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  1. Hrm, can i say "Look at XNA?" :) I think MDX is going into a support-only mode, with XNA replacing it (replacing MDX 2.0)
  2. Oh, I know what feel I'm going for. Its a mix of Starcraft, Warcraft, AoE and a little bit of Sim City. Does that help? :D Edit: Ok, those aren't what I'm looking for. But I saw the sticky at the top here, and that IS kinda what I'm looking for! Help! ;)
  3. As the topic says, I'm pretty new to Isometrics. I'm not new to development though, so thats a bonus :) My team was originally working on a RPG, but decided we weren't big or experience enough to make a viable game in a reasonable amount of time. We have our back story, we have a 3d modeler, and we have a couple of good developers. We're looking to tackle a RTS or a Turn-based Strat. The problem I'm having is getting started. FPS/MMO games typically have an "Engine" that you can use to do your development, and a reasonable API. I haven't seen much in that way for Isometric games (I don't even know if its Isometric that I'm looking for, but I believe so. ) At any rate, I don't care if you explain a link, or just post "go here", but any and all posts in response to htis help request are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Agree with above. in SQL you don't need the * and it burps on it if you try to put it in there. on the #2 item, it doesn't matter. afaik, sql does implicit conversion from int to varchar(or char)
  5. Silly question, but just the same :P What if you made the bounding boxes collidable? That would keep them from sliding past each other, but still let them get nice and close. Course, you'd have to trim your boxes down, so they were more like rectangular plains. Just my $.02
  6. Have you tried disabling Norton on the machines causing the issue? If it works with Norton off, then yeah, you've got a norton issue. If not, then you got a Machine issue. Is it Norton Internet Security, or plain Norton AV?
  7. Use the BitConverter class. byte[] Data; float a; a = BitConverter.ToSingle(Data, 1); //1 is the offset in the byte array where your float starts Hope that helps.
  8. If you're using two projects, and would like to include one in the other, you need to add a reference to the project. IE, Project test must have a reference to project gfx added.
  9. If I recall, you can add projects to that solution, and those projects can be a mix of managed an unmanaged C++. That should do it though, I believe. Edit: AS far as calling, i believe if you qualify your namespaces, you should have no issue.
  10. C# can import C++ managed DLLs. C++ Managed DLLs can import from Unmanaged C++ libs. The C++ managed dll is commonly called a "Wrapper" class. (not fun to make, but beats the pants off Pinvoke.
  11. Siberwulf

    [.net] Class Design Question

    In my opinion.... Have two base classes (similar to AP). Item and Character From Item, you can create a "Weapon", "Potion", "Bag" or whatnot. From Character, you can create a "NPC", "Player" or a "ShopKeeper". Each Character has a private arraylist called "Inventory". Each Character has methods to add, remove, sort, whatever that inventory. When you do a "AddToInventory", you can set the currentOwner of the Item to the current player. For kickers, how about a timer inside each player that fires an event to update the player's effects, armor, spells, etc. That would seem pretty self-maintaining. Simply add an item to their inventory arraylist and wait for the next timer tick (if its a fast one) or apply immediately (if its a slower one)
  12. Siberwulf

    [.net] best way to store transactions

    One thing you *can* do is create a trigger on all tables you'd like to rollback, and then put that info into a separate table, as a transactional table.
  13. Siberwulf

    Synthetic E-Mail

    Sounds like a permissions issue then. Credentials for a network mapped drive are set when you map it, but you can accomplish the same thing through impersonation, and it doesn't keep the share open (which is good on big netowrks) Grats btw on getting it working!
  14. Siberwulf

    [.net] Wrapping TNL in C#

    Not sure if we're allowed to bump, but I'm still stuck with this. I determined its not the C# portion, as I created a managed wrapper in C++, and used that in the managed C++ console app, and it still blew up. It has to be with the wrapping. Help :P again. I suck I know :(
  15. Have you tried implementing Iserializable?
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