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    Selling games made with RPG Maker

    Or you could try Game Maker from Yoyogames. Its another option and one that's well known and used by many.
  2. Honestly, that's the only way it does make sense. If you die, you die. Everyone can kill and lose it all. If a player can't be "godly", open pvp makes the most sense in the whole design. Where is the fun if you can be epic and never die? Just for that one player. If there is no cost, only the first to reach the top can screw up every body else. That is not good design. IMHO (I have not played the game) (I have played true open PvP 2d games in the past, for years. You got exp for killing, but couldn't take items away. It had a bounty system, it made you a target by increasing the amount of EXP and money you gave for being killed, and that was cool. I have been a "sheep" and a "wolf", but it becomes fun only after you are capped or near capped and if the game is real time based combat, otherwise it would just plainly and utterly suck.)~Personal Opinion.
  3. 2DExtremeOwner

    Regulating leveling-up in online games

    I'm no expert but wouldn't limiting the players progress be down right counter productive in the end? Say I play for a week and I like the game, now I'm level 7, I tell my friends to join and they start at level 1. There will always be a gap and a limit to our experience together in the game, that is, if you have some sort of quest requirement. Unless, if I understand your explained method, I limit my "progress" and give it to someone, one person only, to help them catch up. I don't hate the whole idea, it depends on the gameplay. Like, maybe if there's a real reason to cap everyone for world wide events and such. An event based game? Say every month or so you have a level cap increase along with an event. But, in the end, it does depend on the game. Levels could mean everything or nothing.
  4. 2DExtremeOwner

    Win 8 upgrade again.

    I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Sorry. I know Microsoft has this offer for new PC's bought since June or July.(Some where around there) Look at the main site and some computer sellers and you will see that they are showing that promotion with their PC offers. I know I saw it from some of the companies that build custom computers around a week ago. Look around, I think its legit. I think Microsoft wants to push Windows 8 with all their might towards customers. And I don't mind, Win8 Preview ran fine on this old laptop of mine. By the way, its for when Windows 8 is officially out. You keep all your purchase info, Win7 key and all that stuff to prove that you fall within the offer and then upgrade to it.
  5. (Not a programmer, just some thoughts and questions, feel free to add anything.) Open discussion, keep it professional. I always read that making money from HTML5 based games are hard or impossible, that everything that has to do with a transaction is a "security nightmare", etc. But It got me thinking, other games use transactions. Websites use transactions. What is different with HTML5 and why is it different? Maybe(!?) making in-game transactions using HTML5 technologies are a bad idea, I really don't know, but, if it is the web, why would it be? I already buy things from Amazon, Kick Starter and many other sites. They all use current web technologies, which HTML5 is/will be. And then, how about buying things like items and stuff for your user account, like every other online purchase in existence and then calling them from within game? Like you have this "AwesomeGames" site which you create an "AwesomeAccount" in, like most MMO's. Then this site has its own "AwesomeStore" which you can buy stuff in, for your own "AwesomeAccount" which you use to play the "AwesomeGame" with. The server running the game would be checking that you are actually you, like all other MMOs, and allow you to use your premium items. Where is the problem? Isn't this the method Amazon, MMO's and other sites use? And if not, why not use that method with HTML5 games? In my "logical" sense, whether its right or wrong, the issue seems to have been resolved for many years already. Which brought me here, to ask the pro's! Good day!
  6. 2DExtremeOwner

