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    Question about EWQLSO Silver.

    DFD is not necessarily the culprit, although it's certainly at the top of the list for things to check (you should still follow nsmadsen's directions; it's a good idea even if the DFD isn't causing problems). I think that the buffer size is a much more likely culprit (crackles or skips in the sound are characteristic of a buffer that's too small; problems with DFD more often make a static sound). FL Studio might also refer to the buffer size as latency, in which case you would still make it larger. For what it's worth, you should have no problem, at all, loading a full orchestra if you have things configured well. What sound card are you running this on?
  2. Jervin

    Streaming flash..?

    I recently had my website redesigned: I'm still getting the content in, but I'm very happy with the design. The designer threw in a flash media player for the music that wasn't an original part of the design or requirements, so I'm in no position to complain about it, but... The player doesn't stream the music, instead, it loads up all the music in the player when the page is loaded - which is a lot of music, and it takes several minutes to load, even on a good connection. My question is this: How difficult is to make a basic streaming music player for use in a web page? It would need nothing other than basic playing, pausing, changing tracks (which can even be hard-coded), and volume control. How much would it cost to get someone to do this for me? I don't know flash, but I'm technically proficient - how hard would it be to learn how to do a project like this myself? Or even easier, is it plausible to drop in something premade like XSPF or Wimpy with a minimal amount of fuss? Thanks!
  3. Congratulations on the release! I plan to try it out; I liked the samples you posted earlier and look forward to the game.
  4. Jervin

    Stilt Walkers

    That was a very enjoyable short. Overall, the music was a great match for it and really brought out the emotions. A couple of things that could be different: The transition at ~:52 felt very abrupt. I think keeping some part of the previous texture going longer; that is, letting the guitar, the percussion, or the lead continue for another 5 or 10 seconds to give a smoother transition. Just after 1:00 I especially liked the musical anticipation of the arrival of the stilt walkers. I think later in the piece there were other places where you could have been more daring with the timing (having your cues begin before or after the visuals) rather than being constantly in sync - the times when the music anticipated the visuals where my favorite parts. I wasn't entirely convinved by the synth arpeggiation in the later sequences; it felt out of place in the somewhat melodramatic orchestral texture (which worked very well); the brass swells and that particular synth felt particularly out of place next to each other. The one specific musical moment I thought didn't work perfectly was when the stiltwalkers droppped the jack-in-the-box; I think the idea was good, but the transition from the previous mood of the music didn't work. As Nathan mentioned, I thought the moment when the boy goes up to the jack-in-the-box was fantastic. Also, I really liked the guitar coming back in 10 seconds before the fade-out in the final scene; it gave the scene just the right amount of momentum to pull the viewer into the credits without ruining the peacefulness of the end. In general, if I were watching it for enjoyment, rather than listening critically to the music, most of these things wouldn't bother me, and the music as a whole would work great for the piece. The one thing that I thought really DIDN'T work, at all, was the overall feel of the sound design. The sound design felt VERY small; there was no ambiental noise and all the sfx and foley was mixed VERY low relative to the music. This was compounded by the music: the music was brash, loud, and dramatic, and the sound design was very much the opposite. I think the preferred solution would have been to have more complete sfx mixed louder, but if that wasn't an option, I think the music should have been more mellow to match the feel of the sound design. Overall, though, very nice, and the music fit the visuals well and was enjoyable.
  5. Jervin


    Quote:Original post by Ravuya my particular favourite shade of green So, just how many favourite shades of green do you have, given that this is your particular favourite? In other news, looking forward to the game!
  6. Jervin

    New Sound Effects site

    Looks like you have some stuff that might be quite useful for the right games. However, I'd be hesitant purchasing from you without seeing the license for the sound effects. What are the terms for their use?
  7. I'm curious if anyone here is a member of GANG, IGDA, or any other similar groups, and if you've found them to be directly or indirectly helpful. Have they helped with networking, education, etc.? They aren't insanely expensive, but the costs aren't trivial either, and I imagine other folks on the board would be interested, too. Thanks!
  8. Jervin

    Bitrates and BPM, or number voodoo?

