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  1. SimonForsman

    A.I. for a turn-based board game ...

    Ooops! I shouldn't post code that I wrote late at night. I think it should actually be 34 (31 non-empty combinations for bringing figures out of the base plus 3 moves). But 35 wouldn't hurt anything. [/quote] ah yes, i just thought, highest move value = 34 so 35 moves, (gotta learn to actually read the code and not just skim through it), you're right that it should be 34.
  2. SimonForsman

    A.I. for a turn-based board game ...

    Move moves[33]; shouldn't this be Move moves[35] for this ?
  3. The game was virtually unplayable for almost two weeks on evenings and weekends in Europe and Asia, The US customers got alot better service but it wasn't a smooth ride there either. I'm honestly surprised that so many people(fanboys?) defend the developers/publishers when they fuck up. (It doesn't matter how difficult something is, if you charge money for something and fail to deliver it is your problem, not your customers, in Blizzards case the failure was pretty much on purpose(They didn't want to spend too much on servers since the load would drop off after the initial rush))
  4. SimonForsman

    eglmakecurrent is so slowly in android

    Don't do it every frame. (As long as its always the same thread executing the rendering you only have to call it once)
  5. and despite this Ubisoft have backed away from their always online DRM since it caused too much problems and most likely cost them sales and ruined their reputation, DRM is fine if it is done right, always online DRM however is a very bad solution unless you have the resources to keep your DRM servers online at all times. (Users might accept that they can't play when their connection is down but they sure as hell don't accept that they can't play because a group of annoyed pirates decided to DDOS your DRM servers or because your servers can't handle the load, have to reboot for an update or you simply couldn't afford to keep things running anymore. (I personally wouldn't buy a game from an indie developer or financially unstable publisher if it used a DRM system that would cause the game to stop working if the company went out of business or had to cut costs)
  6. That could probably work really well as a short flash platformer. (Seems like something a good writer could turn into something interesting without requiring very complex gameplay)
  7. I agree, This is the better way of doing it imho instead of getting a global evil or good reputation. But you still have evil&good choices even with this system because otherwise you can't get negative reputation unless it's with the bad guys you get negative reputation. It can be really "simple choice" like you're walking a corridor in perhaps an inn and you bump into someone and then thers the choices like.. 1. Excuse me, I'll step aside. 2. Get outta my way. 3. *push him out of the way* 4. *move aside and then stick your leg out so he trips over it* You could make it even more evil if the person that you bump into is a handicapped person or an old lady with a cane lol. And you can imagine yourself how you could keep building on what happens next after each of those choices. Maybe the person is an important npc.. or an important npc that will have a big impact on your game later on... and will remember you. [/quote] Ofcourse, choices in dialogs could lower your reputation (or increase/mitigate the effect of your actions), the real point though is that there shouldn't be "good guys and evil guys" in a RPG(thats so damn overdone even though the player is usually placed on the "good" side swapping things around to allow the player to be on the "evil" side doesn't really change anything). Choices are more interesting when the outcome is uncertain and it becomes difficult or even impossible to make a choice that is good for everyone, Conflicts where neither party is clearly good or evil allow for far more interesting choices.
  8. Personally i would just strip out good/evil choices from dialogs and have it all be action and reputation based, (Treat someone badly and his friends/faction will like you less), in a sandbox RPG you could then have reputation spread as npcs interact with eachother and you could track multiple values per npc. (a NPC might for example consider you to be a good guy to have around in a fight while he wouldn't let you enter his home unsupervised since valuable items often "go missing" when you're around)
  9. SimonForsman

    The truth about MMO's

    I'd disagree with there not having been any real innovations in the MMO genre since World of Warcraft, EvE online is definitly different, and WoW really wasn't inventive at all (it was essentially a straight copy of DaoC / Everquest / etc), it is however polished,accessible, uses a popular IP and has a steady stream of content updates. (These things are far more important than innovation when it comes to attracting a large playerbase, and competing with a large company like Blizzard in these areas are virtually impossible, especially given the momentum they allready have (Players invest time in MMOs and will not switch game that easily)). There have been alot of innovations in the MMO sub-genre, the innovative games however hasn't appealed to the mass-market but that doesn't mean they don't exist or that they aren't successful. (Success doesn't require you to have millions of players, it just requires you to have enough to make a profit).
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