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  1. Wow! What a fast response - thanks guys! This is more for educational purposes than anything else. I'm starting a BSc in Computer Games Programming in a few months and I was looking to really stretch my programming skills before I start, as well as giving myself a kind of side project to work on for the next few years. I think for now I'll go with C# as it seems slightly easier and the general opinion is that it's not that much slower than C++. Am I correct in saying that the difference in speed between a C# Engine and a C++ Engine is dependant on the system, ie. if you have a good GPU and CPU, the C# will run nearly as fast as C++, but on a slower system the difference is much larger? Thanks again everyone!
  2. Hi All I'm about to embark on a project to create a 3D Games Engine with some fellow programmers. I was wondering which language would be best to use for creating the engine; C++ or C#? The engine will be DirectX based, and aimed, for now, just for PC gaming. Thanks! -Andy
  3. OpenGL Structure of a Graphics Engine

    Wow thanks for replying so quickly people. I've done a lot of basic programming, ie. drawing simple stuff in both DirectX and OpenGL, and I know those tests are generally included in the engine. There are a group of 4 or 5 of us currently programming so I'm not alone. Thank you all again! -Andy
  4. Hey All Myself and some others in my group are just about to start production of a Hardware Accelerated Graphics Engine, which will eventually be used to produce a fully working game. What I was wondering is: is there a specific way to structure the code of the engine? I'm assuming that there are seperate files for OpenGL and DirectX. But within those files, what tests to I need to run and in what order? Sorry if this is a bit of a n00b question but I've never worked on a project this big. Thank you very much for your help! -Andy