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  1. rHornbek

    Generating Capital

    I am trying to build a list of possible methods to generate capital for a start-up project. I am aware of loans, sponsors and things like angel investors, but I would love for any feedback to assume I don't know anything. In a way I do not. Ultimately I would like to create a list of the options, pros and cons for each and resources that would help me find and contact them. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. rHornbek

    something to replace Magic in a Fantasy MMO

    Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like you want something that works like magic but does not follow magical conventions? I assume you are not opposed to doing something supernatural as long as it does not use mana or looks like casting spells? Iron Chef Carnage covers most of the things that would come to my mind. I am a huge fan of psychic powers and technology, so maybe you can explore that some.
  3. rHornbek

    Stunning Marketing

    I am amazed at how many people here are repulsed by this campaign, simply because they think it glorifies war. This would lead me to believe these same people refuse to play any shooting or fighting game because it promotes violence, or am I wrong? Maybe the reason I find this ad so interesting is because of my film background. It's well shot and tells a powerful story in a very short period of time. If you ask me, this is not a glorification of war but an example of how terrible it is. It starts with the funeral of a soldier that drives yet another person to fight the same war. Not to find resolve or glory but more death and suffering, which is a complete turn around from the role users play as the Master Chief. This commercial may not resonate with you, but I want to know which commercials do. Jackolantern1 is right, the lack of gameplay is typically a poor decision. One could argue however that enough people know about the Halo universe that they can get away with it.
  4. rHornbek

    Stunning Marketing

    I imagine most of us have already seen the commercials for Halo 3: ODST. If you have not seen the extended version I have a link for it below. I would argue that this is one of the most stunning advertisements for a game that I have seen in a long time, if ever. Can you recall other advertisements for a game in the past that have had a great effect on you?
  5. rHornbek


    I hear what your all saying, I am not totally surprised. What RT-RPG do you feel have inventive gameplay mechanics that I could review?
  6. rHornbek

    How much is to much?

    I mostly agree with what Bravepower has to say. I might add however that the more products you add, the less important individual products may become. I am not sure what the value of each product is to the user, but if a few products end up being the best part of the market hundreds of others could be neglected. This would make all your hard work to make 1000 products a bit of a waste. To Bravepower's point, based on your gameplay mechanics you may consider having more or less products. You might develop the game to have more or less products based on the number of players or the size of the mission.
  7. rHornbek


    Greetings, I have not played a Turn Based RPG in years, so I am a little out of the loop. For those of you who have played them recently and those of you who are avid TB-RPG players, what are their current status in the market and for the gaming community? 1) I can't help but think that TB-RPG's popularity has declined, or is this just in the western markets? 2) What are common gameplay trends in modern TB-RPGs? 3) Can anyone recommend any great TB-RPGs that have come out in the last two years, or any that will be coming out soon? 4) What do you feel is the future of TB-RPGs? I appreciate any feedback I can get, Cheers!
  8. rHornbek

    Changing UserName

    Thank you sir!
  9. rHornbek

    Changing UserName

    I wanted to know if there was a way I could change my UserName here on I would like to represent myself a little better than a screen name that I used years ago in high school. Any help would be great, thanks! Cheers.
  10. rHornbek

    Game Concept critisism needed.

    This is an improvement but I think you could combine some of the the topics you have and clarify others. "Come Into the Light" and "To Look Down on The World" could really be combined to describe as a whole the perspective of the user. As many of use have pointed out you have a very creative way of writing and story telling. However in "We Tell the Tales of the Past Through Song" you started to explain how you would utilize your creative writing skill in the game, but then kind of cut it short. At this point I would highly suggest you identify the primary subjects you need to define about your game. Here is a sample list I have created based on what I have read and what I think should be added... - Opening Paragraph This can be mostly what you already have, but I would include a little more of the gameplay. In all this should catch the readers attention. - Controlling and Managing the Character Here you should describe the perspective of the user, the method in which they control the character(s) such as with a Mouse or Remote and in short what they are capable of such as irradiating protective light, building walls, collecting resources etc. - User / Character Progression You mention how each of the characters can collect items and level up to progress, explain this here. More so, explain what drives the users progression other than just increasing the character's power and capabilities. - The Plot and How it is Told Here you should give use a taste of your story as you have describe already and then explain a little more about the "Songs" that the user collects to further understand the story in the game. - Unique Features Your use of audio to set the mood as described in "Screaming, Wailing, then Sudden Silence" is great so go into this a little bit more. Don't forget to relate to other game that utilize similar features and ideas, more importantly don't forget to explain why this game will do it better. In "They Can Not Be Contained or Reasoned With. Only Held Back." it looks like you have another cool idea, but it is sort of irrelevant for the teaser your writing. KnTenshi's Questions 6) Answered mostly above. 7) There are a few guidelines I have learned regarding naming conventions and when to and not to use them. The most important guideline is to make sure the names are easy enough to read and pronounce aloud. "Hatipet" isn't too bad but Hatemshugau and Mtayel is a bit rough. I am not sure what language this is but if you really want to keep the name try making them more phonetic by removing silent letters and refining them. Another guideline I was taught was to avoid renaming things that already have common names. Like don't rename a Zebra a Zevra (shame on you Blizzard) just to be different. I see how changing Mtayel to Walker would be a little lackluster, but could you get away with "Mayel" or "Shade Walkers" just to mix it up? 8) I think the term "for example" does the job rather well I am not sure what you are trying to achieve by finding another way to say it? 9) Having "To Be Continued..." at the end of a story is not terrible, in fact this is how most television series and other episodicals get people to come back in the next chapter. What's important is how you choose to do this. Don't introduce a single major conflict to the view and then just end it before anything gets done. You can have an overall plot "We must stop the evil and save our people" but have sub plots that drive the moment to moment experience of the first game. You could have your first game simply be the exodus of the survivors out of the ruined lands to a mountain where legend has it a great city exist that will protect them. Have the character battle their way only to find the mountain is barren and all hope may be lost. But wait, there is more to the legend, the mountain is where the great city will be erect and these survivors are the ones who are foretold to do it. Not a brilliant plot but I hope you get my point. Just make sure that the user feels like they still accomplished something in the first game, like defeated a villain and saved a town but he was only a captain and the leader of the bad guys still lives. You might consider working on writing everything you know about this game down and create a High Concept document that you can draw from for a presentation. You have a lot good ideas but might be unsure what is important to say and what is for sure going to occur in the game. I think you have received enough thumbs up from the people here.
  11. rHornbek

    Game Concept critisism needed.

