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  1. I am currently working on an e-book built with Flash and Actionscript 3. I have a parent .swf file which contains other .swfs (one for the each various menu, another for the main content area, etc.). This setup seems to work fine for my menu, but I am having trouble with a particular .swf which holds the pages of the e-book. The e-book flash file utilizes a page-flipping flash component to load pages and add a book effect to the project. When I test this movie by itself it works just as it is supposed to. However, when I attempt to load it into the parent file, it no longer loads. It is found and loads far enough to see the background of the book, but the book does not load any of the page files (.swf/.jpg files). I know that it can find these files, because the both the child and parent .swf files are in the same directory, so the relative path to the folder does not change. It is interactive in a sense that I can flip the unloaded pages. Is there some code that I need to add when it is loaded to allow the child .swf to play correctly? It is as if the child is loading, but none of the code is being executed. Also, I decided that maybe an instance of the child .swf file needed to be in the library of the parent. I added the menu.swf to the library as a movieclip, and it works. However, I still have no success in getting the book.swf to load correctly, and when I import it to the library, it imports as a graphic for some reason. I don't know if that is relevant to my problem, but I thought I'd mention it. Thanks for any help in advance. I am pretty new to Flash development and seem to keep finding little quirks in it, so I'm hoping I am just overlooking something simple here.
  2. bschneid

    I'm first time here, plz help

    Check the "Help Wanted" forum here and try to find a project that fits your talents. That's the easiest way to find a project to work on.
  3. bschneid

    So -- This is a programming language?

    Quote:Original post by steveworks ...while our number system is base 10. Funny you should mention that, because every number system is base 10! You just have to read that "10" using that number system. (Ex. in Binary 10 = 2 decimal, in hex 10 = 16 decimal, etc.)
  4. bschneid

    really how powerfull is C++?

    Quote:Original post by bazso before i start to do any sort of Prototyping going to make sure i can read as much as i can on C++ after when i read going to need some sort of C++ interpreter i don't know where a C++ compiler might come in or if i need one i am sure it is just as important. You will need a C++ compiler. There are many free ones available online. C++ does not have interpreters. It is a compiled language, not an interpreted one, such as Python.
  5. bschneid

    Yep, my 360 died....well sorta...

    I had a similar experience. Got an Xbox 360, and about a year later it got the red ring of death. They took about a month to fix it, sent me someone else's refurbished piece of trash, which lasted all of two months or so before it got the red ring of death also. I sent it back and got another one after a few weeks. This one worked for a while, and then just like yours, my DVD drive began to go out. This drove me nuts since I was on my third one (why can't they just send you a brand new one?!) so I just opened it up and for the better part of a year just jump started the disk with my finger and it worked great. Just recently it died completely, though, and needless to say, the little warranty sticker lost its adhesiveness and didn't pass Microsoft's inspection so they wouldn't repair it. At least the basic system is pretty cheap these days and I already have the hard drive and accessories...
  6. bschneid

    How to block SDL inputs

    Couldn't you just not handle the events?
  7. bschneid


    Quote:Original post by mattnenterprise Iam trying to use SDL_WM_SetCaption("Hello World", NULL);. but the title is still saying SDL_app.I am running windows 98. Perhaps you could paste some code? It's hard to say why this wouldn't work, really. It's not something I've seen many problems with.
  8. bschneid

    how to start??

    Use the wiki. Specifically, the links under the heading "introduction" should be somewhat useful.
  9. bschneid

    McCain takes lead over Obama?

