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  1. DrewGreen

    Might as well post another entry today...

    Woo! [lol] Annoying kid next to me: Sir, sir! He cheated with the shoes! *slap* shhh! Check out the Amiga version of Castlevania (& look out for the .mods), I'm pretty sure the series started on a Commodore platform of some sort, might be wrong though. Sounds like a cool genre mix - made me think of rubber bats on strings bouncing around & monsters missing their cues.. "er, uhmm, booo!" :)
  2. DrewGreen

    Might as well post another entry today...

    When I'm looking for music inspiration I turn to my collection of Amiga .mod tunes. A good place to start with is http://www.niksula.cs.hut.fi/~tive/ (or Aminet of course), plenty of site links there too. Some of the tracks from the game 'Superfrog' have a 'haunted' feel to them (superfrog world 4), kind of, but there are plenty of others. Also, do I get a cool certificate? Ah well it was good drawing practice anyway & I learnt some stuff too. Got any more lineart to share? I can't draw good characters for toffee Comiserations / congratchamulations btw, you're a day older than you were yesterday.
  3. DrewGreen

    Colouring Fun!

  4. DrewGreen

    Next Article - Choose your own Adventure

    Neurosurgery for dummies. I'm intrigued.
  5. DrewGreen

    Concept Art!

    Very nice. If you're still looking for game ideas I vote for a DJ 'Battle Scratch' game, scratch in time with the music, dance dance revolution / GTA:SA dancing stylee.. maybe. "Your Hexagonal style is no match for my Hexadecimal breaks." says the other guy.
  6. DrewGreen

    3H-GDC m.IV

    Yep, an excellent read. I used yours and visage's as a guide to write my own postmortem (I'd completely forgotten there was such a thing & what to write in one). The ASCII idea is retro and hence very cool & the level timing is perfect to make it very challenging, I'd liken it to DOOM 3, as in only giving your player enough ammo to allow them to survive on a knife-edge. definitely a well earned 1st place! :P
  7. DrewGreen

    The Future of the 3H-GDC

    Another agreeing post - first time entering & this is the first game I've "finished" in a very long time. I think if you want to get commercial sponsorship though, the time issue needs some work. Someone posted in the IV thread about their system at uni that starts a timer from when you first look at an exam until you finish & submit it. That sounds like a really good idea - if a similar system could be worked out rather than having a single deadline many more people would be able to enter over the course of a couple of days to a week. When enough competitions have finished, how about having an open vote on the best game of them all? Props for running this competition in the first place, bonus pretzels for that.
  8. DrewGreen

    3H-GDC base code

    I for one took the sporting approach & did everything inside the 3 hours allotted - I'm sure everyone else did the same too. However I understand the issue is a difficult one to solve. I think there are a couple of things that could help even the playing field: - Basecode: Making some basecode available for anyone to take & use (and made available in advance to give people the time to figure it out). The idea being to remove as much of the difficulty in getting graphics onto the screen as possible. The problem with this is that games might start to become similar & take away some of the creativity if everyone's using the same basecode, so it might be better to provide it but not require people to use it. On the other hand it allows beginners to concentrate on the gameplay. Realistically 3 hours isn't enough time to write anything 3d IMO, and the entries for every competition reflect that, so something that just handles 2d would be fine. Personally I'm in love with HGE now, that thing is so damn easy to learn, set up and use. In fact there's hardly any learning curve at all. [/pimp] - Cheating: I think the source to the winning entries should be checked before making it official. Some people may not want others to see their source, but it could be given to the judges under instruction that they may not use it themselves (to protect people's hard work that may have gone into their basecode) unless they have been given permission to do so. Making the code publically available in the forums should be at the entrant's discretion. It should be possible to compile the source in order to check that nothing has been taken out. The varied specs of judging machines should mean at least one person will be able to check this. The point here is not to laugh at the code, but to allow judges to gauge whether it really has been written in 3 hours or not. Some people can write way more than others in that time, but a reasonable threshold could be worked out. As the prizes are incredibly valuable for such a competition this could help satisfy people that the winner played by the rules - I guess cheating is "ok" if the cheat doesn't win, but unfair to everyone if they end up on the podium.
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