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  1. scottrick49

    Good Pc Games

    Dota 2!  Its free to play, as well.  :D
  2. scottrick49

    Ludum Dare anyone?

    I participated!  It was my first LD event and it was really fun.  I did manage to finish, however, and that was an accomplishment in itself.  :D   http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=28822
  3. scottrick49

    Minecraft OpenGL Rendering

    Images from my C++ OpenGL Minecraft renderer.
  4. scottrick49

    A Beginning...

    Hello! This journal is going to be about my personal projects, which almost always involve C++ and OpenGL. Currently, I'm working on a project involving the rendering of Minecraft levels. Since this is the first entry, I'm going to attempt to give a brief overview of my project as it stands today, and what my plans are for the future! The main goal of this project is for me to learn more about C++ and OpenGL and have fun at the same time. I have always been fascinated by Minecraft and how it works; focusing my project on rendering Minecraft worlds gives me something concrete to work towards and lets me worry about the rendering problems, not content creation. I have a few goals in mind for this project, and some of them have already been met. I've been working on this on and off for a while now, but have just reached the point where I can post pretty (maybe?) screenshots. My main goals are: 1) Parse Minecraft world files and extract the world data. 2) Create a basic OpenGL 3.0 rendering framework that I can re-use. 3) Render any given Minecraft world and allow the user to fly around with a free camera. The first goal is pretty much complete, although there are improvements I would still like to make. I currently have to hardcode which region files are loaded in and ultimately I would like the user to be able to select the world from a file chooser. The region parsing works well but is a little slow, and that is something else I would like to improve. For the Minecraft file parsing, I forked a project I found on github called "cppNBT." It hadn't been updated in over a year and I updated it to work with the latest NBT file format. I also added support for parsing a NBT buffer instead of reading from a file and made some performance improvements. The second goal I have is to bring my OpenGL knowledge up to date. Most of my prior OpenGL experience was with the fixed functionality pipeline, and I wanted to take some time and do it "The Right Way." I spent a couple weeks learning modern OpenGL techniques and implementing a basic framework for future projects. I am by no means an expert, but it is something I really enjoy learning about and this project gives me a great opportunity to do so. The third goal is to render any Minecraft world in OpenGL and be able to fly around and look at everything. Its a pretty broad goal, and this is the part of the project I am focusing on at the moment. Currently, I am doing some very basic rendering of a Minecraft region - No shadows, textures, lighting, transparency, etc. So far, the only part I have working is the creation of the basic block geometry. The application is correctly parsing the chunk data and generating meshes. I have hardcoded about 20 different block types to different colors so I have something interesting to look at. Just to give you an idea of my hardware, my development machine is an Intel i7 920 with a Radeon 4870. With one full region loaded (1024 chunks), I currently get around 120 frames per second. Its acceptable, but I know performance will degrade as I improve the image quality and am looking forward to doing some optimizations. For the future, my main goals are to keep improving the rendering quality and performance. Once the basics are working well, then I can move on to crazy stuff like realistic water, depth of field, motion blur, etc. I've uploaded the first three screenshots I created after I got the basic region rendering working. In this entry I haven't gone too in depth since I wanted to just give a basic overview of where I was, but in the future I hope to get into the gritty details as I am implementing them. If you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back. Thanks for taking an interest, and I hope to have another journal entry soon!
  5. Also, on windows8, if you goto search (move mouse to top right and go down) and type 'express' its always the first thing in the list for me.
  6. scottrick49

    Crash depending on file name

    The files are literally empty.  I also tried it by creating entirely new files and changing their extensions.  Same thing happens.
  7. So this has had me stumped for several hours today, and I finally was able to track down what was causing my crash, but I'm not sure why.  A little background:   My project is using GLFW to handle creating the OpenGL context.  Everything was working fine until I tried to add some files from an open source project to do some file parsing.  The library contained some *.cc files.  After adding these files, my program would always crash when trying to create the window, down in dbgheap.c (_CrtIsValidHeapPointer).     The first weird thing I noticed was that this crash would happen even if I wasn't calling into any of the new library.  So I started removing more and more of the library until I was left with a single *empty* .cc file.  Removing the *.cc file fixed the problem.  If I re-added the .cc file, the crash would immediately start happening again.     So I started experimenting some more.  Renaming the file to a .h file *inside VS* wouldn't fix the crash, but if I removed the file from VS, renamed it from the file explorer, and then re-added it as a .h, it wouldn't crash.  Oddly, once I had added it as a .h, I could rename it back to .cc inside VS and it would be fine.   Also, I noticed that the crash only happens during a Debug build.  Release is fine.   So, I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but it might have something to do with the .cc file causing VS to use some different versions of the standard libraries, which are somehow causing a crash?  I thought .cc was just another extension for C++ files.  Can somebody explain what exactly is going on here?  
  8. scottrick49