    First, I'm not an audio programmer, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. It looks like your sample scenario is a non-issue. Although one beat may be represented as 16537 or 16538 samples, 160 beats will still be represented by precisely 2.646 M samples. Consider that there are an even number of beats, so for each beat represented by 16537 samples, another beat will be represented by 16538. I'm not sure there are any realistic examples where this problem would appear at a sample rate of 44.1 or higher. You can encode any BPM to precisely one minute. You'd have to shorten or lengethen beats by a little bit, but you can always end up with a precise minute, and no one could ever hear the difference. At lower sample rates, it could certainly be an issue, though, so if you're looking to compress data as much as possible and need perfect synching with no audible breaks, you could get issues. I think that studying this would fall under the general area of float representations. I've studied that a bit for its use in audio work, but never quite enough :).
  9. Jervin

    Would DragonForce work better as...

    If you're planning to use their actual music for your game, bear in mind copyright law and the (high) amount you'll need to pay for licensing. That said, as much as I like their music, the vocals use a kind of 70's-ish feel. I think it works great as music, but would be out of place in game. Their music with the vocals could work as an opening theme song or such. Music in the style of their instrumental sections could work just fine for a final level or final boss. However, I'd also note that it's a little bit cliched to use, for example, orchestral music throughout a game and then have dueling guitars for the final boss. It works, but it's cliched. Lastly, I don't think I really would call them 'extreme power metal,' and someone linking 'extreme power metal' to them on Wikipedia isn't evidence of this. Calling something exreme metal of any type would mean a much harsher sound; although Dragonforce is very spedy, the music maintains a lightness and melodic interest that is uncharacteristic of metal (in my opinion).
  10. Jervin

    Why my kids will be home-schooled

    I greatly enjoyed reading both your post here and Daerax's. I've been considering actually making a journal entry just for the fuss about education, the reason being that my day job is in education. I could write pages about what I think you've got just right, where your off a bit, and where there are some really important tangential issues you didn't mention. I'll limit myself to two of the more important ones here. The first is this: Quote:Our society has reached its current situation precisely for one reason: our educational system has caused it. The collapse and decay... What do you think characterizes the ills of the 'current situation?' I think there are lots of problems with the present day US culture, but I'd like to know if we're on the same page there. However, I disagree with the premise that our society has fallen from some previous peak. What are we decaying from? There are problems today that didn't use to exist, but I don't think that is necessarily a decay - the problems are just different. I don't think this mythical better pasts exists. Our society has always had problems, some of which have been confronted better than others; some of which have been solved and some of which are greater than ever today. But it's false to suppose that our society used to be far better and it's false to suppose that the educational system is to blame for the new problems that exist . Let's take one: the decline of social capital, which I would suggest is a relatively new and very important issue, but one that I don't think can be fully blamed on education. The reason I bring this up is that many reformers propose changes that amount to an attempt to return to the past - but the past of America or the educational system isn't better than what we have today. There are good ideas from the past and we should learn from it, but we shouldn't try to emulate it or return to it, which is implied in your statement. The one other big issue you've understated is the general importance of family and community in education. Your desire for home-schooling is certainly evidence of this, but the issue is much broader than you've noted. I believe the failure of education can largely be traced to the failur of families to be involved directly in the education and life of their children. You can blame this on a number of parties - the families themselves, cultural impetus, the educational system, but I think any discussion of educational reform should be based fundamentally on involving the child's family and community in education and returning the educational system to being involved in the family and the community. From an academic viewpoint, there's plenty of research on the importance and effect of family involvement in education. This is one more facet of the general complacency of the populace that you've noted. I don't think you need to do home-schooling (although it's a valid option), you just need to be direclty involved in your child's education in every way in whatever form that education takes. Society as a whole needs to motivate all familes to take a similar interest. If I had to pick one fundamental issue to tackle to reform education today, that would be it. If parents were actively interested, all sorts of other problems, from incompetent teachers keeping jobs, to children's disinterest in education, to fostering civic involvement would either be solved automatically or would be far easier to confront. Phew. That was probably very rambling and could use some serious editing. But I probably won't get around to it :(.
  11. This issue still exists and has actually gotten worse, if anything. No posts show for me in the news forum, even if I click on the second page. I'm using Firefox 1.5 and I tried setting the date for post viewing to longer times.
  12. Jervin

    Need some logo work? Salsa is your flavor.

