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  1. v71

    ODE - What do you think?

    i think that using ODE lowers the rating
  2. v71

    Hey I'm new :P

    Bad book reviews, i think this will lower your rating very strongly
  3. v71

    Time Travel...Impossible?

    posting something against the law of physics, lowers the rate
  4. v71

    if means nothing!

    Asking for help without having any idea of how the code works, lowers the rating
  5. This will strongly put your rating down this is asking for a cd key, after dowloading the entire development ide.
  6. v71

    face normal

    This is a recurrent topic, the solution is easy , i can't give it anyway because i am unfriendly rate me
  7. v71

    Fill Triangle routine

    i have an optimized software rasterizer i use for my occlusion culling engine, unfortunatley i can't give or explain because i am unhelpfull, uneducated AND unfriendly. Rate me
  8. v71

    linked lists

    Once, i posted a linked link source code for the comunity, i had a furious flame war about not using stl , of course i wasted my education and i am a very unfriendly and unhelpfull person. YOU ARE A BUNCH OF KIDS, now rate me noooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs
  9. v71

    Power from Gravity

    free energy buffs here too??!?!?!?! its since the dawn of humanity that someone wants to use gravity as a regauging force, unfortunately this is not possible. For you , physics nooobs , i reccomend to visit tom bearden site and do a serch for G.Modanese and Podlektnov they are deep into antigravitic research, just few days ago the claimed to have developed a gravity beam which creates a force of 20 pounds. This could be used also for an high performance rotary engine for extracting electricity. i am very unfriendly rate me
  10. v71

    AABB in Frustum Problem.

    I got a function for testing PERFECT aab/ frustum collsion detection , not false , only exact points are computed, unfortunately i can't give code and / or explanation because i am very unuseful and unfriendly, not rate me please
  11. v71

    what does friction come from?

    Actually , some of you went almost correctly ( almost ) , from what i see you have poor understanding of physics , Its not your fault , electrostatic friction comes in play under some circumstances , not always, the main component in friction is based on dissimilarities in topological contact surfaces, there is no such transition of electrons , apart from some kind of metals and some rest charges , friction is not based on electric repulsion , some of you talked about quantum kinetic heat, this is a well known theory in quatunm physics that you 've almost destroyed , read Eisntein-Bose theory of quantum heat proagation, and then shut your mouths. You are a bush of noooobs i am unfriendly , now rate me
  12. Label : Women are bithces, pay them and you 'll get what you want, women who don't do that for profession are always attracted by money , and this make them bithces (goto Label).
  13. v71

    Flattening a 3D structure

    I think you want a kind of explosize force , since the object is not spreading out, right ? , you should add a force vector to each vertex connected with a spring this force is pointing out of the center that's to say create the direction subtracting the center of the model and inverting the direction, then add a decay function of exponential type , to simulate an energy loss, integrate , and the object should flatten on the plane , wide open.
  14. v71

    Convex hull from a set of 2D points

    When you feel you want to have a glimpse, contact me by email
  15. v71

    Convex hull from a set of 2D points

    I got perfect working code for a 2d convex hull , interested ?
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