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  1. How do I go about creating a quad with an actual width and height in "pixels"? for example I want to create a quad with dimentions: 350px X 50px. [Edited by - JepMasterAce on April 21, 2006 4:08:21 PM]
  2. Image format?

    Easy enough, thanks.
  3. Image format?

    Hey all. I was wondering what image format would you recommend for rendering 2d images and why. I noticed alot of people using tga instead of jpgs etc. What are the benefits? Thanks.
  4. SNES

    maybe there's a "super nintendo sdk". Are you serious about creating games for the actual snes? It would be easier to just create a game of that quality for use on the computer or a port to the Game Boy Advanced since there's known sdks for it.
  5. Determined nOObs are Welcome!

    Join a bunch of nOObs with a passion for learning the art and science of game development and never giving up! Are you one of us? If so you're welcome to join our growing community, where we take things one step at a time! Link to us from my signiture. | | V
  6. CodeBlocks c/c++ IDE GLFW error

    I didn't know about the CodeBlocks c/c++ IDE till yesterday when a member of my site pointed it out. Upon downloading, I found it to be the best "looking" free IDE out there! I was wondering if anyone was familiar with with the codeblock error: 1d.exe cannot find -lglfw. I can't even build the default GLFW template that comes with the ide. Thankyou
  7. Calling All n00bs!

    Join a new growing community. A group of "n00bs" came together with a few goals in mind! .Check it out! NewbiesNetwork.com
  8. Autodesk acquires Alias!

    To everyone that's putting 3ds max down, Shame on you! I use both programs and I absolutley HATE using maya. It's very unattractive and drains too much resources. The Learning curve is over one year because of all the badly implemented features and menus. Yeah most sucessful companies use it because it's the most complete package but it's not very user friendly. That's why I prefer 3ds max. It's a better allround software due to price, learning curve and properly implimented features. If you don't believe me look at the sales statistics for this year only. It more than doubles the sales of maya. Yes autodesk bought the rights but that is a good thing! Unlike people who put it down like it's such a bad thing, and "oowww they are going to kill maya". That's not going to happen. It will be the turning point in the graphic industry! So stop complaining ppl, it's a good thing.
  9. What Keyboard/Sythesizer should I buy?

    Hey WindYoshi. Well I have been arranging music since I was about 14 years. I worked with alot of different keyboards. First off, if you have absolutely no experience playing keyboards it make absolutely NO sence spending all that money on the motif series! I would highly recommend the Casio WK-35( I own it )", its around $399.00. It has 76 keys( not hammer ),It features excellent instrument sounds. Get farmiliar with playing firsts then when you grow and out live the features of that keyboard then move on to something that fits your needs. While the motif is great in every way, it is for advanced musicians. I don't even want it and i'm pretty advanced! I'm currently looking at the "Roland X8". It has everything I need for high quality sound producing and editing all in one, and it's cheaper than the motif at around $2500.00 in sam ash(I think). I hope I helped in some way.
  10. Kool-Aid, Jello or Freeze-Pops

    No not "exactly". Jell-O
  11. 3D Editor "Shell"

    Hey guys. I was just wondering, is there any opensource 3d editors that shows the code for the actual framework or the "shell". Eg. the code for the splitter bars?
  12. Home Grown game engine

    I honestly think it's a great idea to develop a game engine, but! how can you develop anything more than a shell without knowledge of how to actually make a game? I tried this a few years back and failed. It's better to know how to make an actual game before diving into the engine. It makes sense.
  13. Horror game Ideas

    I think a multi player Co-Op horror game will be great! Think of it everyone splits up. When you see someone run out from the dark and you shoot like crazy, you notice it's one of your partners. That'll be fun for me. Hmmm. Nice idea.
  14. Newbie Development Call!

    Learning game programming and development on your own can be very diffiecult. Is there anyone who wants to join a group of people dedicated to learning about the game development process from the scratch? I mean the very basics?? I think this is a great idea! If "like me" you have a passion and the will to learn please visit my site Here!
  15. What should I start with?

    You should really check out the 3dbuzz C++ Vtms! It'll give you a great jump start into the world of c++ and game programming. These are Video tutorials so you can follow step by step. It's worth it. 3dBuzz .
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