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  1. Well, the ban has been dismissed by a judge for now. Story here
  2. Wii codes are used to more or less identify your console on Nintendo's network. Once two people add each others codes, the two people will be able to: play online games(Battalion Wars 2 will be the first online game), exchange emails, and exchange Miis.
  3. You really should get one as soon as possible. Some relatively unknown gems from the past are on the virtual console with more on the way. You have an epic game, Zelda, with more epic games coming later on. You have some good niche titles such as Elebits and Trauma Center. You have pickup and play titles such as Wii Sports, Excite Truck, and Wii Play when it comes out in February with Free Wiimote. As a matter of fact, you should probably just get one in February since Metroid Prime 3 is being released sometime in Q1 2007. Also, it will be more readily available by then, but don't quote me on that. People said you would be able to walk into a store on launch day and get one. I didn't get mine until December 7th, and that was because I went to EB Games everyday 2 hours before the time they get shipments in for a week and a half. I picked up Elebits and The Legend of Zelda. I also placed a preorder on Wii Play. You might want to do that because it's going to sell out because it comes with a Wiimote. Whenever you get your Wii though, download Gunstar Heroes. The game is awesome. Also, the TG-16 games on the VC are among the best.
  4. Quote:Original post by coldacid By the way, anyone know a formula for calculating e? I just use the general power series for e^x and simplify it to the case when x=1 which gives you the sum from n = 0 to infinity 1/n!. I unroll the loop based on how precise I want the approximation for optimization. It's the simplest way, and it converges quickly anyway.
  5. Quote:Original post by Iron Chef Carnage I wish I could find a freaking Wii. My buddy and I want to go splitsies on it, but they're all sold out. Lousy Christmas. Jesus should have been born in September. There aren't too many XBox 360s around, either. I've got a lot of anger about not having a sweet new toy, and I'm not sure whether to direct it toward Sony for not building enough (Easy), Nintendo for making me doubt the strength of their library (Aw, I can't stay mad at Shiggy!), Microsoft for being douchebags(Easy), or our consumer culture that bought up all the boxes. Well, I'll have to hate something. Is terrorism still around? I can't find a Wii either. Every time people line up at like 7 p.m. the day before. At any rate, I'll get a Wii eventually. On Jesus, it is likely looking at climate that Jesus was born in August or July. However, it was decided that Dec. 25 would be used as Christmas since it was close to the Pagan holiday, the Winter Solstice. On the topic at hand, the robot baby commercial scares me. That might actually make someone not buy a PS3.
  6. 1. Windows XP Pro 2. Gentoo 3. Solaris
  7. My only fear is blood. It's mostly due to me being desensitized to most other things. I've seen people being beaten and seen people being killed. I've had a gun to my head before. I fear neither physical pain nor death yet I'm afraid of blood.
  8. I'm reading Grendel for the upteenth time. I occasionaly check out neuroscience books from my university's library.
  9. The best advice I can offer is always teach(describe) things in more than one way. Also, offer step by step analysis of a problem. Otherwise, teach to your own style.
  10. Quote:Original post by Shae Quote:Original post by MDI I think this is a difference in viewpoint from across the Atlantic. We get a more general education at GCSE/A-level and then specialise at degree. European undergraduate degrees are more specialised. American graduates spend longer at PhD level, catching up. This is true, but it is not somuch a viewpoint in the United States as it is an attempt of make up for the inadequacies of the secondary education here. I guess it is also because high schools do not prepare many students to decide on what they want to do with their life, thus they even then spend two years as an "Undecided" major. But then I guess it also involves our "lets teach everyone" attitude because we do not find it politically correct to separate the college bound from the not-so-college bound. Actually, most college's in the U.S. were founded as liberal arts colleges excluding a few. As a matter of fact, MIT(a school focused on science and technology) requires you to spend two years undecided. The U.S. has always put more emphasis on expanding your skill set rather than specialization in college. At any rate, a general education is actually more advantageous in college than a specialized one. Why? It makes communication much easier to people outside of your field.
  11. well, they don't need to travel around the whole circle. They just need to oscillate over specifice period. Therefore assuming they are at the same speed at all tmes, N people running one a circle will occupy 2[pi]r/N units of the circle, a period of 2[pi]/N, assuming they are running in opposite directions. If they all run the same direction, the period is 2[pi]. Its harder to do for a combination of the two.
  12. Applet Tag <applet class="..." codebase="nameofarchive.jar" ...> Object Tag <object ...> <param name="code" value="..."> <param name="codebase" value="nameofarchive.jar"> I think this is correct. It's been a while since I've worked with applets.
  13. Man, that is scary. I am worried for this country.
  14. University of Texas at Dallas Math 2419 Calculus 2&3 MAth 2019 Calculus Prob. Section Physics 2325 Mechanics and Heat Physics 2125 M&H Lab CS 2305 Discrete Math CGS 2301 Cognitive Science ISSS 3361 Politics and Ethics in Business and Technology
  15. Quote:Original post by DeadXorAlive Info about Gestalt psychology, not to be confused with gestalt therapy, is good to read. This approach exists no more, but it's main principles have been absorbed into the mainstream. I don't know if this domain has some specific accepted name, but you'll find most noteworthy theory on this topic within cognitive, narrative and experimental psychology. Some buzzwords: heuristic, construct, schema, cognition. Expanding on DeadXorAlive's post, there are a lot of books dealing with human cognition(ie cognitive science). Some deal with the CS parts(ie adaptive/learning AI). Others deal with the Engineering aspect(ie organizing an efficient memory design). Then, there are neuroscience books covering a vast array of information covering the human mind/body and how it processes information.