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  1. That github repo for Android comes from my modifications in OpenAL-Soft fork here: http://repo.or.cz/w/openal-soft/android.git (it includes NDK based makefile, so there is no need for cmake).   But you can use official OpenAL-Soft on Android by using OpenSL ES backend. OpenAL-Soft supports this backend for some time already and it works on Android just fine.   Just build the OpenAL-Soft library with Android NDK + CMake, make sure to include OpenSL ES backend. Of course this will limit you to Android 2.3 and up, but that is reasonable limitation.
  2. bubu LV

    On OpenCL and OpenGL

    There is [url=http://www.opengl.org/registry/api/gl3.h]gl3.h[/url] header that doesn't include compatibility stuff, but uses only core functionality. You must wrote entry point loader yourself though, but it's possible much easier just by parsing out function declaration in header file, not those ugly spec files. Also funny stuff with gl3/4 evolution is that they decided to drop ARB suffixes from multiple newer ARB extensions, such as [url=http://www.opengl.org/registry/specs/ARB/framebuffer_object.txt]ARB_framebuffer_object[/url]: [quote]Why don't the new tokens and entry points in this extension have "ARB" suffixes like other ARB extensions? RESOLVED: Unlike most ARB extensions, this is a strict subset of functionality already approved in OpenGL 3.0. This extension exists only to support that functionality on older hardware that cannot implement a full OpenGL 3.0 driver. Since there are no possible behavior changes between the ARB extension and core features, source code compatibility is improved by not using suffixes on the extension.[/quote]
  3. bubu LV

    Learning HLSL, and D3DX updates too often

    No, it's not legal. Can't find link to MSDN site with exact text, but here's same text: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/265376/directx-redistributable-package-breakdown
  4. bubu LV

    Thoughts on Android NDK

    Newest version of Android NDK has full STL support - either STLPort or GNU STL, both are provided with NDK. You can use following code to call void method from NDK: [code]JNIEnv* env = ...; jobject obj = ...; jclass k = env->FindClass("com/Test/YourClass"); jmethodID m = env->GetMethodID(k, "methodName", "(I)V"); // void methodName(int x) env->CallVoidMethod(obj, m, 123); // pass 123 for first argument[/code] And for reading files as one array I do following - place file into asset folder, and then call following static method: [code] public static byte[] getAsset(String name) { byte[] data = null; try { InputStream is = asMgr.open(name.substring(1)); // asMgr is AssetManager retreived by getAssets() method of your Activity class int length = is.available(); data = new byte[length]; is.read(data); is.close(); } catch (java.io.IOException e) { } return data; }[/code] I call this method from C++ code like this: [code]std::string filename = ...; JNIEnv* env = ...; jclass klass = env->FindClass("com/Test/MyActivity"); jmethodID method = env->GetStaticMethodID(klass, "getAsset", "(Ljava/lang/String;)[B"); jstring str = env->NewStringUTF(filename.c_str()); jarray arr = (jarray)env->CallStaticObjectMethod(klass, method, str); if (arr != NULL) { int size = env->GetArrayLength(arr); void* ptr = env->GetPrimitiveArrayCritical(arr, NULL); // process data // ... env->ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical(arr, ptr, 0); }[/code]
  5. bubu LV

    Subtleties of .NET and a SlimDX Crash Bug

    Afaik managed types don't have const types like native C++.
  6. bubu LV

    Subtleties of .NET and a SlimDX Crash Bug

    :) You could add GC::KeepAlive(parameter) before return RECORD_D3D9( hr ); line. But first I thought you could use "parameter != nullptr ? parameter->InternalHandle : NULL" in each place where currently "handle" is written. But that is still incorrect - that would still not prevent GC from runing while current thread is inside DirectX call.
  7. bubu LV

    Subtleties of .NET and a SlimDX Crash Bug

    Ah, I think I got it. Is it because after this line: D3DXHANDLE handle = parameter != nullptr ? parameter->InternalHandle : NULL; parameter object is no more referenced in function? So GC is free to dispose it. And when it is disposing it, then parameter->Destruct() is called and m_StringData is freed. But later in InternalPointer->SetFloat call it's memory is used (with native handle pointer).
  8. bubu LV

    Subtleties of .NET and a SlimDX Crash Bug

    hm... m_HasString is not being set to false in Destruct() method?
  9. bubu LV

    GL3.2 Cont.

    Hm, maybe try 9.8, officially it will be released only on monday, but it can be already downloaded: http://blogs.amd.com/play/2009/08/14/what's-a-good-title-for-a-quakecon-blog/.
  10. bubu LV

    GL3.2 Cont.

    Quote:Original post by phantom If someone has proof via a detection program or some code, which isn't riddled in MFC rubbish and is just 'normal' Win32 to show 3.2 working on an AMD machine then feel free to throw it my way. That is currently impossible. AMD drivers doesn't support 3.2 yet (on Catalyst 9.7 and 9.8 drivers). AMD currently only supports 3.1 context creation.
  11. bubu LV

    GL3.2 - Now with more broken dreams.

    >> If you want to support DX9 hardware, of which there is a lot in the wild still, you need to stay with GL3.1 at least No, this is not right. OpenGL 3.x context can be created only on DX10 level hardware (for Nvidia and AMD). If you want to use GL on DX9 hardware, you are limited to 2.1 context.
  12. bubu LV


    "the VC++ 2008 express edition doesn't have a debugger build" What are you talking about? VC2008 Express Edition have same debugger integrated in IDE as in Professional or SomeOtherEdition. Also build configurations are same as for other editions.
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