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  1. deftware

    'Slope Lighting' Terrain

    I wrote this article when I was 14. Then it was later published with the same name I came up with in one of those Andre LaMothe books "Focus on Terrain" IIRC.
  2. I do all my best thinking out loud.

  3. https://t.co/zXSux1ARzM

  4. Solved a problem for #PixelCNC involving the aliased result produced when thresholding an image. Thresholding and a… https://t.co/EDMi6jehs1

  5. Decided to go back to uploading complete zip files for newer versions in lieu of the 'update' versions. The update… https://t.co/e75EfOo7DD

  6. @Dshector1 @jordanbpeterson The point is that it's an apples/oranges comparison. I never said guns solve those prob… https://t.co/HYYwm4eYVN

  7. @bikewazowski I check the PixelCNC messageboard daily over on the https://t.co/w17qGGpxz8 page. If you don't mind y… https://t.co/8HeoZ03bnm

  8. @mat_kelcey Morse code?

  9. #PixelCNC v1.13a will be out tomorrow with better mesh subdivision for improved capture of image/simulation details… https://t.co/QPec6EGhNk

  10. #Bitphoria #OculusRift #GameDev https://t.co/b2LPFukeNV

  11. word of the day "animadversions"

  12. RT @PalmerLuckey: Oh no, Bitcoin has "crashed" to where it was at the start of December! That is only double what it was a month before, a…

  13. @VRFocus @googlevr @lenovo It's about damn time! Been waiting to see what they had up their sleeve forever.

  14. @NileRed2 As many as you need to feel accomplished while not feeling overburdened to where your life becomes unmanageable.

  15. @Boogie2988 #SwatYoSelf

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