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  1. Frequency

    Hottest girl from any game.

    We have been through too much together. (Really though - as far as pixelated sprites or 3d models go, Selphie from FF8)
  2. Frequency

    What is your IQ?!?

    I took the ACT because admissions officers love numbers! Composite: 34. I did really well on the PSAT too (National Merit), but I'm too lazy to go look. I don't think these standardized tests are such great measurements of competence either; I know plenty of very smart people who did much worse than I on it, and a few people I don't think that highly of that did really well. IQ tests, they're probably even worse.
  3. Frequency

    Stuck in Missouri

    One does not get "stuck" in Missouri. Truly I reside in the greatest state in this nation. (Aren't there any training bases in Indiana? Jefferson City is a craphole.)
  4. Frequency


    rate-- for j00! Your question is Can we stop with omgratemeupyes? The answer is "yes we could, but no, we will not". This will be probably as long as ratings exist and there are people who care about them. Explaining that ratings don't matter obviously is not enough to make people stop caring about them. It's a psychology thing, except I don't know anything about psychology at all so I'm just guessing here. Ask again later when wiser men are around.
  5. Frequency

    Beautiful pictures of China

    Fantastic. I have a new desktop background now.
  6. I haven't been here long so I don't know what kind of scary conclusions there are to be dredged up from what posting history I have...so I'm intrigued! Queue me up.
  7. Frequency

    Miss Universe

    Dominican Republic, Egypt and Malaysia. Ooh la la! [smile]
  8. Frequency

    The GDNet Book Club

    Quote:Original post by mhamlin Since some Steinback has been mentioned, I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned East of Eden. It is definitely up there. Although, the first 15 pages made me want to collect my eyeballs on a spoon and eat them. I second the motion for Slaughterhouse V!
  9. Frequency

    Miss Universe

    Quote:Original post by EkEk Quote:Original post by Midnight Blue Quote:Original post by EkEk the main problem for the conservative Muslim in this pageant is the bikini session. they consider this session as pornography. good thing we're bombing them then lol :p they != all muslim Please disregard Midnight Blue, he's been trolling the Lounge lately. [smile]
  10. Frequency


    Quote:Original post by visage Quote:Original post by capn_midnight the "a" is inconsequential, it's the same name. Mac/McBane and Mac/McBean are the same name, too. Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave... I always wish I had given acting a try. Seems like it would be quite a bit of fun. I'm sure you still could somewhere around your community. It's an awful lot of fun and I promise it'd be worth it! [Edited by - Frequency on July 19, 2006 12:04:30 AM]
  11. Frequency

    The GDNet Book Club

    Quote:Original post by jfclavette Cryptonomicon Good book and on a low level something technical to learn from it, but it's very very long. Not that that should necessarily count against it, because it didn't feel to me like it was unnecessarily long, just saying. [smile]
  12. Frequency

    ?s about Tile maps and Tile mapping

    Quote:Original post by murdock Ok, that's what it looked like to me. And the "Cells" of the 2d array hold image information. Now do you usually create the array for the whole screen when doing that or just a part? For example in Tetris would the array be the whole screen or the "Pit" ? Generally speaking, just the playing field. There's little point in tiling your buttons. :)
  13. Frequency

    The GDNet Book Club

    Quote:Original post by jjd Just to add to the list: -Frankenstein [breaks out in hives]
  14. MSPaint is free if you have a semi-recent version Microsoft Windows. Or were you meaning something more specialized?
  15. Frequency

    You know Nightwish (misheard lyrics)

    I've never heard the song before, very funny. [lol] Find the apprentice for farming.
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