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  1. lol you're a horrible troll. It does go to show how nice the gamedev community is. They just use the reputation system on people.
  2. Sirisian

    V5: What I've been working on recently

    Looks awesome. A few things though. Are you refreshing because of ads? Might be able to use URL hashes for the pages and the comments section to totally get rid of the page refresh.
  3. Sirisian


    Aww. so cute. I actually got a cat myself (6 months old). I taught it to fetch. >:) Cats are the greatest.
  4. Sirisian

    IE8 fixes, and chat client

    See if you can insert the user's login name into mibbit if they're logged into gamedev.net. Also if it's not hard disable that default name. People are actually using it. Much like they used Guest. It's annoying. Keep up the good work. :)
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