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  1. Just a quick note: You don't need to include the static library files. They are compiled into your executable. As the previous poster suggested, what do you mean by "did not work"?
  2. Undeadlnsanity

    salarys and stuff

    ChaosPhoenix and Palidine make a very good point that I hadn't considered. The areas in which game developers are located is usually towards the upper end of living costs, so watch out!
  3. Undeadlnsanity

    (funny names)

    Quote:Original post by Zahlman Quote:Original post by Undeadlnsanity Theresa Green. It never gets old. ... You're going to have to explain that one to us non-UKians. :\ "Trees Are Green"
  4. Undeadlnsanity

    C++ Workshop - Project 1

    I think I'll give this a go too to hone in on my C++ skills.
  5. Undeadlnsanity

    Game's career ?

    It all depends on the game. For example, for a 2D game you will probably not require 3D modellers. Take a look at this site to find out what career paths are available within game development. Please note that that list does NOT include professions from the publishing side. There you can have all kinds of people such as financial advisors, HR, lawyers etc.
  6. Undeadlnsanity

    salarys and stuff

    Near enough all programming jobs offer fantastic salaries within the gaming industry (I had to say "near enough" because there are some companies that don't fall into this category). Over at EA their graduate programmers earn a MINIMUM of £22k per annum. Salaries grow as your time working for the company does (as long as you do your job properly, if not, well... you won't have a job!). Check out this article from 2003 which provides you with some information regarding salaries within the game development industry.
  7. Undeadlnsanity

    Problem running game on another computer

    Quick note so you don't waste your time next time something like this happens: On Windows you're told in an error box if you're missing DLLs. The name of the missing DLL is also listed in the message box. Once you get this working give us a link to your game and your source so we can check it out!
  8. Show us the code and error messages you're getting.
  9. Undeadlnsanity

    Chunked LOD

    Apologies for the misunderstanding. This is what you want.
  10. Undeadlnsanity

    (funny names)

    Theresa Green. It never gets old.
  11. Undeadlnsanity

    Chunked LOD

    Is this what you're looking for?
  12. Undeadlnsanity

    Problems releasing the project

    Have you tried running your program through a debugger?
  13. Quote:1. Did you start with tutorials/examples? The books I read included sample applications with a step-by-step analysis of the application. Quote:2. Which website(s) did you download samples/tutorials from?, the book's website :-). Quote:3. Which book(s) did you buy/read to help you get on your way? Were they any good?First of all I started with the mathematical background needed for 3D programming with DirectX. I used "3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development" by Fletcher Dunn and Ian Parberry. I then studied the DirectX API by reading the "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9" by Frank D. Luna. Both are excellent books and I recommend them both to anyone wanting to get involved with 3D DirectX programming. Quote:4. Did you "read around" the subject - general graphics programming, mathematics... If so, are there any particular resources you used? As previously stated I read the maths book to get necessary background knowledge to understand the concepts behind DirectX functions. Quote:5. Did you jump straight into 3D or start with 2D? I'd previously studied 2D graphics with SDL so I went straight to 3D in DirectX. Quote:6. Did you read the SDK documentation and tutorials? I regularly read the documentation as a "reference guide". I didn't and don't intend to read through the tutorials included as the books mentioned covered all that I need to know so far.
  14. Undeadlnsanity

    "\x3A" what is it?

    Quote:Original post by derek7 Quote:Original post by Sneftel In languages which support it, it represents the character with hexadecimal value 3A. On an ASCII machine, that's the colon. does it be equal to 0x3A? 0x3A is the colon (:), so, yes.
  15. Try using this: for( int y = ty1; y < ty2; y++ ) { for( int x = tx1; x < tx2; x++ ) { if( DC->m_Tilemap_Side.m_map[x + y * SIDEWORLDWIDTH].m_iFlags == 'a') { HDC hdc = DC->m_dDraw->getBackbufferDC(); TextOut(hdc, 0, 200, "HEJ", strlen("HEJ")); DC->m_dDraw->releaseBackbufferDC(hdc); } } }
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