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  1. hi all, can you help me how to solve this: My app play flash by using play method in flash.ocx . Now, i want to enable / disable sound of flash, but the flash.ocx doesnot support these methods. So, i find out: 1. Whatever C++ codes that can support flash.ocx to enable / disable flash sound. 2. Functions/Methods from win32 that i can mute/unmute sound from my app.
  2. Hi all, I want to mix two audio files that are same length of time , anyone can show me how directsound can help me do that? Thank for any suggestion .
  3. Hi all, i still have not found any sample of recording that good. I need some sample (codes, projects) of Recording , that synchronize video-audio stream is importance, and write in C++ or VC. please help me if you know this. Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi all of you, i am developing video-audio record as a module in my app. before i used ffmpeg (this free, open source) to do. but the output contains video and audio can not be synchronize . And now, i am using MPEG Record sample at sourceforge.net , this synchronize but it also used XVID codec, XVID codec has GPL License. I would like to use another sample (Record Video_Audio with synchronize), anyone can give me sample? Or, if i still use MPEG Record from sourceforge, has any way to replace XVID codec by codec support from ffmpeg.??? Many thank for any help. [Edited by - toan1982 on May 29, 2007 9:19:56 PM]
  5. Thanks Evil Steve, I just only want to know a system have an audio input that same as Realtek HD Audio Input or not!!! If you have a Realtek audio input, and you are using XP then you can see in Recording Control (Open Volume->Property->Chose Realtek HD AUdio input in Mixer device) then you can see have 4 colume are: Recoding, Line Volume, Mic Volume and Stereo Mix). I am weathering how Windows can show these capibility in Recording Control??? What APIs windows were used to show these and can you help me show these APIs? Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi all, I have Realtek HD AUdio input, a device that can capture sound from playback device and record device (such as microphone) as the same time (In recording control dialog, i will uncheck Micro Volume and Stereo mix colume). Now , i want to write an app (C or C++) to detect if a system has the device that can do as Realtek HD AUdio input or not???. So, can you help me how to do that? Many thanks for any help.
  7. hi all, Sorry if i wrong place for my asking in here. i have question about encrypt and decrypt a X file (export from maya). when my app run, i would like to encrypt all X files inside my app, and when people click to load any character (represented by an X file) then my app will decrypt and then load the X file. I donot know what is best way to encrypt and decrypt a X file. And how to do this??? Any can help me how to do??? Thanks for any help.
  8. i use directX API (in my case is directsound) to record what i speak into microphone (is a webcam device with integrating microphone) to audio file. Now i would like to write function to add mute/unmute to capture device, so that i can record to file with sound or without sound. Anyone can show me how to do ?? Many thanks for your help.
  9. i have two audio device. first device is a sound card and i set this card was default of playback device. second device is webcam(with integrating microphone) was set as default of capture device. Now , i would like to add mute/unmute function on capture device. So users can record what they spoke into capture device with sound or without sound. but i donot know how to do that?? PLease help me!!! Thanks for your help
  10. I would like to transfer my voice was captured from my app to Skype. Anyone can give me some advices, code samples how to do that? I imagine that the process will be: Speak into microphone-> capture audio data (using my app)->transfer to different audio device (maybe virtual device???)-> transfer to audio in device (configured from Skype,see in option...) But sorry, i donot know how to do as these. So i hope anyone from you can help me??? I thanks for you help.
  11. I use directsound to capture sound from microphon, but have errors when compile: error C2011: 'waveformat_tag' : 'struct' type redefinition error C2011: 'pcmwaveformat_tag' : 'struct' type redefinition I think maybe i have used include "mmsystem.h" so i will have these errors when compile. But i cannot ignore this (i must use this for other purpose)... anyone can help me how to fix this??? How to compile success??? Thanks for your help...
  12. thanks , but can you show me code sample. because i need this .... and more , i just encode from wav to mp3 (mpeg layer 3) so now, i would like to merge mp3 (audio) to mpeg1 (video). Have anyone can help me do this (windows platform, c++ language) Thanks for any help.
  13. i have audio file (format is wave, codec is PCM ) and video file (format is MPEG, codec is MPEG1). I would like to merge them together but i donot know how to do. Anyone can show me codes sample how to do that???? Many thank for your help.
  14. i am using virtual audio device/driver get from DDK. In DDK have available virtual audio driver, i have build msvad folder then install with msvad.inf file. Chose AC3 in during installation. I would like to pass sound data (were captured in to a sound buffer) to virtual audio device. And sure my Audio In device is a real device. But it seem , i can not use this virtual driver for now. I must change code in source files of MSVAD and rebuild and then reinstall, right? Can help/show me how to pass the sound buffer to virtual audio driver, and then get this buffer from virtual audio driver to real audio device for playback.. This is need for me, hope will have anyone can help me.. Thanks for any help.
  15. I have look to some software about voice effect. (such as Blaze audio plus) and saw that to make my voice same woman/men voice, i must change value of pitch (pitch shift technique). I wonder Directsound can do pitch shift . Can i make my voice same as woman / man with using directsound? Please help me . Thanks for your help.
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