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  1. SpiegelEiXXL

    What be this? Height Mapping?

    Makes the entire Island look like a mountain :D (with some islands on the upperside). Time for some "rolling down from a mountain into the sea"-fun ^^
  2. SpiegelEiXXL

    more upgrades

    It's really "cool" inside there, isn't it? :D *pointing on the big blue cooler inside* How big is the whole Computer with the case on it? (i dont want to ask you for the weight, with all the modding i hardly believe its moveable :D) Anyway, nice thing, you cant get lost in the dark with it :-) SpiegelEi
  3. SpiegelEiXXL

    Finding Style

    Depending on how the floor on which this is standing on is styled/rendered, i might would have to change my decission, but just from the different styles of the 4 signs you shown us, i would prefer the 1. and 4. style.
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