    Quote:Original post by Tom Sloper Minor nitpicky point; something I always impress on my students. Most of the time you stayed with present tense pretty well, but I saw at least one instance of future tense. The consistent use of present tense (without deviating into future tense except when absolutely unavoidable) has a subtle and powerful effect on the reader, making him see the game as ... a game. Not just an idea. I recommend you turn any instances of future tense into present tense. You did it again Tom! You convinced me I need to visit your website more often! He is absolutely right.
  12. rHornbek

    Game Concept critisism needed.

    I have all sorts of thing to say about this concept so I will break it down into semi-related but clearly relevant parts... First off I really like the direction you are going with the gameplay and overall theme. You appear to be a capable writer because your first paragraph "A Prince In Hell" caught my attention and I didn't even know, or really care at the time, what the gameplay was like. While reading your second paragraph "Concept" I immediately felt I needed to encourage you to describe what makes your Tower Defense gameplay interesting and not just newly skinned. After reading on I found that you have a few concepts that really do take the classic Tower Defense genre in a different direction. This includes the use of light, sounds and interactive elements on the maps. That basically means you deflected a pretty obvious flaw. One reason why this concept hit very close to home for me is because I started working on a similar RTS / Tower Defense hybrid not long ago. In my original concept I too felt I could get away with an endless "Survival Type" mode. However, most of people I discussed this with wanted to have a progressive game with some plot. This does not mean you have to follow the same advice, but clearly from your first paragraph you are capable of writing an interesting plot. See if your game could benefit from this. KnTenshi's Questions 1) I would absolutely like to see the Treatment and GDD for this concept. Keep in mind however that while I, or other Producers/Developers, may be interested in learning more we may not find it appropriate for our companies time. So when your presenting this to someone keep in mind what sort of things they already make and are capable of making. 2-3) What you have written thus far is pretty solid for an mind catching teaser. A few things that I have been taught for these sort of high concept presentations are... - Don't be afraid to relate your game to an existing game. It wont make you sound like a copy cat, it will only help the people your presenting it to understand it better. - While it is a good idea to relate your product to an existing product, it is also very important to describe why your product will be better. Better graphics, better story, refined or new gameplay mechanics etc. - We are designing and developing game, so make sure you explain the gameplay. Story, Characters, Races, Factions, Spacial Attacks, Monsters, Cut Scenes are not as important in this document as "how the game is played". - Don't be too granular with your presentation, cut to the chase and be clear. - Know your audience, who are the people playing the game and who are the people you are trying to sell the idea too. If the people your selling the idea too are a bunch of number crunching investors you might want to include information regarding the business plan. If the consumer is 3 to 6 year old Spanish boys with no arms, you might want to explain that. I think you did a pretty good job of this, but you could do a little more than short paragraph in each section. 4) YES. Any opportunity to display thoughtfulness and creativity is a big plus! And in this case for me it really worked. 5) For the most part your post flowed pretty well. I think after you write your sections you may want to toy around with the order and even test it on a few people. You can also consider changing the order based on who you are showing. CONCLUSION I could not agree more with the others that this game in top down 2D would not do it justice. Isometric would be great and full 3D would be ideal. Great job so far, I look forward to hearing what you do next and even reading the treatment/GDD! Please send me a PM if you have any direct questions. Cheers!
  13. rHornbek

    Time wasted in MMORPGs

    As Bravepower said, and I would have to agree, the developers want and above all need the users time to be occupied. Taking WoW as an example, observe how fast content is completed as soon as it hits the live servers. Part of the issue is allowing users to figure it out on test realms, but ultimately it is hard to actually create a completely full time experience. Creating time sinks like grinding, limited drops, real time flight paths and repeatable quests is necessary to make the game feel lively, long and worthwhile. Do I think this is the best developers will ever be capable of? Absolutely not! Things will get better, there will be more to do and the tedious activities can be made more engaging but that will but up to the next generation of games.
  14. rHornbek

    Cinematic Game Experience

    There is an article regarding "making games cinematic" in the August (vol 16 no 7) issue of GameDeveloper magazine. It focuses mostly on the use of camera angels, the pros and cons of each and what not to do. The article is worth reading if this is a topic you are passionate about. I myself have a background in video production and know exactly what you are talking about. I don't think that every developer is clueless. In fact I think many of them simply suffer from the same issue, the fact that it is an interactive game and not a movie. As the article points out, film makers have control over all the angles, the actions and typically the actors. This means they can time things; music, explosions, emotions etc. This is not to say game developers do not have the ability to control these elements, they simply have to deal with the unpredictable and adventurous actions of the player, or players. Of course you could limit what the player can do, so they get the experience you want them to feel. If the video you have linked is indeed ingame, live footage of a user playing the game they must know what they are doing. Even so, if in that video the player decided to stop, took the wrong turn or actually got hit by a bullet it would break the rhythm that makes the video appear so "cinematic."
  15. This is a great question, I would like to hear the answer myself.
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