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  1. Khaos

    photo slideshow

    Not that kind of slideshow software I don't think. If anyone has a Mac they must know what I am referring to. Where a camera viewpoint moves around the surface of the image, making it appear more like a movie. I saw it on a friend's Mac and want to show pictures in that fashion on a PC...
  2. Khaos

    photo slideshow

    I'd like some [free] software for the PC that can create a photo slideshow similar to the ones I've seen on a Mac. You know, where you can play music to the photos possibly interacting with iTunes and it has slide transitions, as well as that effect where it zooms around the photo making it look like a documentary-style movie. Does PC software exist like this to give me a little more bang than the Windows XP slideshow capabilities? Thanks.
  3. Khaos

    Reverse Euphemisms

    Is that last one backward? Wouldn't it have to be offensive at first, and then get less offensive (as in the picture) if it's a reverse euphemism?
  4. Khaos

    wooo... Line Rider!

    I searched, but I didn't see this posted yet. It's pretty damn fun for a beta too. Check out YouTube or Google to see what fun can be had. ... I guess a new version is coming out soon with some much needed features. Anyone know of any other minimalist games such as this one? Another one that's fun is that falling sand game (with the oil and water, etc). These basic simulation toys are extremely addicting. I'm curious what other ones in this style are out there...?
  5. Quote:Original post by Rain 7 Hmmm...this reminds me of the state with which I usually am in while writing music...It feels like everything around me disappears except what is right in front of me. The fabric of time seems to disengage and material reality simply ceases disappear for a few moments and music becomes the only thing that is real. There is something so mystical and spiritual about being in the creative "zone". I have achieved this same state while playing video games, reading, writing, drawing and playing baseball... I am aware of the fact that baseball players such as George Brett, John Olerud and Wade Boggs used to experience this phenomenon quite regularly at the plate. They would say that it seems that the ball almost slows down. When I am in this state, there is something very ZEN about it. In those regards, I regard this trance almost as a form of meditation with extreme focus towards a particular thing. Inconsequential things lose their relevance in the face of creative exploration. I believe Beethoven and Mozart also experienced this quality very regularly. It is a beautiful thing to get lost in a trace because it is often leads to finding yourself in ways you could only dream of. Very interesting and well said.
  6. Khaos

    fixing windows xp issues

    Hello, quick question. Windows, and namely Firefox, are no longer working correctly on my Dell Inspiron 9300. It's a bugger lately. I have one drive partitioned into C:\ for WINDOWS and D:\EVERYTHING ELSE. I would like to do a solid reinstallation and/or repair of the Windows partition... anything I need to do to "fix" the [Firefox] issues as easily as possible and "refresh" my computer. How can this be done without messing about too much with D:\ drive material (programs, user stuff, music, video, etc.)? I am guessing programs like photoshop and office will not work correctly after... is that right? Will they have to be reinstalled? Basically, I want to fix the damn OS on C:\ without having to do too much work in the other drive, since that was the point of partitioning them in the first place. Any help welcome. Thanks!
  7. Khaos


    Hey.. thanks for the replies. I'll look into those suggestions a bit. Any particular reason I was rated down from 1012 in this post? It just seems sort of arbitrary. Something I said?
  8. Khaos


    It used to work fine. Apparently it happens a lot as I've googled, but I can't fix it. Recently, when I "updated" it, it just hangs. The window opens, all white (no google homepage) and the load bar remains clear forever and nothing happens. I've been stuck using IE and want to kill myself. How can I fix this? I've uninstalled.. deleted folder.. deleted reg entries.. deleted cache.. reinstalled.. smacked computer.. nothing. I'm out of ideas. Thanks for any help.
  9. Khaos

    freeware music software

    If I were to use C, is there some common method of tone generation? I've searched all over. I didn't know this would be so complicated. I'd be happy generating sin(x) and hearing it. Maybe I don't even make any sense.. I'm sorry if that's the case.
  10. Khaos

    freeware music software

    Is sound programming difficult because there are different sound cards and such? I can't seem to find ANY resources on Python sound programming. Why would it involve more code? Can't I use some sin() functions and some open-source tone output module or something? Can it be interfaced with DirectX or OpenAL or something?
  11. Khaos

    freeware music software

    I don't mean to hijack this thread... but also, I'm interested in creating a simple software synthesizer in Python. What library could I use to create basic sounds? I think I remember the days of QBasic.. it had some simple sound functions that were a lot of fun to play with. I'd like to get into waveform synthesis and such... so where would I start with Python and that?
  12. Khaos

    freeware music software

    I'm looking for freeware music software. I want primarily to use a MIDI keyboard/CPU interface to play on the keyboard and record the notes on the computer. Noteworthy Composer is one option. I am considering buying it. But the MIDI recording aspect did not seem to work correctly for me. I couldn't get it to record my exact timings (rests and note values). Instead it would just insert a quarter note every time I played, no matter what. Granted I could manually change the note value each time, that makes no sense. Perhaps I just wasn't doing it correctly. So, basically MIDI recording and music notation is a must. I would also like to mix, sample, and sequence MIDI and audio tracks. I was looking at Cakewalk Home Studio... but was a little unsure. I don't need it to be free, but that'd be a plus. So any ideas would be great. What about Sound Forge, or Acid, or whatnot? If anyone has any suggestions that'd be awesome. Thank you.
  13. I just bought a Korg Triton Extreme and absolutely love it. But I've been trying to find some old mini synths and stuff (80's style or whatever) so I can experiment with circuit bending and such. Do you use that bow on your electric guitar? That's a lot of fun to do.
  14. Quote:Original post by cloudscapes nice pic That's awesome man! A lot of fun things packed into a few square feet. Nice synth setup.
  15. Khaos

    time sigs in music

    Any use for 1/1?
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