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    I'm full of content today

    Very cool, John! Can't wait to get my copy, but they look great. I'm glad I'm in the orange one, it looks the coolest ;).
  2. caffeineaddict

    Let's do the quiet desperation dance!

    Thanks for the heads up on the Quizno's deal! Me and my family are always game for coupons and freebies and we all got a free sub out of the deal (along with the IHOP freebie a few days ago).
  3. caffeineaddict

    Oct 1. 2008 - Quick Status Update

    This reminds me of Antitrust, watch out for any thugs with bats :-P
  4. caffeineaddict

    I be's back

    I love Disney and likely always will. I'm really disappointed to hear your tale about NASA though. I've been looking forward to going to NASA one day while in Orlando, but I too would much prefer the nerdy side to the fluffed up theme park like atmosphere :(.
  5. caffeineaddict


    Well it's been quite a while since I posted on this thing and since I pay for the service I figure I might as well use it a bit. So where to start? I'm beginning my last year in college working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Physics focusing on Electronics. All I have left are electives really, and in true last year spirit I took what seemed to be the easiest load I could manage without having to resort to some liberal arts type stuff. So, with that in mind, I proceeded to sign up for Golf, Intro to Java Programming, Elementary Statistics, a microcontroller class where we get to play with a BASIC Stamp, a CSCI undergraduate research project, and Ethics for CSCI. Of these 6 classes the 2 that I really wanted are microcontrollers and the research. They may be fun, but the other is just filler. Taking easy classes, i'm finding, is not all it's cracked up to be either. Several of the classes are freshman level classes and operate at a snail's pace which drives me insane. Next semester I'll have 7 hours in my way before I get my degree, and then, if all goes to plan, I'm packing up and moving to Nashville, TN (from Augusta, Ga for those unaware). In game playing news, BioShock looks crazy awesome and from the 360 demo I played I can't wait to play the full version (only 360 version though, I want nothing to do with the SecuROM shit on the PC). In game making news there's not much to report. Me and my friend are going to hopefully be doing some XNA related awesomeness in the near future when we both have sufficient time. I used to seriously consider games as a career path, but my goals have shifted in the last few years. I still want to be in the entertainment industry, but I'd rather work with hardware and software together and am setting my sights on entertainment robotics (ideally something like special effects shops or Disney Imagineering). In the meantime, before trekking out to Hollywood on a whim, I'm hoping to amass some money after moving to Nashville that will give me a good jumping off point for what I truly want to do with my professional life. Games will likely still be in my life but only as a hobby.
  6. caffeineaddict


    here's a long overdue update Well, disregard everything from my last entry. The girl I had been going out with got a boyfriend and got rid of me with a nice little text message. i'm over her, i think, but i'll most likely shoot her in the throat in the end of the year csci math paintball tournament. yeah, that's how i get over stuff. Our senior project is good, we did some asp.net stuff for a syntactically correct sql builder. Our electronics project is good so far as well, it's a line following robot. weve made it out of an index card holder. i've adapted wheels to it and all thats left is the circuitry. I'll post pictures and maybe a video of it working when done.
  7. caffeineaddict


    Well, this year seems to be starting off better than last. 20 days in and i've already been to a movie with a girl. This may not be groundbreaking to most, but it's a good start for me. We went to see Saw III and then to another friends house after that where, wonder of wonders, she played Gears of War. It was actually pretty cool. She said she liked gaming and it sounds like she wants to do it again. I'm amazed. This is like what you hear about in the movies or in books [wink]. If I don't mess things up too badly maybe we'll do something this week or again next weekend. Oh, and as a preemptive measure. Yes, she's hot. In a more gamedev related note, I visited the career center at our school and was pleased at what I learned. I'm looking into some Co-ops/internships, but something else the lady said that I thought was very interesting was that she can write grants to professional conferences. If i'm lucky and can swing it, maybe this is my way to the GDC! I had no idea that opportunities like that were available through school, so if you're in school it may well be worth a trip to your career center (or equivalent) as well to see if they can do similar things.
  8. caffeineaddict


    The new semester started this week. We didn't get nearly enough time off :(. I had signed up for a Piano class, but since i'm going to be pretty busy all semester i've dropped it already. I have: Applied Theory of Computing - I'm not entirely sure what this will include aside from language grammars, but it looks cool. Sr. Project - We do a project for an outside company. The teacher must've had some sympathy for us though, there's one person who for the life of me I can't figure out how they've advanced as far in the Computer Science program as they have. They don't seem to be able to do anything on their own, and they didn't contribute anything to the software design class (not in my group, but I heard about it from their partner) and now somehow he's in the Sr. Project class. The teacher put him in a solo group, so if he knows how to do anything with code, we'll get to see. If he doesn't, we'll see that as well. I hope they don't actually give him an external company, because I don't want our department to get a bad reputation (and less local hiring opportunities for us) if he spazzes out. Electronics II - last semester we learned a lot of analog stuff, this semester we learn digital stuff and we get to do a project. I haven't decided on a project yet, but i'll probably keep the journal up to date on all of these projects. I also have Computer Organization, we get to build some circuits, but mostly it's going to be software simulation (I believe we get to design a simple CPU at the end of the class, so i'm looking forward to that). In game related news, I took John Hattan up on his opening for product reviewer and was able to review 2 DVDs from Noesis Interactive on modding Half-Life 2. Overall I liked it, but check the main page in the next few weeks for the full review.
  9. caffeineaddict

