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  1. patrrr

    Help with ArrayList Java

    Which is what ArrayList without the generics will result in, afaik
  2. patrrr

    Help with ArrayList Java

    Just remove the generics all together, it seems like you don't want type checking. This can cause problems in the future though (you'll need to type cast), and it'll also make the code harder to understand.
  3. patrrr

    GPL licence question

    Some GPL libraries are dual-licensed with LGPL as well, which means that you don't have to release your code if you link to the library as a dynamic library. Also, there are many libraries using, in my opinion, more sane licenses like MIT/Apache/BSD.
  4. Wow, this is really a special something! You have some z-fighting on those obelisks when the general lands in LeBalcon, though.
  5. patrrr

    loop break

    Loops like that make it easier to remove stuff from indexed lists as well.
  6.   seem to be good options to try for me - maybe yet something more? More what?  Jack of all trades is master of none, unless your name is John Carmack.   "Specialization is for insects." — Robert Heinlein   Though it's good to at least become better-than-average in the things you learn.
  7. patrrr

    Why Do My C++ Files Turn Up As Virusus ?

    Is anti-virus still needed? I thought Windows had become good enough to not require it anymore.
  8. patrrr

    JUST quit my job to go full time Indie

      Why? I'd think it should be easy to subscribe. I'm following your progress here, hoping to hear more as I'm in a similar position; quit my job in June to bootstrap my company.
  9. patrrr

    js to js

    There's a backend for LLVM that generates C and C++ code that works pretty well, but of course, the resulting code is quite different from what you had in the first place. Maybe someone should implement a LLVM JavaScript generator.
  10. patrrr

    What does your IDE look like?

    I use too many IDEs and editors, haven't had the time to configure them all! NetBeans, Eclipse, XCode, Emacs, TextMate, Sublime. I've styled up my terminals though, I only use two different terminal emulators so that's manageable. But then there's different Emacses on different machines, with or without color-theme. Oh yeah, I use http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized when I get to it.   Edit: to make it a bit more interesting, my old setup:
  11. patrrr

    How Languages Compare?

    Yeah, polymorphism is useful. But thing is, you can implement that in C as well, which is what the large projects I've worked at have done. Structs might contain function pointers for example, implementing a service.
  12. patrrr

    How Languages Compare?

    You can have the "othersystem" prefix in C as well. Works well with IntelliSense-like systems.
  13. patrrr

    How Languages Compare?

      Without classes you will end up with a function like GetPositionOfWalkableForOutherSystem(). Where with classes this could be broken into something like this:   pWalkable = OutherSystem.GetWalkable(); position = pWalkable->GetPosition();   I think that this example is much easier and more readable. Lets say that you have 150 functions as in first example, you will start very soon to struggle to find something you want. As Agony sad C++ saves a huge time. If you use a lot of functions as in  first example they will start to be dependant of each other and you will not be able to find this dependency very quickly. With classes you just know where the things are as classes provide that for you. Also Agony sad that learning C might make you better at C++. Its true, and if you know assem things will be a lot more clear to you.   This is false. Why would you do it that way, and not like this? othersystem_getposition(pWalkable, &position); When you start talking about systems that have 1000000+ lines of code, it doesn't really matter much whether you use classes or "not". Encapsulation is still very much possible in C. You could ask Linus Torvalds what he thinks on the subject.
  14. You have to link the device with your account, but that's easy. And it doesn't exclude anything; you can link many devices.
  15. patrrr

    Cursing Vikings (funny RELEASED game I coded)

    Do you have a gameplay movie?
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