    What's The Difference among DBZ games

    They are all "OVER 9000!!" Anyways, if the question was not a joke. Super DBZ plays like street fighter. Budokai is a fighter with some flashy moves and some rock-paper-scissors type scenes. And the ps2 Tenkaichi series tries to mimic the anime the most. I prefer the tenkaichi style(part 3) for its battle system and immense fan service. Everything after, was just milking the series.
  7. I have a 5 year old laptop with a completely dead battery and it runs very hot, so, I decided to get a cooling pad. There were so many to choose from, but only one had USB 3.0 support. I thought it was worth the buy, so I went ahead with the purchase. It arrived today, and I just had to check it out ASAP! Laptop specs: Brand: Toshiba Model: Satellite A215-S4757 CPU: AMD Turion 64X2 TL-56 1.8 Ghz iGPU: ATI X1200 series RAM: 3GB DDR2 SDRAM(Added 1GB over stock) Cooling Pad specs: Brand: Cooler Master Storm Model: SF-19 Strike Force USB 3.0 version Has 4 USB 3.0 ports The test was done using HWiNFO32 Sensor Status, measuring the CPU minimum and maximum temperatures. Each time the fan speed was changed, I gave the laptop 10 minutes to adjust and then 5 minutes to get the results posted here. Changing the fan speed was done by moving the circle once, from front to back. This way, you get 3 ON measurements, so, it goes like this: Off, On-and-OneUp, TwoUp and ThreeUp(max). The test consisted of four parts. Baseline on table, Baseline on Cooling Pad, Running only the GOM player on the background and running only a game on the background. The windows of the player and the game were not opened, I had issues running the "apps" in a window while also running HWiNFO32, it would turn my display off and I had to manually shut down. Baseline temperature On the table: 138.2 Degrees F Minimum, 149.0 Degrees F Maximum Baseline temp on Cooling Pad Fan Off: 122.0 Degrees F Minimum, 129.2 Degrees F Maximum Fan OneUp: 107.6 Degrees F Minimum, 116.6 Degrees F Maximum Fan TwoUp: 104.0 Degrees F Minimum, 109.4 Degrees F Maximum Fan ThreeUp(max): 102.2 Degrees F Minimum, 109.4 Degrees F Maximum Temp on Cooling Pad, Running GOM Fan Off: 136.4 Degrees F Minimum, 143.6 Degrees F Maximum Fan OneUp: 123.8 Degrees F Minimum, 129.2 Degrees F Maximum Fan TwoUp: 114.8 Degrees F Minimum, 120.2 Degrees F Maximum Fan ThreeUp(max): 111.2 Degrees F Minimum, 120.2 Degrees F Maximum Temp on Cooling Pad, Running Game Fan Off: 195.8 Degrees F Minimum, 199.4 Degrees F Maximum (NOTE: It started at around 177, but kept rising, at 5 minutes this is were it got to. Then I maxed the Fan and got the other results.) Fan OneUp: 167.0 Degrees F Minimum, 174.2 Degrees F Maximum Fan TwoUp: 159.8 Degrees F Minimum, 165.2 Degrees F Maximum Fan ThreeUp(max): 154.4 Degrees F Minimum, 163.4 Degrees F Maximum As you can see, the pad does work, it cools my laptop by 20~30 degrees. At max speed there is some noise, not a lot tho. If you are gaming, you probably wont notice it. It is very expensive! And it was hard to find, for me. Its not very portable, but its for gaming so, I think it would fit a LAN party quite well. My table is 31 inches wide and it fits there comfortably with a standard mouse pad to my right and about 4 inches of space to my left. Hope this tiny review helps someone.
  8. 2DExtremeOwner

    Where can I buy a real custom laptop?

    Looked into the link mdwh provided and I found out something that I was not aware of. The Intel HD4000 iGPU is NOT compatible with quad core i7 processors!? I have to look into this more, weird...didn't expect that. But, maybe that's why its been impossible for me to find? I don't get it. I did also check all the other companies/sites, all good! Just not what I wanted, but, I guess I now know why that was... Thank you all! (EDIT: Looked around, it seems that site is mistaken. Intel HD 4000 is on quad core i7's, -.-'' Why is something so "simple" so hard!?)
  9. 2DExtremeOwner

    Where can I buy a real custom laptop?

