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  1. Another Go at Programming - Advice appreciated

    That old school mind set can kill ya. (Not literally!) Thinking that C++ will be a lot faster than C# is becoming a false pretense. As C# has had a lot of work done over the years, and more specifically .NET. Its really developed in its current iteration. Unless you're a terrible programmer, you may not even be able to notice a difference in performance using C# over C++. Then again, if you ARE a terrible programmer, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to use C++ anyway. lol
  2. Another Go at Programming - Advice appreciated

    I'd reiterate what everyone is stating about C#. Stick with it. I'm not new to programming, though I am new to game development, and am learning both OpenGL and the XNA framework at the moment, with C# and, C# is definitely showing its strengths in terms of game development, the more I use and experiment with it. Good luck!
  3. What is better than

    Quote:Original post by sharrakor So I'm trying out Evil Steve's guide, but I ran into a bit of a problem. I found and opened tutorial01_2005 (and 2008 after I reinstalled), but saw nothing close to what he has on the tutorial (also my files were tutorial01.cpp, not main.cpp). So I tried to find some documentation on the D3DWindow class and found nothing that was from microsoft, and nothing that had a tick function in it. I have Visual studio 2008 with SP1, and have updated everything; I couldn't find documentation for it in MSDN or in my downloaded documentation files either. What do I need to do to get access (and hopefully documentation as well) for this class? And also the tutorial file of course. Good question. I started reading his tutorial, then stopped after I realized he was mentioning a file I had no idea how to find. I s'pose that comes with being new to this whole Visual Studio experience...
  4. Microsoft Visual Studio

    Quote:Original post by Ravyne Heh, c'mon... Even Microsoft would have a laugh at someone pirating VS6 at this point... Not only is it old, it's so broken that you can't even accomplish some fairly common (nowadays) techniques like partial template specialization. Pirating VS6 is like a grown man stealing a tricycle that's short one wheel -- Even if its a crime its pretty pitiful and funny. Besides, as the OP has found out there are greatly updated, free compilers and IDEs, even from Microsoft. You know, the world is filled with a plethora of people, and I'm sure there is one individual out there who has done just that. haha. The difference however, in your analogy being: one knows what he was stealing, the other, was looking to just get something for free - unbeknownst to him, that it was older than Stonehenge and not worth it.
  5. Microsoft Visual Studio

    Your original post sounds pretty suspicious. You didn't by any chance, try and indirectly tell us that you pirated VS 6, and aren't capable of understanding it clearly, by your original post - now are you?