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  1. Alright guys I appreciate the help, but I am still a little lost. Should I be taking classes that only pertain to technology? I mean...I have taken a bunch of those but I couldn't tell you the first thing about how to start developing a game. Are there any schools out there or courses that you all have taken that you could suggest??
  2. I need lots of help! I really want to be a game designer (or more precise, work my way up to executive producer/designer). I have been at a community college for 2 years just taking regular classes such as biology/biology labs, algebra/trig, 3 different englishes, economics, theatre appreciation, psychology and so on and so forth. However, my college doesn't offer anything really in game design, just computer programming and web page design. What I need to know is...what do I need to do? Do I need to go to a school such as DeVry? What classes do I need to take to be qualified to become (or one day become) an executive producer/game designer. On average, how many years will it take? The reason why I am asking is because I know some people on this board can answer these questions whereas I don't even know how to go about getting information from anyone locally. I know that it is a process to get into that position (unless of course you somehow have the funding to create your own studio right off the bat) which I am ok with! I really want to be part of a team and work my way up. But I DO want to be qualified right off the bat though that if for some reason a studio was hiring an exec. producer/designer, I would have a great shot at it. This is my second year of college so I know I've wasted some time, but I am determined to see this though! It really doesn't matter how long it takes because it is what I want to persue. I don't know what a starting salary is...but I do know Kojima, after all those years of working his way up, lives in apartment that costs him about $10,000/month (1up.com talked about it)! Any help would be wonderful!
  3. Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been back here to check up on things (I have been fighting the beast called college midterms, and I won...booyah). Thank you all so much for the insight and info! The reason why I wanted to get back tonight though was to tell you all that I am scheduling my classes tomorrow. So far, I have Biology 102, Biology Lab 104, and Web Design 101. Now, I know that you all said the best way to start out is to teach yourself how to program. I have been reading many articles and started on some books (okay, a book...school has been too hectic to read for spare time) that have to do with things such as C++. The way I understand it, I should teach myself how to do these things. However, wouldn't it be better if I went to DeVry and had some classes? Or is it just the same thing except I'd be paying for one and learning how to do it myself for free the other? One last thing...any recomendations on classes I should sign up for? Thanks guy! Also...about the money thing. Haha, well, I certainly don't have $40 million to make Half-Life 2 and I certainly don't have the funds that give people that would work for/with me the salaries EA gives their people...but I have at least $120,000 guaranteed to me. Yeah, I know...thats about 4 PS3 alpha kits. I'm starting to think I should get in a company somewhere, work my way up for a while to where I can make a really good salary, then start up my own business with people I've worked with before (with me of course being *drum roll* executive producer/designer ;-)).
  4. Hmm that part about how I shouldn't expect to make it in the field...haha real momentum booster. But basically, I should major in Computer Science and take the classes that pertain to game development, right? Oh, by the way. I was talking with one of my buddies on AIM whose brother owns a software company up in Pittsburgh. I was telling him how everyone here was helping me out on how I should go about starting my career and what not. I was talking to him about how I would want to submit an idea so I could be eligible to purchase a dev kit. Apparently, he talked to his brother about me and my situation. According to his brother, theoretically, if I wanted a dev kit after Playstation 3 production was in full steam and I produced $30,000 cash to purchase one, Sony wouldn't mind selling me one as long as I have certification...good idea or not. I don't know how well put that is, but I just thought I'd pass it along. One point he brought up though was this: "If Ed Boon can create games that have mass amounts of clipping, horrid physics, reviews that are average by the media, and typos inside the game text itself, then why is it he can get dev kits? Because he and his team had the funding to purchase them and they are certified." While some of this I'm sure isn't correct "by the book", I can certainly see how sometime people can "slip through the cracks." I also pretty much figured that it would be extremely rare for somebody to be hired for executive producer/designer. However, if you were to start your own company (with proper funding, of course) wouldn't you be the person in charge of the project? Just curious by the way...how much do you guys think Kojima or the dev. team and Bungie make? Haha these are just about all the questions I can think of for the moment, I'm sure I will have more in the morning!
  5. Hey guys! I was reading what you all had said about career counselors. Well, I live in West Virginia and I am attending a community college right now (West Virginia University at Parkersburg) and my counselor isn't really knowledgable about much. There are others I could ask and will ask...but I was wondering something. What classes should I take? I know this is basically a "more you know, the better off you are" situation, but I can't help but feel that are certain classes that I HAVE to have. What would you all say is the highest math I should go to? How about science? I stayed at this community college so I could have a better start with my core classes that I needed such as my college algebra, biology and biology labs, history, english etc. etc. Now that I will be leaving next year, I was wondering...what classes should I take that deal with becoming an executive producer/game designer? Is there a single string of classes that I need to follow or are there some that are more important than others? Believe me, you guys on this forum know a thousand percent more than any counselor at my school, and I appreciate it so much that you all are helping me out! Edit: While I am pretty sure that right after I get out of school with my degree, I won't be able to waltz into a company and expect to be offered a job and given a Half-Life 2 $40 million budget, is it possible to become an executive producer and game designer on day 1? I mean, I haven't seen much about company policies on how the status of their developers works, but if you submit an idea of a game and it is approved by, lets say, Sony, does that mean you are automatically the head hancho for the project as long as you are certified? [Edited by - krackerjack411 on October 11, 2005 11:10:14 PM]
  6. Thank you so much for that great info! Keep it coming haha! Yes I agree getting started on my own with a group of people, let alone very talented people, would be extremely hard. However, I feel that having the strong desire to make games that I have, it would be better. Bungie was rushed to release Halo 2 and I don't think I could ever take a project I put my all into just to have it released so more parents buy it for a Christmas present (not saying that I wouldn't mind raking in the extra cash, ya know). However, I would want to prove myself to a company for them to want me and think of me as an asset, such as Sony thinks of Kojima or Microsoft thinks of Bungie. So maybe what I'm saying is that I would like to start out on my own to show developers my "visions" (and hopefully good talent, after I learn all I need to learn). On the other hand, I think that in the end I would eventually want to take the easy(er) road and start in a company and work my way up to executive producer/game designer. It may save me a few gray hairs. My classes I am taking right now include Theater Appreciation and Native American Literature. Seems that theater class is paying off now! I took CS 101 and CS 102 in my first and second semesters of last year and made B's which is worrying me now. The only reason I made B's in those classes is because I had to sacrafice one grade per semester to get A's in my Bio Labs and Math classes. I hope that doesn't affect me too much *worried*.
  7. Ok I read the bio on Kojima. What I don't understand though, is what classes should I be taking? What schools would people reccomend to go to (I live on the East Coast...just FYI)? Thats the part I am confused on. Thanks!
  8. Hey all...this is my second year in college (well actually third semester) and I want to become a game creator. Not just the creator, but I want to be the next Kojima (biggest inspiration)...the one who is in charge of what the graphics look like, how the gameplay should work, the development process of the game, the story etc. etc.. (executive producer/game designer)! I have a STRONG passion to makes games but I am beyond confused how to get there. Basically...I am pleading with you guys lol. What school(s) can get me to the status that I am aiming for? What courses do I need and so on and so forth. Please give me the complete rundown, please. I am so desperate and confused I really don't think I could ask anyone in my entire state of how to go about reaching my goal. Also...I know Kojima works for Konami, Itagaki works for Tecmo, Miyamoto works for Nintendo etc. etc...But is it possible to be like Kojima (although he didn't really start out on his own) or Bungie and create your own development studio if you have enough money to buy dev kits and work on a project until a company (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) approve of it? See how confused I am lol? Please, any help!!
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