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  1. Project Name: Solar War Brief Description: Solar War is a multi-player action game that is being designed to be flexible enough to support a wide variety of online game types, such as capture the flag, PvP, and different objective games. Target Aim: Freeware Compensation: Since the game will be Freeware it will be produced by our team members volunteering there time and talents. All ideas and designs that are used in the game will be given proper credit. As far as the fincial matters regarding the servers, Vonwa Networks will be taking care of them as money permits. If extra money is needed in the future we will look towards the idea of sponsors or donations. Technology: Windows XP | .NET Framework | Managed Direct X Talent Needed: Graphics Designers, Sprite Designers, Tile Designers, Background Music / Sound Designers Website: Contacts: | The Forums Additional Info: Alpha Phase | Solar War - Current Information Feedback: Any and All Feedback Welcomed