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  1. Woopsies: refactoring some code into a support function for clipping a set of polylines within a range of Z coordin…

  2. Medial-axis carving (aka V-carving/B-carving) toolpath generation is done! I took care of medial-axis calculation a…

  3. Parallel milling toolpath generation is on lock, including Z DoC for multi-pass contouring.

  4. @CynthiaLIVE That is, as we say in the industry, a non-positive affirmation.

  5. @Sol_HSA LOL, looks like it's a 3-way tie. Definitely not 12FPS tho.

  6. Jamie Cullum - Pure Imagination via @YouTube

  7. @chadbensonshow Do other countries accommodate non-assimilating immigrants and sustain low incarceration rates and…

  8. PixelCNC's first fully-generated toolpath, from beginning to end! Now to translate the internal toolpath moves arra…

  9. Thieves in the Night (Oculus Render)

    Interesting aesthetic. Why the VR render with no stereoscopy? It's just two images of the same vantage point / perspective.
  10. @caseyjohnston You don't know the half of it. Watch some Louis Rossman on YT, then you'll know the full story.

  11. @kennyjacksonman I've been giving up my entire life. It hasn't worked yet. Now I'm trying something different. ;)

  12. Image-based horizontal milling CAM algorithm and immediate-mode GUI taking shape! PixelCNC is getting closer.

  13. Now that is a hack!

  14. Debug render of PixelCNC

  15. Battling binary Euclidean distance transform ickiness, I've finally figured how to go about generating a medial axi…