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  1. But doesn't SMPEG only support mpeg/mpg files? I want to play compressed video files, such as AVI, WMV....
  2. Doesn't SMPEG only support mpeg files?
  3. Hi, I want to play a compressed video file in my SDL code, anything but MPEG. I've searched to the end of the world wide web, but I didn't find anything. I read something about MPlayer, VLCPlayer and using OpenGl. But I want some code that I can steel. =) I'm making a game with SDL and I just want to play a small video file! Help!
  4. Hi, I want some help... When I want to play a video file in my SDL code, what format is easiest to use. We are making a simple 2D-game in SDL for Windows and now it's time to do an intro. And we want to use a video file. But what format to use? avi,mpeg,mov,wmv? And does anyone know any example code or a tutorial? Thanks! Link
  5. Link66

    Fastest 2D graphic-api?

    Ok, SDL/Allegro. And TGA-files with transparency isn't a problem?
  6. I'm currently working on a 2D-game. And I'm using Open Gl as a graphic API and having some problems. So, I was wondering, except OpenGl, wich graphic library is the fastest, most compatible with PC's, when working with 2D and TGA-images? Suggestions, anyone? Thanks!
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