    I was reading over NVIDIA's Optimus technology but it doesn't seem to be able to turn it off manually. Correct me if I am wrong.(EDIT: Just did a quick search on stackoverflow, it seems that you cannot turn off NVIDIA's or Intel's GPU, it also seems that all graphics calls are still pushed thru the Intel iGPU after being handled by NVIDIA's, I don't trust the set up.) Why just the Intel GPU? It supports DX11, OGL(3.2, but don't really care) and OCL. It hogs less battery. And I'm not a high end gamer. Plus, Logic would say that it would be cheaper too...but now I'm not sure about that since I can't even find the possibility of getting one. I'm still a few months from making a purchase, my 5 year old AMD laptop is "sufficient" for my daily things. But, even the cheapest Intel iWhatever plus its IGP should be able to run circles around it. I did check out some game benchmarks with the HD4000, I was surprised, actually. Not the best, but the games run. My sight is on the next IGP from Intel, so yeah, a few months out. Just looking around to see where I can get exactly what I want and how I want it tho. Thanks for the reply's. AdrianC, if you find that link. I'll greatly appreciate it!
  10. 2DExtremeOwner

    Where can I buy a real custom laptop?

    Hola, guys. I'm having a very hard time looking for a place or company that has what I am looking for. And for the places that have "customization" options, they all lack what I want. In all honesty I'm not getting a laptop right this instant, that will happen in a few months. But, I do have an Idea of what I want. But, I can't even find the possibility(!) of getting it. The problem? I don't want a GPU from NVIDIA or AMD. So, I want an Intel system. A pure Intel system. Best Intel CPU, loads of RAM, 17-19 Inch display and all the other goodies one would hope to have. This puts an Ultrabook way out of the question. And the only company that I have found to let me get anywhere close to this was MainGear, but, it has an NVIDIA GPU! >.<'' I might just email them and ask if they could not have it part of the system or something... So, anyone know of a good place to get a true custom built laptop?
  11. 2DExtremeOwner

    Windows 8

    Metro interface: 43% Negative, 12% Neutral, 44% Positive My bad...
  12. 2DExtremeOwner

    Windows 8

    Not really, see below, but personally, I liked it very much. On a survey of 2963 PCWorld readers who tried the Windows 8 Consumer Preview., the votes were: Metro interface: 47% Negative, 12% Neutral, 44% Positive Windows App store: 20% Negative, 23% Neutral, 36% Positive Mail, Calendar and people apps: 25% Negative, 20% Neutral, 41% Positive Internet Explorer: 20% Negative, 22% Neutral, 53% Positive Windows Explorer: 14% Negative, 23% Neutral, 60% Positive Restart/Restore feature: 14% Negative, 15% Neutral, 47% Positive Overall Satisfaction: 34% Negative, 13% Neutral, 52% Positive (The missing % are the people who voted as "Don't know")
  13. Gah, its a hard question for me to write. Ill make some examples...so maybe it can be understood better or at all -.-'' Let's say that I want to make an Xbox(not 360) class game, in my own made up language SlowScript, which is 10 times slower than C/C++. Xbox has a 733Mhz CPU and an 233Mhz GPU. Let's say I want to recreate Halo, exactly like it was on the console. But, I want to do it in SlowScript. Same GPU. Would I need a CPU with 10 times the "power"? Is there a way to calculate that? What are the important numbers? What is it that you look for when you want gaming performance? Is it FLOPS? And then, what if I don't even want to use a GPU, and run it all in the CPU? There must be a way to measure all of this, right? I guess this also leads to the whole Software Rendering side too. I haven't seen SWR games in years! Well, other than Minecraft and its "clones"? I just been thinking about this all day. Like, how far are we to just wake up one day and make Fable1 in BASIC(o.O) all running on a CPU. I know its none sense, we are moving slowly to OpenCL and Cloud and stuff, but, I felt like finding the answer to this question that I have. So, if you can help me, right on!
  14. 2DExtremeOwner

