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    Silly error

    Mauling, your implementation doesn't work for negative numbers... Let's play, who can fix it the prettiest way (I won't actaully use it but I've been out of class for 2 months almost and this is fun). Oh WAIT! I'm wrong. So nevermind, it does work with negatives, silly me, I forgot the basic rules of ... math? DUN DUN DUN. I'm hungry... bye.
  2. Sinner_Zero

    Silly error

    LOL Nice proof. Nice implementation. But we're trying to stick to standards here =p Although... it might look cooler if it's my own fmod. It also reminded me that I kindof have another question... although I think it's just the compiler being funny. float hello = static_cast<float>(var)%int; Was saying vartype%int error instead of float%int error. Any ideas why? even though I casted it? Or is it probably just a glitch (kinda).
  3. Sinner_Zero

    Silly error

    "although casting your floats to ints would give you the same results." Oh, there it is, that's what's really wrong. Sorry... I just had to point it out because that was my issue with that reply. But thanks for the help peeps, IRC is blocked here... or our external IP is banned, I forget.
  4. Sinner_Zero

    Silly error

    Firstly the original response said you can't take float%float but you can float%int. Secondly, thank you for the fmod, I was trying to stay away from non standard headers/libraries, then I saw it was part of math, thank you. As for why... umm... first off a typecast to int destroys any part of the float you'd usually want... so why I need a float when I'm using floats... not the best question. 5.24567356 % 4.2736495 = .97202406 All your examples were w/ typecasting of course, but I explained above why that is no good. Thanks for the fmod JanT.
  5. Sinner_Zero

    Silly error

    invalid operands of types `float' and `int' to binary `operator%' float hello = 500.0f%3242; ... what's going on...
  6. Sinner_Zero

    Silly error

    Ok, but normal C/C++ % doesn't do %(float,int) then right?
  7. Sinner_Zero

    Silly error

    *thinks hard* Ok maybe I need more sleep... Why wouldn't modding by a floar make sense? you still get some value for a remainder through division of two floats... explain please?
  8. Sinner_Zero

    Silly error

    Ok, I think this one will be simple for you guys to figure out, because it has me stumped, and... it's just really annoying. invalid operands of types `float' and `float' to binary `operator%' I get that for a line that looks pretty much liek this. float hello = 500.0f%343223.0f; So.... what I'm getting from this is that modulus doesn't work with floats... what? I know that's not right. Please tell me I'm doing something obviously wrong. Especially since if I cut out the .0f it works, which means int's is fine... so I just don't know what's going on anymore.
  9. Sinner_Zero

    Linux Hype

    Linux is god. That is all. Hype was a decade ago when it came out, it's pretty much a reality for ANY server system. As of now everything I've ever developed was on Linux... that's scary, I'm working on my first windows project (game) and even that is cross platform, I'm just not big on Linux GUI stuff. Lets just say linux is good for everything but gaming, and of course media in which case you should be on a OS X anyways =p Heck, I even know a few desktop linux users and they love it, of course they're not gamers though. Another thing is most of the older professors in the world have UNIX experience and seeing as how Linux is a great FREE alternative, yeah, it's good, just needs better video drivers and damnit how about some cross platform games! Like Doom 3 =P (and there are lots of games that COULD have been cross platform, IE ANY OpenGL game (DirectInput/Audio sucks so I'm sure porting out if it isn't hard), lots of games have used OpenAL, wxWidgets, all sorts of cross platform API's yet they never make cross platform games! Point is... Linux is great, it just needs even more support. As for ease of use, SUSE Linux is faster and easier to install than XP, as for compile times, if you're using a distro and only compiles that's what you asked for, this is NOT the usual case. Even so all my Linux boxes are LFS (Linux From Scratch) which means I compiles it all and they're like 450MHZ... it sure as heck didn't take days. GO LINUX!
  10. Sinner_Zero

    Assembly? There's the link, it's a book some proffessor wrote specifically for a class that he was teaching for many years, it explains a lot of things about computers as well as HLA (High Level Assembly), you can then you that knowledge to get a handle on real ASM VERY quickly.
  11. Sinner_Zero


    Art of Assembly... err.. don't have link on hand. It's a published book by "no starch" and it's online, it's not exacly ASM but it's a good way to get all of the concepts down.
  12. OMG! capping is fine! it makes sense! i missed the "draw the front faces" part. Wow, that's cool... wish I had an engine to just jam this into now =P Site works fine for me too... no problems at all... though out of fear I think I will save this to my comp =P Thanks a lot again, i really think it's a easy to understand tutorial for a shadow method that's pretty much perfect. Yay.
  13. Wow, that is a really nice tutorial. I'm going to have to read over it more closely but I think that gave me a very good idea of how shadow volume works, whereas OGL Game Programming just kind of confused me =P I did find one spot really rough, the 1-1 thing, where the shadow gets capped... then again I'll read it over one more time and try to find out what it is that's confusing me. Other than that, nice tutorial, the pictures especially helped =P
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