in any foreign language (to English speaking people) :) I don't know German... How about turning your sound on then?
  8. CodeBlue

    We share about 30% of our genes with fungi.

    Quote:Original post by DrewGreen 98% of statistics are made up on the spot Including that one?
  9. CodeBlue

    Testing commercial games...

  10. CodeBlue

    National Rate-Me-Up-A-Thon

    I am starting a national rate-me-up-a-thon. For every rating point I recieve as a result of this thread, I will donate $1 to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
  11. CodeBlue

    Post your favorite funny video clips!

    captain_win.wmv If you try to stream it it will result in an error, so just Save Target As.
  12. CodeBlue

    so where do i go from here...

    Here are my ideas: - Depending on your bank, you probably have overdraft protection, meaning if you have $600 in your account, you really have about $900 to work with. - At most banks you can apply for a $500 "student credit card", and some of these banks guarentee automatic approval, just make sure you can show proof of enrollment. I know for a fact that Wells Fargo does this. Then, cash advance th $500, and worry about your resulting bad credit later (your survival is more important right now). - I don't know what state you live in, but in my state there is a law requiring 30 days notice any time 1 person wants to kick another person out of a joint living situation (the fact that it was your parents would be irrelevant). You may want to check into this. Quote:Original post by LessBread Since all the good advice has already been offered, let me say that I hear Uncle Sam needs all the 19 year olds he can get... That of course is a commonly used option, but make sure you know what you're getting into.
  13. CodeBlue

    Yet another tasteless banner ad thread

    I made this one to poke fun at internet marketing:
  14. CodeBlue

    AI goes hardware?

    Maybe their new AI technology can help them the next time they invade Gaza
  15. CodeBlue

    Media Player and some mpgs

    Quote:Original post by Endar I recently downloaded some music videos The black helicopters are on their way...
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