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  1. Xye

    It is a puzzle game based on Kye. We extended the graphics and added gameplay features and some infamously hard levels. http://xye.sourceforge.net
  2. .NET, is it better?

    Until MONO gets better (as in actually having all .NET features) .NET is not gonna be cross platform and because of that I would have to use java (not like I am gonna make any program that can't run on my beloved ubuntu). I think MONO's main issue was caused by MS not thinking about managing the GUI and making it windows only, completely crippling what could be .NET's biggest feature, to allow cross platform GUI applications that don't require compiling and work almost everywhere. Now it is just cross platform as in "64 bits or 32 bits windows?" MONO does work correctly with some apps but does not really render things the way they are rendered when using .NET and it ends up crashing in some apps. I hope MONO eventually gets better to the level of WINE that would be great for linux. I also hope that VISTA comes with something that would allow .NET to have managed GUI. C# really is a very efficient (for the programmer) language and .NET has everything you'd need. So if you are going to the windows only marked and don't really need to have the fastest program .NET is going to work for you. I love SDL in my C++ Not saying it is better than .NET at all. But I do love it.
  3. .NET, is it better?

    Benchmarks show that MC++ is much slower than anything else, It is not even recommended by MS unless you want to port some C++ code to .NET . C# is decently fast, but it is not faster than C++ , the difference is not noticeable as long as you handle your memory usage with care. .NET is not better than native it is not worse either, it is just something different. Different things for different objectives
  4. srand() and rand() portability

    thanks very much with 3 alternatives I guess I have plenty of options
  5. Of course they are standards so they are available where sdtio is but I was thinking on adding replays to my game, the only problem is that some objects, specially the monsters' AI rely on random numbers. So the question is : would equal srand() values generate the same results for rand() in different platforms? and if not, is there a library that allows this?
  6. game Xye 0.6 feedback wanted

    really? tried downloading the new file and it still doesn't work? It should work, if it doesn't then just use xye.exe and forget about xyegui Edit: I am sorry, seems I had some huge 'issues' today, but it should work 100% fine by now. (Download it again please) [Edited by - Vexorian on April 5, 2006 6:45:43 PM]
  7. game Xye 0.6 feedback wanted

    You mean the same errors as Trillian? I updated the win32 zip file , should work correctly now.
  8. game Xye 0.6 feedback wanted

    hmnn I probably included the wrong version of xyegui.exe try editing xyeconf.xml to let it use #browse# I think it is like that by default. Then use xye.exe directly.
  9. It is version 0.6.2 of my WIP game Xye, it is a new edition of the classic Kye with more objects and level editing options. Can play .kye levels Plenty of new objects new XML based level format Uses SDL so it works on win32 and linux Download http://xye.sourceforge.net Need Linux testers and feeback/criticism is welcome
  10. C# - Getting started?

    In my opinion C# is by far superior to JAVA it also has realistic changes to become well-accepted because its main supporters are also the developers of direct X and the guys that control most of the market.
  11. Xye 0.5 released

    Xye is just an attempt to remake the old classic called Kye. It is a 2D game, it can sometimes be a puzzle, sometimes a speed challenge and sometimes an arcade game, really depends on the level. You could compare it to Chips' challenge, DROD and Escape it sort out falls in their category, but it is closer to Chips' challenge because it is real time and not turn-based. The game itself was made with C++ using SDL, SDL_Image and tinyxml (for the level format). I made a level file selector using C# I am not sure if it is a good idea to have the GUI separated from the C++ it is great from the developer's side I must say , I don't know if it would affect the end users too much. Would like some feedback. I really need it. Screenshots: https://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=151474 Home Page: http://xye.sourceforge.net [Edited by - Vexorian on March 24, 2006 5:59:11 AM]
  12. Bob Janova I did not have information about that method to get graphics from image, mostly because I was browsing Image and bitmap members thanks a lot for pointing that out
  13. C# - Getting started?

    yeah well SDL.net doesn't use floats for texture coordinates/colors so at least when rendering they won't cause too much problem Quote:And do not use C# for casual game (shareware) cause publishers don't like Framework depended games. And I agree with them. I do not deal with them lucky me I am still an amateur programmer. I wouldn't know they are anti Framework. But I have the tilt that vista will cause a lot of changes and eventually make them change their opinion. We can't predict how directx 10 will change the ground either.
  14. Encapsulation is just an idea anyways. It uses reflection and I think reflection needs special permissions. But well Seems will use my own control cause there is no way to render a bitmap into another bitmap without using GetPixel / SetPixel Is there?
  15. C# - Getting started?

    Also directx is not the only alternative, you can also use SDL.net for rendering / other stuff I really recommend the demos that come with that library's SDK
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