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    I need guidance

    I have the books "Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX 2nd Edition" by Jim Adams, and "C++ Without Fear" by Brian Overland... The directx book is just soo complicated for me that i bought the c++ one afterwards, and i learned....well not learned...i created a program to convert degrees celcius to degrees Ferenhiet...among other useless programs... most of the stuff on the book is pretty easy to follow but i wasnt sure it would help me with what i needed... Or is it that i just need to program over and over and over again to Memorize everything ??? thats basically my main problem...if i do need to memorize everything, i guess i should just keep following this book. right ?
  2. Maniakson

    I need guidance

    Well i am using Visual C++ 2005 beta edition... i have already bought almost 90.00 in books, and havent learned quite anything useful in them (due to the fact that they are for more experienced programmers). I have tried using Python a while back ago, but i just couldnt quite understand it... what do i do?
  3. Maniakson

    I need guidance

    Well...i read Geoff Howlands article on making video games, and i learned that i needed to start with simple games and work my way up. Tetris, being the first, and breakdown, packman, and super mario .... I am wondering if anyone can either show me a great, detailed, step-by-step instructional website, or just help me using threads. I appreciate it
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