    Quote:Original post by programmermattc I don't fully understand the positions of either candidate on all these policies they've spoken about, but I've been pretty dedicated to anyone who talks about alternate energy. Maybe Obama has the same stance, but I figured I'd be with Obama since McCain had a commerical where he was pushing legally drilling more in the US as his 'new energy'. From what I understand drilling == using up natural resources which is kind of a limited amount. Anyways, I think it's pretty obvious how Obama is quite more targetted towards the younger crowds and McCain the older crowds for the most part. Some magazine just asked the two about what they listened to on their iPods, McCain had generally older artists while Obama had also older but also a number of more recent artists. Obama: "Hey McCain, what do you think about the new Jay-Z cd?" McCain: "What's a Jay-Z?"* *Note: Joke biased. Yes, there is quite a distinction in the audiences of the two candidates, which is a shame, really, for both parties. I think a lot of people just go with their peers, and only widen the schism, rather than doing any thinking of their own, whether they are young or old. And just to be clear, I don't totally buy into the authority of this poll, either. After re-reading my post I felt like it might seem that way. I just was surprised that any poll would show this result. Lessbread - I find it interesting that one of those polls has McCain down by 70, and another has him up by 10. Am I correct in assuming these polls aren't related in any way? Is this because of differing polling techniques, or what?
  10. bschneid


    Quote:Original post by coldacid Quote:Original post by AndreTheGiant So you found a website on the internet that you are less than impressed with? I don't get it, why does that need a thread? QFT. If there was a thread for every website that at least one person wasn't impressed with, the web would implode. Yes, but with this being a programming site, and that site also being of the programming variety, I fail to see what is wrong with this thread. That said, I've never heard of Atwood or Spolsky, but I Wikipedia'd them, and found this interesting tidbit about Spolsky: "He is the author of four books, including User Interface Design for Programmers and Smart and Gets Things Done; both of which he has dedicated to his boyfriend, Jared." :0
  11. bschneid

    McCain takes lead over Obama?

    I'm in no position to argue politics, but I found this Yahoo! article to be quite surprising. From the article: Quote: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a sharp turnaround, Republican John McCain has opened a 5-point lead on Democrat Barack Obama in the U.S. presidential race and is seen as a stronger manager of the economy, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday. ADVERTISEMENT McCain leads Obama among likely U.S. voters by 46 percent to 41 percent, wiping out Obama's solid 7-point advantage in July and taking his first lead in the monthly Reuters/Zogby poll. Should this be surprising? To me it has seemed since the candidates were named that Obama had an obviously larger following. Now it seems that McCain's closing of the gap, which started months ago, has continued through to taking the lead. I am sure that the announcement of the vice presidential candidates will also have a large effect on the polls, but with Obama being as popular as he is, can a good running mate have that much of an effect on his standings? And how long do you think it will be before we see a significant change in the polls? Personally, I think part of McCain's ascent has been the over-hyping of Obama's campaign. It just didn't seem probable that he could maintain that much of a lead. That said, regardless of my political views, I definitely do not foresee a Republican victory this November. Is this turn evidence that McCain was counted out too early? I'm quite interested in hearing the response of the political-minded members here at Gamdev.
  12. bschneid

    Paypal is not your pal

    Quote:Original post by brent_w Quote:Original post by bschneid Paypal is fast and convenient. If you're going to make such extreme accusations at something, at least provide some justification; attacking a business who has an established reputation for being one of the best ways to make online payments makes you look stupid. Yeah ... I totally should have included links to a consumer website with plenty of examples of people's bad experiences with paypal ... or something! The Consumerist? Please. That website trashes any and every company you could think of. I'll rephrase, though, if that makes you happy. You should provide some credible support. Here, have a review saying that Paypal is your best bet for online purchases. Did that convince you? Yours didn't convince me either. See how that works? Quote:Er.. what? GDNet doesn't only accept payment by paypal. Did you actually read the page? He is too interested in trolling to read, apparently, as I also pointed this out and he conveniently ignored it.
  13. bschneid

    Paypal is not your pal

    Paypal is fast and convenient. If you're going to make such extreme accusations at something, at least provide some justification; attacking a business who has an established reputation for being one of the best ways to make online payments makes you look stupid. Anyway, this page might be of some help to you. Scroll down, and there you have a list of alternate forms of payment.
  14. bschneid

    "fake" soft shadows?

    You could always just make the shadow part of the sprite.
  15. bschneid

    SDL Toggle Fullscreen

    Hmm. I can't find any good documentation online about the function. Can you still draw to the resized surface?
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