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    Fluid Flow in tubes

    oooops....i feel terribly sorry for not reading the FAQ earlier on. juz read it after i saw the moderator's post. this is not a homework, it's abt my car exhaust system modification. it has nothing to do with game developtment... i was thinkin abt connecting the silencers in parallel instead of in series. so tought abt asking abt it here whether it's going to cause higher pressure and reduce the engine's performance. really feel sorry for what i've done. moderator pls close this thread. thx and sorry again.
  2. TauhuTauhu

    Fluid Flow in tubes

    can someone please show me some light? thanks in advance. the flow rate is definitely going to be the same, but wat abt the pressure?
  3. TauhuTauhu

    Spring constant calculation (help needed)

    thx! **copying equation** thx again!
  4. TauhuTauhu

    Spring constant calculation (help needed)

    ok. thx again.
  5. TauhuTauhu

    Spring constant calculation (help needed)

    kg/mm is not an SI unit....just a given unit. actually shud change to Newton/meter btw....if the calculation is correct... like K1 X length 1 = K2 X length 2 let's say u compress spring 1 for a length of "length 1" (it's own length, tht means u compress it fully, though it's not legical to do so, just assume it can be done). u will need F1 = K1 X length 1 = 4.4kg/mm X 254mm =1117.6 Kg. since K1 X length1 = K2 X length 2 which gives us F1 = F2 which also mean, we need F2 = F1 = 1117.6kg aswell, to compress the short spring fully? so no matter how we cut a spring, we still need the same force to compress it fully??? since F1 = F2 = F3 = F4......... is tht true? and i would like to know how to calculate the spring constant using given spring diameter given spring coil diameter given turns/wounds per unit length given length given modulus of elasticity of material used thx again [Edited by - TauhuTauhu on August 30, 2005 5:32:06 AM]
  6. i got stucked on a question...hope someone here can help me out.. a 254mm long, 3kg/mm compression spring is now cut till 178mm long, wat will be the new spring constant/stiffness in (kg/mm)? is this calculation cotrrect?: K1 X length 1 = K2 X length 2 hence, K2 = (length 1/length 2) X K1 = (254mm/178mm) X 3kg/mm = (4.28kg/mm) thanks in advance
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