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  1. I finally found one that uses mtl files. I found it on this page: It was meant for milkshake so I just had to adjust the maya exported mtl file to look more like the one in the example. Otherwise it seems to be working great.
  2. Anist, I attempted compiling your code and get the following errors. Thanks in advance. error C3861: 'loadTexture': identifier not found, even with argument-dependent lookup Error refers to line 194 containing: loadTexture(buffer, temp->data.texture, 1); The message box lines create errors too but should work with them commented out, I'm assuming
  3. Anist, Ranger_one's code looks decent but doesnt have methods to draw the models. If I can check out your obj loader, that would be cool. I'm surprised there arent any fully loaded libraries for making use of obj files. Everyone seems to have to resort to writing their own.
  4. I have been in search for an obj loader that actually works, preferably for Wavefront obj files that support .mtl files for texture. Any help in finding one would be appreciated. Thanks.