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  1. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZaY_wtJBho[/media]   Flight rules and safety Precautions? Forget about it! This game is about risky, reckless air-racing and having fun doing it. Gugila, an indie studio from a tiny country launches Altitude0: Lower & Faster on Steam Early Access: http://store.steampowered.com/app/308080 Altitude0: Lower & Faster is an extreme air racing game with super low flying, inspired by real life air-racing but with a twist. What if safe flying wasn't a problem, what if every crash - pilots could magically survive and try again? The latest feature coming with Steam launch is moving obstacles. Swinging blades, compression machines and burning gates were used to make flying crazier, extra exciting and to test player’s skills. This game is about competitions, skills, reflexes and fast arcade action. Altitude0 is a new fresh take on arcade racing. We tried to deliver fun, semi-realistic flying experience while making competitive racing our main objective. Racing tracks that come with the game should be a good start, but that’s not all. Players will be able to create their own tracks, plane skins and decorations to personalize their gaming experience. Steam Early Access launch version includes all core gameplay features. We are still adding more content (tracks, planes) and different competitive multiplayer modes. Players should already be able to fully enjoy the dynamics of crazy low and risky flying. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.altitude0.com Thanks,  
  2.   Altitude0 update - plane destruction   Altitude0 now fully support plane destruction.  Players will make mistakes, crashing and hitting. Planes will burn, get deformed, scratched, lose parts and still keep flying. Something you will never see in real life. Also when a plane is down, Altitude0 pilot always survives!   Plane dynamics got lighter and faster for more exciting racing. Also a new sandbox practice track is added to help new players explore and learn how to fly before joining real racing.
  3.   Thanks for your kind comment. It really motivates us to kill remaining bugs and finish the game. :)
  4. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6wr4yeqPpQ[/media] We just released a new Altitude0 trailer - Fly Away. Please make sure volume is up. Real rock music with great voice comes to Altitude0: Lower & Faster. We got lucky to hook ourselves up with an awesome band LastDayHere (LDH). Game has loads of heavy rocking vibe thanks to them. Trailer video music is an example. More LDH scores are waiting to be unlocked and will certainly spice up your playing. Also we just got on Steam Greenlight. Please help this game get on Steam. Your vote will be very appreciated. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=237309114 Thanks,  
  5.   Play Altitude0: Win or Crash - free Altitude0 mini game!   Altitude0 beta testing is over. Thanks goes to all the players who participated in testing. This helped us make the game a lot more stable and fun. Game is in the stage of final packing. At this occasion we released a free mini game called 'Altitude0: Win or Crash'. It gives a taste of real racing, it's small, no installation, no fuss, just a quick, down to the point game that even your grandma should be able to enjoy. Also this mini game brings a bit more crashing action: hit and destroy some objects (haystacks, billboards). Play as much as you wish and share the file with your friends. Download links are available here: www.altitude0.com Cheers,
  6.   Altitude0 Track Editor is a web browser tool created for Altitude0 game, air racing and it's easy to access and use.   It allows you to create your own tracks the way you want and share your creation. It runs in any modern web browser that supports WebGL (like Firefox or Chrome). Tracks can be as wild as you want them to be: with different object selection, you can build exciting, interesting or challenging tracks. Currently Altitude0 Track Editor is available here: http://www.altitude0.com/a0editor Also for all the coders out there, editor comes with readable javascript, source code. If you are interested, you can copy code, learn from it, or maybe improve it? Certainly editor started that way.  
  7. Hi guys, Check out Altitude0 game trailer. It's open for play now and you can download it at http://www.altitude0.com [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXzJJuSInu0[/media]
  8. Procedural Terrain

    Thank you for a nice collection of algorithms gathered in one place. I myself spent countless hours on terrain generation in the past. Currently in our engine, we use procedural algorithms mostly for closeups. I would suggest the next step is bringing in some layered materials. Otherwise good job.
  9. Closed beta is ending and game will go open beta in a couple of days. If you participated in the closed beta, we would like to offer you premium content for free. For that, just become A0 Pro pilot license holder. Cheers,
  10. Just a quick note to Altitude0 beta testers: We scheduled our first multiplayer race on June 29th, Saturday 20:00 UTC. We need a couple of players to test multiplayer. At least two of us will be there, got to start somewhere . So if you have some time on Saturday and don't mind trying out "buggy" racing, please come around. Also ask Google on how to convert 20:00 UTC to your local time zone.
  11. @Darkhog: glad to hear somebody beside us developers liked the cow trailer joke. Certainly we are the minority, haters' camp was much stronger.  Otherwise, price will be decided soon, but we will try to keep part of game free for online play.   Cow supporters unite!
  12.   Hello,   Final closed beta version is now available to beta testers!   The update includes the following: New canyon environment and tracks Real-time online multiplayer: (first become A0 pilot to join real-time online multiplayer race). More gameplay features: new achievements, licenses, racing levels In-plane view and numerous fixes Problem discovered just before this update: Multiplayer mode has some sound issues (choppy music & sounds). We will try to fix and update multiplayer as soon as possible.    Hopefully online multiplaying can start soon. Currently you can visit online lobby and rooms but you will probably find them quite lonely :) You can try playing with your buddies and we scheduled some race for coming Saturday - check multiplayer lobby for more info. Multiplayer is still in the starting stage and we hope it will be fun to play soon.   In the meantime, please let us know if you find some bugs or have suggestions when testing the game.   Thanks, DareM
  13. Some screenshots from canyon scene: We are creating new tracks on the canyon scene. We are testing to finalize them.      
  14. Hello,     It's been a while since the last major update to Altitude0 and this time the focus was gameplay. New race modes: - Other than time race where goal is to be ahead, we added item collecting mode (collect thumbs up items), where goal is to collect as many items as you can in a limited amount of time. Another addition is checkpoint mode where time pressure makes flying even harder; check out track 'Mountain High'. New game rules: - Race rules: every race your must fulfill a certain task for result to count, otherwise pilot is considered disqualified. - Achievements: extra tasks that change depending on your current status. Achievements also bring rewards, like extra tracks and other goodies. - Acrobatic points: game will reward players that can fly daringly: low flying, knife edge, rolls, loops, dives, etc. - License mode: goal is to improve your pilot status. Advance your pilot license by collecting license achievements, racing points and completing different challenges to get ahead. - Racing level: as you complete races, you collect racing points and improve your racing level. We welcome everybody to join the closed beta at http://www.altitude0.com/ Cheers, DareM
  15. @jbadams: Thank you for your comment.   Some info about Altitude0 tech part. Language used is C++ but I also embedded Mono C#. Mono C# is used for gameplay,menus and high end stuff, code in trenches is C++ only.   Game uses Bullet physics, including some soft bodies for flags. To get airplane physics running I was learning from JSBSim (open source flight model), a lot of headache but worth it. Certainly I was cutting some corners because we didn't want to end up with a dead serious simulator.   Graphics, currently DirectX9 and DirectX11 are used for rendering but OpenGL should be easy to add, maybe in the future. On top of that comes nature rendering: terrain & vegetation - we call this module GroundWiz RTS. This is really the sugar to it all and another headache - all those plants.   About Image of The Day - we posted our game in the gallery before... here: http://www.gamedev.net/page/community/iotd/index.html/_/altitude0-plane-racing-at-height-0-r238