    Design Doc Finalized, XNA and other stuff

    You know, my brain must be turning mushy. When you said pick-up artist, I thought you were talking about a freelance artist for your game, then I got it when you talked about the hot chicks. But, there was an artist involved I suppose. Out of curiosity, was the dude actually an artist and drawing a good picture or just using it as an excuse to talk to her?
  10. caffeineaddict

    Help Wanted

    I'd be interested in giving this a shot. I'm about to be up for Christmas break and should have the time required to do something like this. If it's related to programming or programming tools I should be ok, but I wouldn't want to have to review some modelling package because I am in no shape or form an artist. As for past experience i've written a small programming article relating to sound formats and sound APIs and conducted an interview with Pocketwatch Games for the IGF finals.
  11. caffeineaddict


    Wow, been a long time since i've posted here. School's nearly over for us this semester. Only 2 more weeks. I'm fairly happy with all of my classes. I should be getting A's and B's all around so that's good. This semester has been mixed. It's been long, but fun overall. Most of the people I hang out with will be graduating next semester and that sucks, I still have a couple of semesters left, but that's because i'm not taking more than ~12 hours/semester and I took the first semester after I graduated from high school off. Next semester i'm going to be taking Applied Theory of Computing, Computer Organization, Electronics II, my Senior Project for Computer Science, and an introductory piano class (got to break it up some). I was going to take a computational physics class to finish out my physics minor, but I won't have time to take that many upper level classes I don't think. Good news though, the professor said he might offer it again in 2 semesters if a couple of us want to take it then. That'll be fun. Final exams shall be coming up soon, hopefully they'll go well.
  12. caffeineaddict

    I don't *want* a PS2, I *require* a PS2

    I'm actually buying a PS2 for Guitar Hero as well. I bought a controller and Guitar Hero II to take to my friend's house so we can play. Sure is addicting. I heard a rumor it may be coming to the wii too.
  13. caffeineaddict


    As some of you may remember, I got in on the AirTran deal earlier this year-collect a bunch of cups, get a free ticket. Well, I got a free trip to San Francisco out of the deal ($10 out of pocket or so for various fees, still a great deal though). Anyway, as it happened, AirTran was upgrading their computers or database or something the morning we flew out (Hartsfield in Atlanta) and for whatever reasons the computers were down. A couple of days after we got back I got a voucher from AirTran for $100 off of a ticket for the inconvenience. Score! The voucher expires Saturday, so I have to spend it somehow. Seeing as how i'm now 21 and we have our spring break at a weird time (to coincide with the Masters Golf Tournament) I think i'll be heading out to Las Vegas. So I figure within the year i'll have 2 coast-to-coast flights for under $100, can't beat that. In more school news, I finished the system call implementation, it sure is a lot of work for such little gain (it just printed helloworld to the kernel log file). It's cool, but I doubt i'll use it beyond this class. Now we have to emulate the shell with fork() and exec(). It's working somewhat, but not fully. I also discovered that my journal here is pretty much the top result when searching for perl isogram from a few entries back. How did I find this out? Someone in the same class told me [smile]. I know this guy, and I don't think he copied it, but I suppose I shall have to delay posting any solutions I may come up with until after the due date lest someone less scrupulous in the class comes across it before it's due. In my electronics class we've been doing lots of cool stuff. At least stuff I haven't seen before such as phasors, Fourier Transforms and such. I e-mailed the professor (who also happens to be the Physics chairperson) and asked if we could do some stuff with robotics outside of class and to my surprise he said yes! He even said we could get ~$500 - $1000 to spend on parts (we already have tons of test equipment that we can use) so that's very cool. Me and a friend in the electronics class are president and vice president of this newly formed entity or club as it might be called, so i'm sure we're guaranteed flocks of women now...yeah. When our mech starts destroying buildings they'll know who to be friends with.
  14. caffeineaddict

    Oh dear.

    Well, we got our first project in Operating Systems, and that is to add a simple system call to our installation on Virtual PC. First of all, installing to VPC is horrendous. From CD/DVD, it took some people ~4-5 hours to install the OS. I ripped my images to the HD and mounted them in a virtual CD Drive and the process went much, much quicker. Now I have a successfully installed version of Fedora Core 5 running on my laptop through VPC. I'm downloading the kernel source through the VM right now so that I can set it all up. I've never done any of this before, so wish me luck! On the bright side though, doing all of this through VPC means (I hope) that even if I mess something up really bad it won't mess up my physical computer and all that I need to do is reinstall through the VM. Again, I hope. Just finished downloading the source but when I follow the instructions on how to set it up: rpm -ivh kernelname I get an error and a warning: error: cannot write to %sourcedir /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES warning: kernel-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5.src.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 4f2a6fd2. Gah, just talking to a friend and I forgot to be under root privileges when doing that. I am not much of a Linux user yet, so this kind of stupid stuff is bound to crop up again. I'll record my stupidity here for the benefit of others though.
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