    Starting with OpenGL ES 2

    Since you don't have a mobile device at the moment, I would focus on general OpenGL programming to start and get the basic concepts down, since they will be the same whether you are on PC or a mobile device.     If you go to http://www.reddit.com/r/opengl and look on the right side, there are some really good tutorials that can help you learn modern OpenGL programming.   Its definitely possible to learn in 6 months if you are a hard worker and not afraid to ask questions.  :D
  9. scottrick49

    So, windows 8?

    I've been using win8 since it was released, and while I wasn't sure about it when I started, I am happy with it for the most part.  I'm coming from Vista though so the improvements in stability, speed, etc, all seem great.  I'm getting used to the new right side menu and not having START and it works pretty well, I think.  Main thing I don't like about MetroApps is that you can't use OpenGL with them.  :(
  10. scottrick49

    Crash calling SOIL_load_image

    Hmm, I was able to fix the issue.  Evidently the order and/or location of all the #pragma comment(lib, "lib") makes a difference.  I put them all together in a different file and all is well.  I tried putting them all in my main.cpp, but that didn't work.  Not sure why.  Thanks for the help.
  11. scottrick49

    Crash calling SOIL_load_image

    Ah, I forgot to mention, I'm getting one build warning, but I'm not sure how to fix it, or if its even relevant: 1>LINK : warning LNK4098: defaultlib 'MSVCRT' conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library
  12. scottrick49

    Crash calling SOIL_load_image

    Its getting called after my OpenGL context is created.  I don't think that's related to the problem, though, since I'm not actually doing anything OpenGL related in here. (yet).
  13. I'm trying to use SOIL (Simple OpenGL Image Library) to load images in my project.  However, it is crashing whenever I call SOIL_load_image, from an unhandled exception writing location 0x00000014.  (I'm following this tutorial, btw: http://open.gl/textures).     I'm unsure of what I can do to fix this issue, but I think its something related to how I'm setting up the library.  Yesterday, I was trying to do something similar with libPNG and was running into a similar crash when the library attempted to do some file IO.  At the time, I thought it was probably an issue with the library, but now that I'm getting another crash with a different library, I think it might be me.   For the SOIL library, I built the project and copied the debug SOIL.lib to my VC/lib directory, and SOIL.h to the VC/include directory.  It seems to be building fine, but is crashing.  I tried it with the release .lib as well and the same thing happens.   Where I'm trying to load the image (GLTextureFactory.cpp): #include "GLTextureFactory.h" #pragma comment(lib, "SOIL") #include <SOIL.h> #include "GLTexture.h" GLTextureFactory::GLTextureFactory(void) { } GLTextureFactory::~GLTextureFactory(void) { } GLTexture *GLTextureFactory::createTextureForImage(const char *imageFilename) { int width, height; //CRASHING ON THIS LINE unsigned char* image = SOIL_load_image(imageFilename, &width, &height, 0, SOIL_LOAD_RGB); //glTexImage2D( GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, GL_RGB, width, height, 0, GL_RGB, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, image ); return new GLTexture(0); }   I have included GLM in my project, and am also linking against: #pragma comment(lib, "GLFW") #pragma comment(lib, "opengl32") #pragma comment(lib, "glu32") #pragma comment(lib, "glew32")   Any help is very appreciated!
  14. scottrick49

    No Diablo 3 Threads?

    I've played roughly 15 hours since release (just enough to beat the game on normal difficulty). Here are my thoughts: - If you liked Diablo 1/2, you will like 3. Its a lot of fun and takes everything that was good in the previous two and improves on it. - Launch day and day+1 were a little rough. I didn't have too much trouble, though, and it worked very well for me for the most part. Maybe I am too sympathetic with Blizzard, but I don't really think the launch went nearly as bad as so many people are clamoring it did. There are just so many people that I feel its nearly impossible to not have some problems, even with the most diligent planning and preparation. - The difficulty of the game is pretty easy until you get to level 10 or 15, but then it does get more difficult. I was worried the game was going to be much too easy, but I am very happy with the difficulty so far. And from what I've been reading, nightmare/hell/inferno won't disappoint at all. - The game just feels great and has been very fun! Just my two cents!
  15. Google is your friend. I just googled [color=#000000][size=2]GL_POINT_SMOOTH and I found a whole bunch of results. Here's one that looks promising: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1513811/getting-smooth-big-points-in-opengl
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