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  1. RT @PalmerLuckey: Oh no, Bitcoin has "crashed" to where it was at the start of December! That is only double what it was a month before, a…

  2. @VRFocus @googlevr @lenovo It's about damn time! Been waiting to see what they had up their sleeve forever.

  3. @NileRed2 As many as you need to feel accomplished while not feeling overburdened to where your life becomes unmanageable.

  4. @Boogie2988 #SwatYoSelf

  5. #PixelCNC's simulation engine is in the works. I think I'm going to go with another image-based strategy which rast…

  6. @tweetsauce Resembles some kind of CNC end mill cutter.

  7. #PixelCNC coding interrupted by the need to make a 3D touch probe. Learning CAD in DesignSpark Mechanical. This is…

  8. Lucasfilm: Revoke EA's Star Wars License - Sign the Petition! via @Change

  9. Now that Prim's algorithm is working in #PixelCNC it's time to start playing with wall selection and reflection/rot…

  10. RT @mjmurdoc: Quantum Resonance Module /// ::::::::::::::::::: #hologram #scifi #fui #interface #ui #houdini #3dart

  11. @Boogie2988 Looks like your beard is no longer weighing your smile down!

  12. Woopsies: refactoring some code into a support function for clipping a set of polylines within a range of Z coordin…

  13. Medial-axis carving (aka V-carving/B-carving) toolpath generation is done! I took care of medial-axis calculation a…

  14. Parallel milling toolpath generation is on lock, including Z DoC for multi-pass contouring.

  15. @CynthiaLIVE That is, as we say in the industry, a non-positive affirmation.