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    Crossover problem

    You may want to read this paper. It covers several methods for crossover on permutations. I like Gil Syswerda's permutation crossover (which is presented in this paper). The pdf link seems to not work, but the ps is fine. link I honestly don't know if the methods DadleFish posted are in here or not, but I hope it helps.
  2. FooMonk

    Need help finding a word

    Quote:Original post by one mind Quote:The word you are looking for is sisyphean. The vision i had in my mind coming up with this word was that guy pushing the rock up the mountain. But the word i'm after is not sisyphean but alot like it. Although, its not so much you have to do it, its like you do it for self punishment or something along those lines... Now you're just being pedantic :)
  3. FooMonk

    another project (more photos)

    I think you should do some reinforcement learning to make it walk. Then take off a leg and train it again. Repeat until no more legs. yeah. good times.
  4. Quote:Original post by jperalta ... because R is a statistics package, not a "real" "programming language" Could you define "real programming language"? Off the top of my head, I would say that a programming language is real if it: 1. has unambiguous syntax for which semantics are defined 2. can somehow run on a computer through interpretation and/or compilation 3. can be used to effectively solve problems R fits those three criteria, so I would say that it is a real programming language. Also, there are GUI packages available for R, though I've never done anything with them.
  5. Quote:Original post by capn_midnight I think all languages should have a point, vector, and matrix data type. I think double and float (or other examples like short, int, long) should be available. There should be just decimal and integer. If I don't care which one I want, just number. Complex numbers should also be a data type. NaN should be a defined value, just like +- Inf. All the mathematical functions like exponents, roots, trigonometry, etc, should be included in the language. In short, ALL languages should have full mathematical capacities, without the need to import extra libraries. You may want to try R (the free version of S/Splus). I don't know about complex numbers, but the rest of it is there. The only thing annoying enough for me to mention is that Java needs operator overloading.
  6. FooMonk

    Starting AI

    One thing few people seem to think about: Go to some universities' cs websites and look for notes and assignments from an AI course. Do the assignemnts and if there's one you find interesting, play with it or use that method on another problem.
  7. FooMonk

    How much work is too much work?

    Live a little. In my experience, there's no use making more money if you have no time to spend it.
  8. FooMonk

    Algorithm for solving 3d puzzle

    Quote:Original post by alvaro Quote:I wouldn't really call this artificial intelligence but more like a really nice optimization trick, if you can get it to work. I wouldn't call it AI either. I am just trying to solve a problem here, and I don't particularly care if you can call it AI or not. Do you consider computer chess to be AI? A very similar trick is used there; databases are generated with all the exact scores for positions with only a few pieces left, and then they are queried during the search, whenever one of the branches happens to fall into a known endgame. I think the key word here is search. If the solution uses a search, it's AI. On the other hand, it is often said that once we solve an AI problem, it's not AI anymore. ...Maybe AI is in the eye of the beholder.
  9. FooMonk

    Personal Statement

    I don't know about the university you are applying to, but it's my understanding that they are looking for four things: 1) communications skills (as mentioned by other posters) 2) that you would benefit the program 3) that the program would benifit you and 4) that you can bring something different to their program (note that this is different than number 2) Also, it's your chance to give them information that is not asked for in any of the application forms.
  10. FooMonk

    YAY Holiday present ideas thread

    Here's a good question that's mostly on topic. Would you rather (a) recieve a gift which was obviously a shot in the dark or something you asked for four years ago OR (b) get a gift certificate? Yes, I know that it's the thought that counts, but some thoughts are worse than others.
  11. FooMonk

    Owww... those linked lists drive me mad!!

    My worst experience with linked lists was when I had to use them in straight C. They can be done using structs, and it isn't that hard, but it makes me cringe every time I think about it. It's just not right.
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