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  1. Burnhard

    Nebulaes, part II

    It's very beautiful and "nebula" looking but I have some questions with it's use in the game. It's very demanding on the CPU/GPU, so presumably you will just use it to generate skyboxes? If thats the case, what does it look like from the inside? Moreover, if it's volumetric, how will this be implemented in game - presumably the cloud density is so low in space you wouldn't need to provide volumetric fog in game to represent it?
  2. Burnhard

    Combat prototype 0.4.e

    Cool. Now we've got some eye candy in, I'm going to check out the prototype again. Hope my gfx card doesn't explode.
  3. Burnhard

    Transition phase

    Amazing. Volumetric clouds, vegetation and Water (sorry, I mean Liquids, because you never know, it could be a Methane sea!) will make it even more Rump Smackingly Jawdroppinglyluscious.
  4. Burnhard

    Space combat prototype - phase 7

    Superb. I couldn't make out the other shot you posted, I thought it was some kind of prototype HUD. Now I can see it's station interior and it looks fantastic.
  5. Burnhard

    Space combat prototype - phase 4

    Hey Ysan, I'm a 3 year veteran of Eve Online - also Beta tested it and I'm happy to enter into a flame war on the Eve forums in defence of Infinity :))). Eve is only half of what I want out of a Space game, something combining Eve with Frontier FE, up to date graphics (Eve is very dated), possibility of using my Cyborg 3D just like Freelancer - you name it. I've had a post about Infinity (totally innoccent "look at this" type post) removed by moderators, obviously they don't want to publicise another MMORPG, even in it's early stages of developement. The fan-boys come out in force whenever you criticise Eve, even though it's inadequacies are plain for all to see. btw: I'm also a Software Engineer by trade, have worked for a Gam e Company too in the past. I can see the potential here in what you are doing and I can also see the developer skills in action. As far as I'm concerned, if you keep posting blogs on what you are doing and how you are doing it, it won't matter if you fail/succeed at all - you are still contributing positively to the genre and to GD in general. So keep up the good work.
  6. Burnhard

    Space combat prototype - phase 3

    Thats awesome mate. It's looking better and better. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to play it. Honestly, getting bored with Eve Online.
  7. Burnhard

    Planet engine integration (cont.)

    I only make shots this good with 3D studio! It's fantastic.
  8. Burnhard

    Star name generator

    Sheessssh. I do apologise. I assume gamedev would **** any explitives! Honestly, sorry if I offended anyone.
  9. Burnhard

    Star name generator

    Not being funny or anything, but with billions of planets, there might be planets called ****, ****, **** and ****. Please don't put in rules to remove them. It will be the difference between your game being Legendary and being just a very good tech demo :).
  10. Burnhard

    Terrain integration, step 3

    It's a problem for your project (and any procedural system) I was thinking about over the weekend strangely enough. The challenge to get your shaders right is one thing, the challenge to make the universe interesting is quite another. I don't think there is an "interesting feature" fractal you can code, so unfortunately you will need to implement some content. Happily, most players will be super-happy just to fly over the terrain and land on the surface to sit and watch the sunset. :)
  11. Burnhard

    Terrain integration, step 2

    Fantastic. Funny but the top one looks a bit like Canada the last time I flew over it on a trip from the UK.
  12. Burnhard

    Vegetation tests

    How will you determine the character of the terrain? Presumably this will come down from the higher level procedurally generated elements (solar systems, etc.), so for example, one planet will be covered with a particular bio-type (distribution dependant on your noise function and terrain algorithms) when another may not. To generate unique fauna procedurally would also be exiting. There are many interesting forms that can be created in this way.
  13. Burnhard

    Another terrain prototype video

    That looks so cool (the video compression doesn't do it justice I'm sure).....
  14. Burnhard

    Terrain texturing (continued)

    Amazing. That shot looks like a Satellite image.
  15. Burnhard

    Terrain texturing (continued)

    Christ, please continue - as many screenies as you can possibly manage. I wanted to produce something like this myself but got stuck on the "atmosphere" part. I gave up after reaslising I didn't have enough brain cells to work it all out. Now I'm quite happy to sit in my 9 - 5 and watch other people do the work.
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