    Visual Studio 11 Express

    It won't be the norm. Which is what I been trying to say. Its like you are talking about a Windows 9(yes, 9). Windows 8 runs Windows 7 apps. Visual Studio 2010 will last, minimum, a decade, after, Windows 8, releases. Because its popular and because it runs DX11 and because to this day we still support Windows XP. Metro apps, one store, multiple devices. Free. Visual Studio 11 Express Desktop apps, same as always, multiple devices. Free. Visual C++,C#,VB 2010 Express The options are there. Aren't they free? Then, what's the problem...? If you want to make Metro stuff, you can. If you want to make Desktop stuff, you can. There is no problem. How is it free when they ask you to pay to be on their store...? Your last sentence there is funny, that's why people develop for Windows. Windows = Traffic. A company store is a priviledge, you give them your game, they set "everything" up and sell it. People use the store. You already have a "market" there. And for the rest of the things you said. That's just how it is. It works. People, the consumers, are already used to it. The only limit you have with Windows 8, atm, is Metro apps, that's it. And the "fix" is simple, don't do Metro apps. How are you comparing Windows with Android, I have no clue. Search for the best IDE in the market, VS will probably be at the top. The most used for game development? Probably VS also. Search for the most used OS, Windows. Microsoft can do this, because, its Microsoft. And the funny thing is, they are not doing anything wrong or new. They have improved, overall and everywhere, no? They are using a tried and true practice(Apple) and its optional. And Apple is making loads of cash! xD Actually, when Amazon Store started it had some crazy restricting license, not sure if it still like that, and yes, they took a cut. All stores take a cut. Which usually is 30%. Chrome is 20%, I think? You can always do what you want to do, on Windows. But not with Metro, as far as I know. Yeah, non-Metro is still important. Unless, MS decides to give everyone a free mandatory upgrade update and suddenly 50+% of the market has Win8 lol ...I can dream...no? Android also has bad browser support or had!? It was horrible in 2011...and its hardware is a fragmented mess. That's were Apple and MS have a clear and very strong advantage. This, IMHO, is very important. I didn't read the article, my bad. Why? Because it makes no sense. How is it not free? VS2010 is there. And Win7 apps work on Win8. And if "free development on Windows is no longer possible", explain, VS11Express... Maybe saying "Free dev on windows, the way i want it, is no longer possible", would have been better. One thing to keep in mind is that "hardcore games" wont be Metro games. But yes, part of the reason that I don't mind it or even am surprised by it, is just that. It worked for Apple and it does make sense for a company to do it. It also does help devs and consumers. Metro games are Microsofts responsibity also, in the sense that, if something is wrong with it, they are partially to blame. Also, its a Brand store, customers trust them and are aware of them better, than say, Intel app store...MeeGo!? Steam!!? They have their popularity. But, (Microsoft)Windows/(Apple)Mac/Sony/Nintendo are more well known than anything(?) else. And that's the benefit and reason for the fees and legalities, in my opinion. (Not forgetting Android but...bleh) Accessibility? This business is about making money and/or fun games. Because, it costs money to make games, fun or not. Fun is variable, so it don't matter. You can do both on everything, but Linux. If paying 30% to reach 80 or 90% of the market is stupid. Why do people do it? Because they are stupid and don't aim for the 1%? You are an *****, probably not doing anything at all and just complaining. Your reality is out of sight. Money is made on Windows, money is made on iOS and Android is everywhere and its a huge mess. Mac for games? Not yet popular, probably never will be. Linux for anything other than server jobs? Not a chance in hell. Wake up. "Use of the UDK for noncommercial purposes is free of charge." = Hobby = No Money = Should not be complaining = Go away.
  15. 2DExtremeOwner

    Aspiring game developer needs advice

    I second, Game Maker. Try it out. Do some of the tutorials. Don't be fooled by the name, its quite capable! And I would also go for Java. Since its not mainly locked to Windows. But, yes, you can use C# in portable ways also, but, not with the companies(Microsoft) "support". Like .Net and XNA are Windows only. But there are alternatives made by other people like Mono and OpenTK and stuff to be portable. But I'm the type that prefers the backing of a company for such things. =/ *Or you could try a Game Engine like Unity, but you said 2D games, so, not sure how their 2D support is. It uses C# and Scripting and its portable. I have not tried it, but its very popular.
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