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  1. Ok, I use this function for my Parent window: public void Pause(int milliseconds) { DateTime timer1 = DateTime.Now; DateTime timer2 = DateTime.Now; TimeSpan diff = timer2 - timer1; while (diff.TotalMilliseconds < milliseconds) { timer2 = DateTime.Now; diff = timer2 - timer1; Application.DoEvents(); } } And it works just fine. But when I use this function in a dialog, the dialog freezes until the pause is over. How do I fix this?
  2. I need a collection data type that will handle something like a table. Like this: Item Name, Price, ID, Model# Laptop1, 999, 1, X32 Laptop2, 999, 2, X33 I was thinking of a list of lists, but is there a better data type for this? It's be nice to sort by a specific category too. Thanks.
  3. I want to make a program that will add to a database via a website, but I want that website to only allow my program to add to the database. Can I do this using C# and PHP?
  4. NecoSpes

    Exitting an Application

    Yes, I've already done that, and it does enter the if statement. There's quite a bit of code, but here is some more: public bool Login() { if (LgnDlg.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.Cancel) { return false; } return true; } That's the Login() function. LgnDlg is a form that has an button that returns DialogResult.Cancel, and is supposed to trigger the Application.Exit(). Before, I had the button in LgnDlg directly call Application.Exit(), but that didn't work. =/
  5. NecoSpes

    Exitting an Application

    I've just now realized that the program is not exiting at all. =/ if (Login() == false) { Hide(); Application.Exit(); return; } In fact, it's not calling Hide() either. It's like it's skipping to the return.
  6. Right now I'm calling Application.Exit() in a child dialog, but when the child dialog exits, the parent form still runs for a little bit, which is not good. How do I make sure it exits faster? Edit: Well I solved the problem seconds after posting this, I'm still curious about ways to do it though. Edit Again: I thought I solved it, but I did not. :(
  7. NecoSpes

    Hiding Code

    Well, in my program I might put cheats in there, but I don't really want it to be easy to find by opening up the program in OllyDbg.
  8. How would you hide code from things like OllyDebug or something?
  9. I downloaded an image from a link ending like this: ?image=faf4d35f19152b4248d8886aa223431b But now I want to convert it into a Bitmap in C#. How would I go about doing this?
  10. NecoSpes

    Regular Expressions Help

    Something like this: "Item: Laptop <awiefawljaslkjfwijalkfja>\<\a\>\<br\>20 in Stock <fasdfasdsakjflkasdflsajdflkasfl;ask> Price: 1,000" I want to get the Laptop, 20, and 1,000 out. And to clarify, ".*WORD" will match "abcaksjnfakcikjWORD" ? The .* is like a wild card?
  11. Is there a way I can do "[^(WORD)]+" ? So that, it will match to every character in this sequence until "word": "abcaksjnfakcikjWORDkjancjkl". I want to parse certain words out of a very long pattern, and it would be a lot easier if I could do something like what I said above.
  12. NecoSpes

    StackOverflowException help

    Yup that was it, thanks.
  13. NecoSpes

    StackOverflowException help

    Well, I tried the debugger, and it said the exception happened here: get { return Cookies; //here } I'm coming to C# from C++/Java, so I'm not very familiar with properties. Edit- It looks like this line causes the exception because it calls Interweb.Cookies.get() like a billion times. How do I fix this? [Edited by - NecoSpes on August 24, 2008 4:35:25 AM]
  14. NecoSpes

    StackOverflowException help

    Nothing shows up. I think that it happens at this line: http.CookieContainer.Add(Cookies);
  15. NecoSpes

    StackOverflowException help

    It just says System.Net.CookieContainer when I do Console.WriteLine(http.CookieContainer = new CookieContainer());
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