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  1. Hi there, I'm trying to figure out how to remove style info from certain parts of my site - I don't want to just get rid of the CSS files however as it's tied in with the theme I'm using. Specifically, I have an image that I want to use as a link, but the theme is adamant that all links should be underlined and have a ">>" character next to them - this ruins the formatting of the image in firefox 1.5 The page I'm having trouble with is here, the image I'm talking about is the middle one (international cart racing). Is there any way to get rid of the style without having to trawl through the existing css files? I'm not overly familiar with CSS. I've tried various combinations of <a href=... class="none"> but can't figure it out. currently the part in question looks like this: <a href="download/ICR.rar" id="null"><img src="images/thumbs/icrthumb.png" alt="International Cart Racing Screenshot" border="0" height="125" width="162"></a> Any ideas?
  2. this might be of interest to you.
  3. DrewGreen

    Collision Detection

    Come to think of it the &&s should probably be ||s. It's one nested statement. Sorry I should have explained - separating them out will lead to this implementation returning true in cases where there is no collision taking place. For example when the ball & paddle bounding box/collision rectangles satisfy the conditions for x (i.e. left & right) but not for y (top & bottom): o --- or vice versa: --- o A collision would be detected every time the two objects occupied rougly the same space on either the x or y axis. My fantastic ascii art shows a scenario where this would return true (more importantly, the ball would never go out of play) What you're after is the area where both of these are true (i.e. the intersection) [Edited by - DrewGreen on June 2, 2006 12:24:15 PM]
  4. DrewGreen

    Collision Detection

    if (bottom1 < top2) return true; if (top1 > bottom2) return true; if (right1 < left2) return true; if (left1 > right2) return true; Reconsider this part of the Collide function. I haven't tested this on a machine but try replacing it with: if ((bottom1 < top2) || (top1 > bottom2)) if ((right1 < left2) || (left1 > right2)) return true; edit: changed && to || [Edited by - DrewGreen on June 2, 2006 12:55:05 PM]
  5. DrewGreen


    linky edit - the description doesn't do it justice unfortunately, it's fairly heavy going & fast paced but has tons of useful intros to many of those topics.
  6. DrewGreen

    Are you a crappy programmer?

    Quote:Original post by Endar Quote: You model all your code in UML before you write it. Enthusiastic UML modeling is typically done by those who aren’t strong coders, but consider themselves software architects anyway. Modeling tools appeal most to those who think coding can be done in conference room by manipulating little charts. The charts aren’t the design, and will never be the design, that’s what the code is for. I'm not in the work force yet, but I do a lot of programming, and the only time I actually did a serious amount of UML work (more than just modelling the highest 4-5 classes) was a group project. That was ridiculous. I'm no UML fanboy but I think the author has missed the point somewhat - as you say, there is a great deal more to UML/OCL than just a few class diagrams. "The charts aren’t the design, and will never be the design, that’s what the code is for." suggests to me a lack of understanding purely by the failure to recognize design (high level solutions to system requirements) and code as two almost entirely discrete entities (although obviously the code/solution fits the design). There is nothing to imply you're making a mistake by modelling the design in UML or whatever other tool you wish to use before writing the code, in fact the dev lifecycle/methodology you're using may require it. Equally there's nothing wrong with updating them as you go. (although personally I haven't yet encountered a situation where I'd do it this way unless I was using it just for documentation purposes). Otherwise an informative read that I more or less agree with. [Edited by - DrewGreen on May 17, 2006 9:36:15 AM]
  7. I've got some source code I'd like to understand but want to get an overview of how the program fits together - does anyone know of a program that can convert the c++ source to UML class diagrams? What I'd really like is one that can handle relationships between classes (It doesn't have to produce perfect results, just something better than unconnected boxes).
  8. DrewGreen

    does any1 know this game of life pattern?

    Yep, that's an oscillator. I wrote my own version a while back and possibly made a discovery myself - on a 256x256 grid this pattern will eventually reach a stable state but not before creating some coolness as well: 10101 00000 00100 01110 00100 00000 10101 (1 = living cell, 0 = dead) I also added an option to mess with the rules of the game (i.e. change the number of neighbours required for birth/death, 0-8) but interestingly couldn't find another configuration except for Conway's where things look "realistic". a few others to try if you haven't already: Pulsar (leads to the oscillator in your picture) 010 111 101 111 010 Glider 010 011 101 Queen Bee Shuttle 1100 0010 0001 0001 0001 0010 1100 Pentadecathlon 1111111111
  9. Does anyone know where I can download a copy of the documentation supplied with the dx8 sdk? Can't find it anywhere.
  10. DrewGreen

    Felt/cloth effect in photoshop?

    I'm trying to create a plush toy felt look for some 2d game art & was wondering if anyone could help me out here? I guess it'd be possible with shaders but the engine I'm using doesn't support them (plus I don't know anything about them) I did google but couldn't find much about how to achieve this, largely because there were hundreds of results with lines like "someone felt such and such" - the main problem I'm having is how to get a reasonably realistic cloth look, an example of what I'm trying to achieve would be the characters from the Comfort fabric softener adverts that appeared in the UK not so long ago: Any suggestions?
  11. DrewGreen

    Felt/cloth effect in photoshop?

    Thanks I'll give that a whirl - it's a definite timesaver over the usual airbrushed shadow/highlight method I use.
  12. DrewGreen

    Felt/cloth effect in photoshop?