    Whoo! Thank you very much. The logo is great. The check is in the mail... er... The internet is in the tubes, that is. I hear they're a bit clogged so it might take a bit to arrive. You can send the hi-res version to either or the paypal address I used.
  13. Jervin

    ewql question

    You could try posting screenshots of your setup in Sonar with CC data entered, MIDI, data, and track routing. Aside from that, I'm not sure we can really help you here.
  14. Jervin

    Need some logo work? Salsa is your flavor.

    I'd love to get in on this, too! Never having asked for anything like this, I'm not sure about exactly what info I should put, but I hope this is about right. I could use a logo for my website for my music and sound self-promotion website, The logo should contain either the text "Jervin Music" or "JErvin Music" - I'm not sure if the E should be capital or not, so either way would be fine. I don't need the logo in a specific size, but it should work displayed at the top of the page. Ideally, it, or a variant on it, would also work to be displayed in banner advertisements or have an icon that I could have you or another graphics designer change for use as an avatar or for other linking, advertisement, and display. My current web page is based off a free online template and I'm planning to change it, so the logo doesn't need to match the color or style. Since I will hopefully get my act together and get a whole new website soon, I'm also interested in any kind of style a logo might suggest. I imagine you're about to be flooded with requests, but should that somehow not be the case and you need more, it would be great to get an icon for an avatar, banner ad, and similar matching the logo as I previously mentioned (paying for teh additional work, too, certainly). I can pay via paypal or other method; just let me know where to send it!
  15. Jervin

    ewql question

    A quick note: I use EWQLSO Gold, not Silver so some things may be different (perhaps many things are). I strongly suggest you read straight through the EWQLSO .pdf manual. It is fairly short and will help you in any number of ways. You'll need to enable automation if you want to record CC data in real time (that is, from a keyboard or other source as the song plays). If you want to draw the data in with a mouse, you won't need to do that. Here are some things to check to make sure it's working: First, load the ewql library; I use the built-in VST sampler. Next, create your midi track and assign its out to the ewql track on channel 1. In eqwl, load an instrument to channel 1. Place some notes in the midi track and make sure you hear noise. Now let's add some CC data. Open the piano roll view for the midi track in question. Make sure that midi track is the active track. Make sure the controller pane is showing (press C if it isn't). There are three drop-down menus on the left sade of the controller pane. Set the top one to Control, the middle one to 7, and the bottom one to All Channels. It is correct that you will need to select your CC by number (this is the middle one). In fact, activating a CC in Sonar can be annoying (this might be correct in Sonar 5; I haven't tried it). To do so, you will have to type in the CC you want, not select it. In the piano roll view, it will be the middle drop-down menu. Except it won't actually drop down a menu. Instead, you'll have to type in the number you want, then click on one of the other drop-down menus to activate it. Set your cursor to draw or line mode. Draw some data with wild variations. Now play it! If you hear the variations, congratulations! If not, you'll need to read a manual or provide more specific info if you want help here. Lastly, a word about reverb. The way you'll want to add reverb is through a reverb module. There are a couple ways to do this. The easiest way is the following: 1. Find the EWQLSO host track in the track view. 2. Right-click on the FX pane and select "audio effects." 3. Find your favorite reverb from the drop-down list that shows up. If you haven't installed any better ones, use the default Cakewalk Fxreverb. The better way to do reverb is by routing the out from EWQLSO to a subgroup or an effect send, but that's out of the scope of this discussion; consult SONAR reference material for that.
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