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  1. roel

    E3 2010 - Pictures & Stories

    That certainly looks like a lot of fun :)
  2. roel

    Tech Demo Video 2010

    I admire your dedication. And skills. I don't game much, but I'm looking forward to climb into my ship and explore that massive universe. :)
  3. roel

    No More File Loading...

    I wrote a ms3d loader too, and I remember that it was a painfull job. Now I use Cal3D.
  4. roel

    Vertex Skinning Functional

    If I recall correctly, it isn't very straightforward to use Doom 3's MD5 directly on the GPU, is it?
  5. roel


    I just read it about your partner today, I'm sorry to hear it and I hope things will get okay soon!
  6. roel

    Inspecting Javascript and Blender

    Hi, I think that is a good choice to learn Blender. I used to model with Milkshape3D too, and invested some time in learning Blender. It is maybe a bit tough, but once you get the hang of it, you'll model a lot faster. In retrospective I think that Milkshape compares to Paint where Blender compares to Photoshop: by manually placing pixels (vertices) you can accomplish the same things you can with a more advanced program, but the amount of labour is some orders of magnitude higher when you do everything by hand.
  7. roel

    Squishy Intro

    That is just very cool! Nice ambience, it has the potential of that kind of games people fall in love with.
  8. roel


    The Greenery is great I think, but the other song can be used to torture people to force them to confess bad things :)
  9. roel

    Early Weather, Film Grain, Brightness/Contrast

    Vignetting is very important indeed. The most convincing retro film effect I saw is here: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=531608 You can find some details in the sheets of the talk "behind elevated".
  10. roel

    Screen-space ambient occlusion

    Nice story about the pipes! An Real-Time AO is hot too.
  11. roel

    Sept 06 - Some New Artwork

    Keep up the good work! But also take care of your health, please :) Btw, how is your body building going?
  12. roel

    5 new Character concepts + 1 new box-art

    The schoolgirl is... special :) She reminds me of the insane girl with the ball-chain-thing in Kill Bill.
  13. roel

    Level Up

  14. roel

    Main Menu / Alley Scene / Video

    I second the camera movement. But what about making the light flicker a bit? It might increase the feeling of decay.
  15. roel

    Big Ideas...

    The logo's look nice, I can't decide which color combination is the best though. Something different: ages ago, you asked here for a model of a statue, does that request still hold? (I can't promise anything, but it would be a honor if I can create something that would make it into the game. And with abstract art, nothing can go wrong, can it? ;))
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