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  1. SOLVED!!!!! i was supposed to pass in an Int, but i had to overload the senddata method - i needed one with the same sig.. bah! i got it fixed :)
  2. Hi Guys, I'm developing a network battleship game, and for some reason, when i send a message it sends twice: public: System::Void SendData(int type, int recipient, String *mess) { NetworkPacket *packet = new NetworkPacket(); packet->Write(Convert::ToString(type)); packet->Write(mess); Microsoft::DirectX::DirectPlay::SendFlags flags; flags = SendFlags::Sync,SendFlags::NoLoopback; m_Server->SendTo((int) recipient, packet, 0, flags); } I have other very similar types of SendData Methods (only difference is their parameters), which work ok. Does anyone know why this may be? Thanks, Pat
  3. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated. I know i'd much prefer the socket route myself. I hate programming to an interfact such as directplay. sucks. my lecturer for network gaming says that we must use directplay. Thanks for the info again guys, i shall take a few more pokes about and see what i can come up with :)
  4. Hi Guys, I've got an assignment for uni - create a network battleship game using c++.net, and directplay. I'm trying to send an array in a NetworkPacket, is there any way to add the entire array to the packet, or do i have to add each individual element of the array? Also, The example we were givin in class for sending information using the server object: m_Server->SendTo((int) PlayerID::AllPlayers, packet, 0, flags); This sends the packet to everyone. is there anyway i can send the packet to a sepcific user? I'm not too familiar with directplay. Thanks, Pat
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    thanks for all the info guys. I'm new to the whole concept of gave dev. all help = cheers dudes!
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    Can someone suggest some good resources for mmog sites? [Edited by - DiscoPat on October 24, 2005 7:29:38 AM]
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