    Genius! So simple it's embarrassing. That site is a great find by the way, I've found a couple of brushes that look like they'll do the trick nicely, so I'll try a combination. Jarrod: Unfortunately not. Not really a 3d guy, I've got milkshape but that probably won't cut it.. thanks for the tip though.
  13. DrewGreen

    Felt/cloth effect in photoshop?

    Fair enough. I agree there's not much detail but was hoping people might have seen the ads. I found a better example: and a few felt pictures that are helping to inspire me. I haven't started on the art yet so can't post any of my own work - I'm no artist but am capable of reasonable results with a lot of effort so my approach has been to 'research my subject' before I draw anything. If it helps, the first image is pretty close to what I want to achieve, the theme of the game involving finger puppets. edit: also the 2 images at the bottom of this page, however I don't own a copy of ZBrush. [Edited by - DrewGreen on May 7, 2006 8:13:06 PM]
  14. DrewGreen

    God speaks to him and he can see your soul...

    Quote: Bush called Merkel "authentic, open and direct." "My what a small penis you've got" sorry, couldn't help myself. Not intended as bush-bashing btw
  15. DrewGreen

    Gun sounds in games

    I can't say I'm too bothered about how real a game's arsenal sounds, as long as it's satisfying - and most are (my favourite's the Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle in DF2). Then again I've never fired a real gun either. Maybe a force feedback mouse would help... :) OT: Whilst we're on the subject of sound effects, what really gets me are the sounds used in every film/tv show/whatever for a) metal doors opening (ignore the music), and b) police radio chatter. I don't have a sample for the police chatter but it's on the GTA 1 soundtrack - specifically the "Five George K" and "[something] is apparently secure from ground level, we're gonna retour beepetybeep" (or that's what I can make out) parts. It's also made appearances in various cop shows. When you've heard it before it kind of ruins the suspension of disbelief. The door sound is off futurama but it could be from anywhere, & again when I notice it it ruins the illusion as I then start thinking about why they can't get some new samples. Grr. Maybe it's just me.
  16. DrewGreen

    Fear Mongering

    Anyone seen Brass Eye?.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brass_Eye#2001_paedophilia_special
  17. DrewGreen

    What's the best way to MAKE games!

    Although a lot of people are going to disagree with this I'll say it anyway - drag and drop titles such as Klik & Play or The Games Factory are capable of some pretty good games with virtually no programming, if you aren't bothered about learning to code then this is a great way to get results quickly & easily.
  18. I'm trying to find out more about how the visual quality of the game's smoke was achieved & came across this article: Quote: Now, with a new robust engine and graphic technology, we were able to create great volumetric smoke effects that are smooth and interactive with the game environment. <snip> we’ve been able to take advantage of a variety of new features: normal and specular maps for enhanced surface relief and details in the world, heat shimmer effects, feathered volumetric smoke, screen blur, and soft shadows. So I've been researching volumetric rendering & have found a few useful papers, but can't seem to find anything about this 'feathering' part on here or google & I have a feeling this the key to how they got the particles looking so good. Can someone point me in the right direction please?
  19. DrewGreen

    Mulitplayer Zombie Game?

    Not as such, but if zombie monkeys will suffice, TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect has a survival zombie monkey onslaught mini-game. It's also multiplayer but the two are almost mutually exclusive.
  20. It's cable, admittedly ntl has a habit of having dodgy connections (mini rant: because it's done on the cheap) but I have the problem when it's working for everyone else, workgroup access is also unavailable. I've just moved here but it's been working fine for the last 2 years so I doubt the network/line is the problem.
  21. I've had this card for a couple of weeks now & have had constant issues with it, including freezing the computer & not being able to access the card resources in device manager or being able to repair the connection. To start with I was using the belkin tool to connect to the network (which works fine for everyone else in the house, some are using the same card as me too) - usually I could use the net but every half hour or so it would lose the connection , not really a major issue but I discovered their app is the source of the freezing issue, so it had to go. I've tried updating the drivers from belkin's site but they don't appear to recognise the card.. So now I'm using xp's wireless networking & it's connecting for about 5 minutes and then dropping out - clicking repair sorts it out but it's becoming a never-ending battle. Help! x86 XP sp 2 belkin card info: retail boxed h/w ver s/w ver chipset RT2650 I did google before posting but found a single page of solutions that didn't work.
  22. yeah, that's the thing - the signal strength is usually between 90-100% when the connection is actually working. As for the drivers, I had a look there and tried the ones for _v5 (didn't detect the card) and _v2 (didn't work but looked to be the most likely contender as the hardware version is 2. I've decided their driver labelling system is total bollocks & can't for the life of me figure out where the ones I need are hidden) nice diagrams btw :) edit: mine's / / __________ / | |_/ |__________| - - [Edited by - DrewGreen on April 23, 2006 1:05:57 PM]
  23. This is something I'd quite like to know as well. However, I offer some educated guesses: a) it works on your machine, use that as the recommended requirements, release, and hope for the best. b) find out how much memory it's eating up in task manager, figure out the number of necessary images being stored in graphics memory at any one time (& how much memory that equates to), recommend the graphics card supports whatever api version you're using, and maybe find out how long it takes for sections of code to execute & adjust (somehow) the results for slower processors, depending on chipset. c) determine the specs that work during beta testing, assuming you can find enough people. or a combination of all three.
  24. DrewGreen

    Real-life Earth Flyby

    Awesome find, I'm really into sifting through images on the Mars Lander Rover & Cassini sites & hadn't heard of Messenger - when was it launched & what's it for? [Edited by - DrewGreen on April 22, 2006 12:13:45 PM]
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