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  1. Quote:Original post by Bob Janova Since you posted this in the .Net section, look into System.Data, in particular DataTable and DataSet. You can create simple databases (all you need for this) which can be saved to an XML file – that should still work with a flash drive ;). If you're generating random key/value pairs, which is what I think a username and password is, you can store that in a Hashtable (.Net 2: Dictionary<string,string>), which will manage the adding of new usernames (keys) and removing them for you. I like this approach. Another way of going about would be to generate a CSV file of your results, and then import them into a Datatable for use. Another approach would be to Use System.Collections.Generic, along with a class that would model a 'record' for whatever information you have to modify. You could change whatever information you have and overwrite your file when you're done.
  2. Strider_Hiryu

    How much are you saving?

    I have a savings account that I've only, just recently, started putting 1K/month in. I've got a small 401K, but aside from that, not much. The money that I'm saving, I've started using on purchasing government securities. They don't have a huge return, but they carry low risk, and can generate money faster than the 4.5% APY on my savings account. I'm back in school now, so money can be a bit tight in some ways.
  3. Strider_Hiryu

    Well I be damned. The Iraqis want peace!

    It's really hard to gauge Iraqi opinion. My understanding is that Iraq has a lot of tribes, factions, whatever you want to call them. This situation seems a lot like when shortly after the war progressed, and 'major combat operations' had ended, A group of Iraqis toppled a statue of Saddam Hussein. On TV, it looked like a big ordeal, but it was later shown to be a 'dog and pony' show (a camera that revealed a larger picture of the area reveals that there were only a handful of people at the statue event, and they were surrounded by military personnel). I'm not saying their want for peace isn't genuine, I just don't believe that this speaks enough for Iraq as a whole.
  4. Strider_Hiryu


    MUDADA! WRRRRYYY should be the label for an unhandled exception in my opinion.
  5. Strider_Hiryu


    Quote:Original post by polly This is JAVA! *Kicks C++ evangelist down a well* [lol] This is the best one today. "Tonight, we dine DOS-shell"
  6. Earlier today, an article ran on Digg, detailing the Hex key needed in order to circumvent the copyright protection on the HD-DVD format. The breakthrough came to light about two months ago, making the article somewhat dated. It is my understanding that a sponsor at Digg was not to keen about this post, therefore it was deleted. The deletion caused an outcry, prompting a flood of new articles on Digg, containing the key, a domain registered with the key sequence, a t-shirt, and even the likes of 4chan, and YTMND have followed suit. my own personal contribution to the bandwagon. Well, it's certainly interesting what happens when one tries to cover up information that's already known.
  7. CNN is reporting that the gunman was a Korean student. Hrmm, there seems to still be some confustion as to the person's background though.
  8. Strider_Hiryu

    ! Favorite Beer Picture Thread (56K warning, 21+ only) !

    Even squirrels need Guinness.
  9. Strider_Hiryu

    Grindhouse *spoiler*

    I really enjoyed Grindhouse. In terms of the previews that were shown during the movie, I'm seriously hoping that "Machete" and Werewolf Women of the SS are released. Nicolas Cage as Fu Man Chu would be priceless.
  10. Strider_Hiryu

    Good Dance Music for Chicks that's not Rap

    She might dig Salsa, or house music. Or if yo really want to try something, take swing dancing lessons together, that might be cool.
  11. Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Quote:Original post by Ravuya ...What? I'm assuming you don't know the names. This is an American Idol topic. They're still making new seasons?! Man, I couldn't get past the first season of that show.
  12. Strider_Hiryu

    Current Projects?

    Work: Working on pulling certificate information from SMART cards used by our clients. Currently having middleware issues(as in the Card reader manufacturer doesn't wnat to give us the SDK for the hardware), so I'm stuck for the time being, tryin to find some way around it. On the Side: Small web project. A page used by a small area marketing group that wants to later extend their services to area DJs, promoters, and the like. Personal: I just got some source for bittorrent. I don't know what I want to do with it yet.
  13. Strider_Hiryu

    How long did it take for you to get your dream job?

    This is my dream job Still haven't found any postings in the help wanted forum, or Monster for "Graphics Tightener", but I've got high hopes.
  14. Could we possibly see some code? Also, is this a web project? The behavior doesn't sound like something you'd normally come across on a winform.
  15. Strider_Hiryu

    Here is a great game idea

    Quote:Original post by Wingman As iNsAn1tY said, ZootFly were developing a Ghostbusters game, but ran into licensing issues. There are still some videos around though, like this and this one. Yeah, I saw that some time ago, I'd be really stoked if it came out.
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