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  1. _winterdyne_

    Strange attractors

    You are a frightening, frightening person. Nice work.
  2. _winterdyne_

    Confusion and C++

    reference counting objects are what you need here.
  3. _winterdyne_

    On the up...

    Well, another entry. Good things are happening development wise. The network library's approaching what I want it to be (meaning I can start implementing other stuff on top of it without fear it's going to need a major overhaul) and bugs in it are now taking a couple of minutes to fix based on logfiles etc, Erica's really getting the Art team organised (hurrah for enthusiastice AND talented people), and we've had a cheaper estimate for the legal fees (to the tune of GBP1400). Been a good week.
  4. _winterdyne_

    Space combat prototype - phase 4

    Personally I think your work is fantastic. Certainly not impossible, but damn, do you have some 'interesting' problems to contend with - primarily I'd think on the zoning side (you are going to get an INSANE take up on this when it launches). I'm absolutely certain there are solutions to all the issues you'll approach, though, even if it means a certain amount of what might be considered 'kludge', for example I'd adopt the SWG policy of dropped items only ever going into containers, rather than being discrete entities in the game world. I think the social game-bashing that goes on can only be expected - as mentioned there are a lot of idiots out there. Your principle of not rising to it is an example to us all.
  5. _winterdyne_

    Company up!

    Hurrah for the 419!
  6. _winterdyne_

    Company up!

    Yay! Finally got hold of the accountant, and the company's up and running (and under a certificate of non-trading at present), meaning we're now free to start looking for funding and getting the required bank accounts set up. Winterdyne Solutions Ltd, Registered Company #5770862 - that's us! I can probably expect to receive calls from people wanting to buy chemical solutions shortly...
  7. So, the quote's come in from the lawyers. The best part of GBP3500. Including VAT, not that it takes the sting off any. For this I get: Consultancy agreements (not employment contracts) for my core team, specifying the profit share / salary scheme and granting rights to view company accounts. An agreement covering the licensing of closed source materials/assets, tools, and documentation, and support and updates for these. An EULA for Bloodspear (and similar services). The breakdown for the quote is a little vague, I think, and ominously it's missing the asset handover and royalty agreement (odd, seeing as I provided them the same draft copy all my freelancers have). And they want GBP500 up front to register me as a client before delivery of the documents. Meh. Think I'd like a little more detail on what I'm getting first. Also I think I'll have a look further afield for another firm. That said GBP4000 was my gut-feeling top end (and these guys are definitely top-end lawyers) so it's not exactly a shock, but it is slightly more than I was hoping (GBP2500 - GBP3000 including the asset handover would have been a sale), even though the cost is spread over the development of Primogen (we don't need the EULA till close to the end of development (start of public beta)). Now it's time to take this quote to funding organisations and see what I can get out of them, and to chase up the accountant about the company registration... More news as it develops.
  8. _winterdyne_

    Linux ate my desktop

    FC3's dvd boots to a point where you can mess with boot loader configs... worth having a copy.
  9. _winterdyne_

    Lawyers are fun

    Yeah - temps DO get holiday - this is usually paid by the agency. If you're working for yourself, it's up to you to pay your own holiday, so you have to bill for services accordingly. Basically, it's only an issue if you have people working for you.
  10. _winterdyne_

    Lawyers are fun

    Just back from a meeting with the lawyers. Actually it went very well, but I've done a lot of preparation in terms of the contracts for dealing with my team, how the business will operate (especially with regards to the profit share scheme which complicates book-keeping) and how we intend to leverage what we produce in order to make money. The lawyers themselves also recommended EM media to me, and have done a lot of work with them in the past which should grease some wheels as far as an application for a grant from them is concerned. Good news! So the plan now is to wait for a quote for drawing up the relevant contracts and take that along to EM Media as proof of what the company's all about (as soon as the registration comes back), and as an example of what we'd like assistance with. Briefly, the contracts we need (to operate the company as described in my help wanted thread) are: 1) Asset submission agreement / royalty agreement 2) Consultancy agreement / freelance development agreement / profit share specification. 3) NDA (included in the above agreements to some extent. 4) Per-product and per-studio License agreements for the library. 5) Customer EULA for the retail assets prohibiting resale, but allowing inclusion in any form of game product, and preserving company ownership of the IP. 6) EULA for the tools suite. EDIT: 7) EULA for Bloodspear / any other game we produce. This is a 'do it later' thing - the preceding documents are more important at present, especially considering the limited capital I have available. Clauses that are important, other than the obvious what work for what pay are things like the protection of the right to be identified as the author of work, non-solicitation (don't poach our customers), non-competition (don't compete with us) with a cut off time. Also, a fun fact - even for freelance consultancy it is a UK requirement that some provisio be made for holiday pay IN ADDITION to the set salary (I wish I knew that last time I did a lot of work for a client in my self-employed role). This boils down to my core team members effectively getting a statutory rate on top of the salary they would otherwise be paid. (Which is used to determine profit share and therefore falls through to what they actually get before the company can afford the full rate). All good fun. I hate wearing a suit and doing this sort of thing. Back to coding and trying to recruit an art director. :-)
  11. _winterdyne_

    damn that was expensive...

    Actually, I have the domains and space, but only the bloodspear one (http://www.bloodspear.co.uk) is set up. I suppose I should get round to it. In the mean time, if you want to ask me anything, I'm fairly open about it all.
  12. _winterdyne_

    damn that was expensive...

    Thanks. I'm fairly confident that the coding side of things will produce a merchantable product. The music side is fantastic - we have some MIND BLOWING music. Artwise, meh, it needs a kick up the arse, and I'm looking to take someone on to act as boot for this. Hopefully a decent candidate will come along and things will accelerate.
  13. _winterdyne_

    damn that was expensive...

    Either or! The solicitors on Friday are going to be the real cost. EM Media can apparently help- had a quick chat with my ex-boss from Climax about 'em. He seemed to think they may have a stock NDA we could use, which'd be cool, and there's a few organisations locally that offer grants for startups like us.
  14. _winterdyne_

    damn that was expensive...

    Well, that's it - I'm going Ltd. It's cost over 300 quid for the full company pack (paperwork for everything) but it's all go - now I get to blow a few grand on getting contracts and NDAs drawn up. Funny that lawyers are even more expensive than accountants. Sigh. At least the bank likes me, and I've got leads on some potential investment capital (there's a media government agency that's branching into games in the East Midlands that might be useful). Once the incorporation's finished I can approach them and see what I can get - apparently they can help with the contracts and stuff. I'll blog when I find out what happens. :-)
  15. _winterdyne_

    Server emulation

    Unfortunately in this case positioning and combat equate to the same thing - given that the flight model is freeform, the server must know authoritative positions, as must clients. The frequency of updates is a factor of the manueverabilty of the craft, or more precisely the predictability of movement, in a very similar way to an FPS. If the ships are nimble, the frequency must be high, otherwise you'll end up with players shooting at stuff that isn't where they think it is. The NIC interrupt issue is another factor to consider, not only in how many updates to send, but which machine in the grid should send them. If there's a single gateway server, rather than a hardware router this becomes a major problem. Assuming that each box in the grid effectively has its own external 'pipe' and that the network hardware (switch / router) can handle the player load, this issue becomes one of load balancing.
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