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  1. M-Works

    What is considered advanced AI?

    Thanks very much for the tip. I appreciate it.
  2. M-Works

    Autodesk acquires Alias!

    I am saddened. I love Maya! Now autodesk has destroyed it. Oh well, I wonder if maya will combine with 3ds max?
  3. M-Works

    What is considered advanced AI?

    Definately needed, and a very thoughtful puzzle to program. Do you think that there is anything else that completely gives a difference from the basic AI to advanced like certain qualities that the NPCs have like talking to one another or investigating a thrown rock. Anything along those lines?
  4. I need some opinions on this one: What do you as a programmer, designer, or gamer consider to be the line between regular AI with not many features to the lets say creme de la creme of AI? I am not a big gamer, but I am very talented with programming. I would like to know what people consider to be advanced and what qualities should be added to AI in NPCs to make games better.
  5. M-Works

    all game devs look for textures look here!!!

    I'll check it out. I really need textures for my next game. EDIT: It does not work on Firefox. I was waiting for five minutes with a 1mbps connection. Sorry. I would just get rid of the intro to prevent that.
  6. I am in EXTREMELY early development stages on my game Open Portal: The Doom. The game so far has a few bugs and some of the stuff moves slow in the game. Right now it is looking pretty sharp for only a month of programming. I only have the french version completed for a demo, but if you would like to check it out, I have a link. I would like people to comment on what they think of the gameplay and everything. I am looking into new textures and models. Also, the level editor and engine are going to have a little makeover. So there will be faster frames soon enough. The game takes place in the near future when earth stumbles on a stable wormhole to a galaxy ruled by a vampire overlord and his minions. You are turned into a vampire and your crew killed. He also took your wife and kids. You must now get back to earth. No sooner do you do you are arrested for being a vampire, and you soon find out about the intergalactic war between man and the dead. You must now interfear and kill the overlord to return to human form and save your family. The game only features a small portion of levels on mission one. It will soon be put together better. CONTROLS: arrows: move forward, backwards, and strafe mouse: look around mmb: zoom lmb: shoot rmb: open doors 1 2 3 4: change weapon enter: flashlight `: console is where the file is located.
  7. I have been noticing that when you get a private message you are not alerted about it until you click on a link in the forum. It is just a small bug, but annoying sometimes when you have clicked into something and then it shows up.
  8. Good news! The demo in french is uploaded! Okay, first off I will give you some controls: CONTROLS: Arrow Keys: move forward, back, and strafe (soon will be quake wasd) Mouse: Rotate camera 1, 2, 3, 4: Change gun lmb: shoot rmb: open/activate click middle mouse button: zoom That is about it for controls right now. I have gun movement implemented, and I will hope to be getting some other factors into the game soon. I have 6 levels, cutscene, 2 enemies, and 4 guns so far in the game. The enemy AI is not great, but I will be improving it. I am doing all the work so far, and I will be making a new level editor which will take from 2 weeks to a month to complete. I will also be changing the glow effects. Thanks for the comments. The file is uploaded to:
  9. M-Works

    Next competition

    So, the current comp is almost over. I am making this thread to see what people would like to have for the next comp. Please tell me if this is not the right place or otherwise.
  10. WHAT! My rating just went down 20 points as I posted. This stinks.
  11. Oh my goodness! Okay, now it is back up. I was just asking a question, and I really think that the rating system can get out of hand some times. I did not know that at the time of posting this that only 2 people rated me. I am really sorry for posting this if I should not have, but I think it is rediculous that my rating should just go down for the sake of it. Thanks for putting it back up.
  12. Okay, I have only posted in my topics without flaming or anything, and my rating keeps dropping. I have not even been rating others. What gives?
  13. I know, I am going to upload some better screenies. Also, demo today or tomorrow.
  14. Link works now. The image of the day stuff has to be approved, and mine just got approved.
  15. M-Works

    Maya, Blender, or 3Ds Max?

    If you can pull out $7000, get maya. It can do hair, cloth, water, and it has the best rendering system. It is not as supported for game programming though, but it is the best package you can get. If you want scripting and have only $3000, get 3ds max. The most widely used program to date for game modeling. You may want to check out rhino or lightwave too.
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