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  1. roel

    E3 2010 - Pictures & Stories

    That certainly looks like a lot of fun :)
  2. roel

    Tech Demo Video 2010

    I admire your dedication. And skills. I don't game much, but I'm looking forward to climb into my ship and explore that massive universe. :)
  3. roel

    No More File Loading...

    I wrote a ms3d loader too, and I remember that it was a painfull job. Now I use Cal3D.
  4. roel

    Vertex Skinning Functional

    If I recall correctly, it isn't very straightforward to use Doom 3's MD5 directly on the GPU, is it?
  5. roel


    I just read it about your partner today, I'm sorry to hear it and I hope things will get okay soon!
  6. roel

    Inspecting Javascript and Blender

    Hi, I think that is a good choice to learn Blender. I used to model with Milkshape3D too, and invested some time in learning Blender. It is maybe a bit tough, but once you get the hang of it, you'll model a lot faster. In retrospective I think that Milkshape compares to Paint where Blender compares to Photoshop: by manually placing pixels (vertices) you can accomplish the same things you can with a more advanced program, but the amount of labour is some orders of magnitude higher when you do everything by hand.
  7. roel

    Squishy Intro

    That is just very cool! Nice ambience, it has the potential of that kind of games people fall in love with.
  8. roel

    Can you recommend a Calculus book?

    I used that Stewarts book too, I can't compare it with other books on calculus, but at least I can say that the book did its job for me. I'm glad that I didn't have to pay such an insane amount of money though.
  9. Thanks for that too, never heard of polar curves before. If I find use for it, I'll let you know. Will investigate it later. Thanks!
  10. I'll consider the circle intersection idea, thanks! Morbius, in my approach I have several cases to handle in a different way too: sphere could be right in front of the normal, p could be in the sphere's volume.
  11. Hi there good people, I have the following problem (which isn't homework, it has a very practical use in my computer graphics experiment). We have a point p with a normal vector n, in space. We also have a sphere with center c and radius r. Problem: what is the smallest angle phi between n and a line to any point inside the sphere? Or: what is the largest dot product we can get for n and any normalized vector to a point in the sphere? I found a solution for this problem as follows. I assumed that p would be the origin to simplify things. Then I observed that a point in/on the sphere maximizing the dot must 1. lay on the surface of the sphere and 2. a line from p to such a point must be tangent to the sphere. This provided me 2 equations, and all lines from p to points satisfying these equations would result in a cone. Then I went to 2D, on the plane created by n and c. The point maximizing the dot has to live on this plane, and by taking a 2D slice through that cone we know we have 2 unique solutions. Anyway, that is my approach, and I verified it numerically, but: - I have to calculate three sqrts (one for normalizing, one for solving a quadratic formula due to the sphere/sphere, and another one for normalizing). sqrts aren't extremely fast. - My solution (I can LaTeX it on request) is ugly. I have the feeling that a more elegant solution should exist. I can expand my explanation on request (my story is already too long I think), and anyone that can provide a solution that can be computed faster (on x86) or that can provide another approach will receive eternal fame by being thanked in the foreword of my thesis. Thanks :)
  12. roel

    ESM: blocky blur

    Anyway, if you want to be sure if the filtering works as it should or that it is resorting to nearest point instead, give it a try. Whatever the outcome will be, it reduces your search space for your problem a lot :)
  13. roel

    OpenAL distance equation not working

    You can only have mono waves files played in 3D, iirc. See, if the 3D position of the sound source determines how the sound is played through your speakers (e.g. the panning), stereo sounds do not make any sense. I had to find this out the painful way too :)
  14. roel


    The Greenery is great I think, but the other song can be used to torture people to force them to confess bad things :)
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