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  1. mcguile25


    Looks good!
  2. mcguile25

    New Screens

    Just wanted to post an update with a few screenshots. I'm in the "building" phase, trying to get the first map created, so that other, more important features of the game can be coded (collision, networking, etc.) :D
  3. mcguile25


    I'm off to the GDC!
  4. mcguile25


    Whoa, that logo looks hot!
  5. mcguile25


    So I've taken the last couple of days to create a simple height-mapped terrain for outdoor levels. It still needs quite a bit of work, but I think it's looking pretty good. I added in some range-based fog as well. Let me know what you guys think so far (please excuse the crap texture and general look of the hills...)
  6. mcguile25

    Last terrain screenshot... until Sunday :P

    Hey there, it looks good! One thing I see that bothers me though is that all the tiles seem a bit too "wavy". That might be just me though :D
  7. mcguile25

    Temple Render

    That's what we're planning man. Just one of the craziest and fun levels for a variety of weapon types to make some interesting situations :)
  8. mcguile25

    Better and Better

    Hey Simmer, game is looking awesome. One question -- I always see a different main character in your screenshots. So which one is the main one :) ?
  9. mcguile25

    Temple Render

    The journal updates have been few and far between, mainly because I've been working on some of the core functionality of the graphics engine. Just implemented lightmap integration for the level geometry. Here are couple of screenshots showing this: Here is the first render of our temple level. This is directly from 3D Studio Max. We are still working on finalizing all of the rooms and then we will export them for the game engine.
  10. mcguile25

    Website V1.0

    Hey guys. Just finished up version 1.0 of our website for PD. Please check it out here. I'd appreciate any useful criticism (good and bad) about the design and functionality of the site. The banner and screenshots are temporary for now.
  11. mcguile25

    Bah Humbug!

  12. mcguile25

    Temple Sketches

    I'm working with my artist trying to get some 2D sketches drawn detailing our first arena, the Temple. We're on V4 of our concept, so here is V1-V3 for your enjoyment: Version 1 (by me :) -- This was a very (very!) rough sketch that I initially came up with. Problem with this is the lack of covers and lack of overall structure :D Fl F2 Version 2 -- This proved to be too circular for its own good. Notice the inclusion of a canal system and a waterfall. How neat would this be!! Version 3 -- V3 is less circular and more varied. Version 4 and possibly a Version 5 are coming in the next few days. We're going to be removing the graveyard from V3 and adding in more doors and cover areas. Any thoughts?
  13. mcguile25

    Weapons pics

    That first screen is really sweet! On a sidenote, Dan: viewing your homepage in Firefox, the left side nav bar drops to the bottom or middle of the page from the top. Works fine in IE tho.
  14. mcguile25

    Mmmmm Weapons

    I second the chainsaw. Scarface anyone? :D
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