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  1. Frequency

    Wrestling Photos

    Hmm...programmer...AND...bumpy stuff under the skin of your arms? I cry foul.
  2. Frequency


    Looking great already, can't wait to keep up on this like Stompy's Revenge.
  3. Frequency

    Nothing Much

    Go for the laser! Who would turn down lasers? (Why do the fins look like they do on the AIM-9Z? It's like they're pointing backwards. Is this some aeronautical black magic?)
  4. Frequency

    The death and return of Conner McCloud

    As a junior in high school looking to go to a nice college for a major in Computer Science, this worries me and makes me think maybe I should analyze my choice more closely! But it looks like you have a happy ending and I'm glad to hear it. Keep us all informed on your projects and your teaching. [smile]
  5. Frequency


    (Emplacement explodes sending fiery hunks of debris through the air) "It kinda dies a little bit." You are pretty super productive Mr. Sapo.
  6. Frequency

    Life, the Universe, and the rest of the Design

    Nice...a logical reason for all the wildlife on a planet being hostile to whoever walks past. Usually if the subject is mentioned at all it's explained "Uhh, it's magic. Evil magic."
  7. Frequency


    The guided missile paths are smooth and sexy! Keep up the good work, both of you.
  8. Frequency


    Wow...thank goodness you all weren't there when it happened. Hope you get things back to normal soon.
  9. Frequency

    Here I go again...

    I'm holding you to that. Maybe you can get a whole pep squad who sends you nasty e-mails when you don't update for a while?
  10. Frequency

    Gradients solve all of life's problems

    Quote:Although it won't drastically improve gameplay, I figure it would be a good thing to do. Plus, it will be alot easier for me, not having to design the whole island myself I wouldn't be so sure of that. [smile] Making a cohesive island sounds pretty difficult.
  11. Frequency

    ## Beheaded!

  12. Frequency

    foolproof plan

    I think if you're having a hard time doing this without the apple sour it's a sign you shouldn't be doing it.
  13. Frequency

    Here We Go Again

    Sounds like an interesting idea & good luck!
  14. Frequency

    Blender character animation

    Street-luging sounds terribly safe!
  15. Frequency


    But it's legal for two related people to kiss for > 5 minutes?!
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